Anest Iwata LPH400 Review and Demo

The Anest Iwata LPH400 is a top Quality Spray Gun that can achieve great results with ease it is Versatile and can be used for Basecoat, Clear Coat and most other Paint types, It boasts a light weight and Sleek Classic Design that fits in the hand comfortably and a Chrome Finished Body, I will be reviewing and Demonstrating on two separate cars and using the Efficient HVLP LV4 Air cap, The two cars are a Volvo C70 in Silver Met Paint Code 426 and a Ford Territory in Silhouette Met Paint Code ST.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Spray Painting.
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david le says:

@The Gunman – have you shot a metallic base with this gun and the LV4 air cap? I’m wondering what settings you use if you have. Cheers!

Kayla Rodriguez says:

How do you get that even fan pattern? I’m getting like a gap when I pull the trigger

Miguel Perez says:

I own, satas, Devilbis, Bink’s, but by far my favorite is the lph 400 model from Iwata!! Right on partner!!!

Mantaz says:

What size tip … 1.3??

Антонио Венциславов says:

How atmospheres sprayed clear?

pitlion1 says:

Thanks for all the vids Gunman.I really like them alot.Can you make a review vid of the Iwata LPH 400 LVX EXTREME Spray Gun.

Megan Herring says:

how many psi is 2bar I’m fron the us. and never used the bar.

Husain Barafwala says:

Hey, I watch a lot of Ur videos. love them. can u recommend a gun that can give me a pro finish with nozzles for paint and clear. do let me know. cheers

Darren Wootton says:

love your work and watching your videos

The Brand says:

Good stuff man!

The88katana600 says:

looks great as always 🙂   just picked up a tekna from the tool guy that stops in at the shop got it for $400  with the digital air gage.

Valzinho Gabriel says:

olá amigo td bom essa pistola de pintura e muito boa valeu abraço

jeff ran says:

can this spray gun work with 3 hp compressor?

nixlux says:

Hi Gunman. Great review. I have a brand new LPH400 and was wanting to know what brand paints you prefer to use with this gun and any other tips you might suggest. Cheers

JosiahLund says:

I can’t find the stats on CRM and PSI pressure it REQUIRES to run. Like, what’s the smallest compressor I could use with this. I’m trying to downsize from my 2hp 20 gallon hausfeld to a 1.8hp cobalt 8 gallon. Any idea if that would work?

Luis De Leon says:

can you spray 25-30 psi with that gun?

Mando S says:

I do also have an iwata but I’m having a hard time to get the right setting for it…whats your air pressure in the line from inside the paint booth and what time of air regulator you connected on the gun…I need some serious help…

MrCorosiveone says:

Oh that gun rocks !! But you have to try the lvx air cap !!! Its awesome then try the purple lvb air cap it triple atomise the clear i use it to duplicate infinity and Lexus finishes

Ismael Cruz says:

I would take this gun over a girl any day, this gun works like a beauty

Mando S says:

I do also have an iwata but I’m having a hard time to get the right setting for it…whats your air pressure in the line from inside the paint booth and what time of air regulator you connected on the gun…I need some serious help…

ForcedFalcon says:

Top notch video as always mate. I Just ordered my first Devilbiss which is a prolite and I was wondering if the settings of the TE20 cap would work well with the TE10 cap thats coming with my gun?

hoopfan71 says:

I have a Warwick 904HE with HVLP air cap, which is supposedly a Taiwanese copy of the LPH400, and I seem to have to wind the fan in a couple turns to get a good spray pattern, also. I’ve tried several different combinations of fan, airflow, and fluid flow. It’s a little disappointing, but it otherwise sprays very well.

Mark Rogers says:

Thank you for the response. Newer subscriber/fan here, I’m spraying in my friends industrial paint shop and he is running a twin screw compressor and air drier that will let the whole shop (10 or so) employees paint/sand etc. and I’m usually spraying after hours in an empty shop. I seem to have no trouble with pearls but I sprayed two 1969 cars with metallics from the 60’s and had to respray both, I only spray PPG deltron also. I will check out the video that you sent a link for. Thanks again

JBIRD575 says:

where can i buy this gun 1.3 or 1.4 tip  is it hvlp thanks gunman nice videos brother

Velvethamma says:

The Lph 400 with the LV4 cap is the gun I use for clear.  I typically run mine at 18-22 psi and it works flawlessly for the clear I spray.  I could see needing a little more pressure for a more high solids clear.  It is a slower gun at the 16 psi recommended pressure for sure.  I may give it a go at the pressure you recommend and see how I like it.  I agree that you need to cut the fan in a bit too to speed it up and eliminate the dry edges on the fan.  Thanks for taking the time to make this video!  I’d like to try the LVX orange cap for some base coat and see how that goes.  Some guys say the orange cap sprays clear well too.

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