Airgunsa AZ3 Review & Demo

The Airgunsa AZ3 hte2 is a quality spray gun at a reasonable price, I got mine for $200 Aud delivered from eBay.
The gun can achieve top quality results with ease, for this demo I am using the 1.8mm and will be using automotive 2k primer on a little Toyota Echo that I repaired all the hail damage on.
This gun also comes in a 1.3mm setup for colour and clear.
Learn how to Spray Paint like a Pro by following this step by step guide to Spray Painting.
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Joshua Nolte says:

Hey gunman, another top vid!

Just asking, regarding using high fill primer over bog whether it be as much as you did or a small area of say 200mm X 50 mm, if I did 4 coats of high fill primer, would it come back and bite me in the ass if I finished with 400 gritt?

Just asking in regards to my car that’s all.

Edgar Lopez says:

Do u know if its a good basecoat painting gun or clear?

Андрей Белов says:


Dave Sims says:

Great vid Gunman, I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for primer also,  have you had much to do with the Star smv 4000, hard to find any vids on them so I hope its ok, picked it up for a bit over $200, back in the day the old suction star guns were not to bad, anyhow keep the vids coming mate its great to see someone who’s passionate about there trade. 


Hey mate just wondering if I’ve ever used the PRI pro devilbiss primer gun? Looking at getting one. Cheers

TresMamboMusicSchool says:

Hey G-Man, I dont know about anyone else but I would like to see a kind an edited clip maybe of all the steps from wo to go on this – kinda as summary – you have so many videos on the different stages and tricks that ONE vid on all the steps on the same car as a summary would be really helpful, I think, to “bring it all together”….just a suggestion. Keep up the great work !

Gmguy3car says:

Mine sprays crooked, you have the move the nozzle cap crooked to spray straight, any suggestions anybody?

Chor Lee says:

i use my Air Gunza 1.3mm for primer, perfect for spot prime and bigger primer jobs

Catso Mann says:

As usual: YOU DA MAN GUNMAN! Another beautiful paintjob!

Aleks Borgia says:

Hey gunman thanx for the very informative videos. Do you have anything to say about the devilbiss tekna prolite, I just bought one and it seems to work really good. Just wanna know what your thoughts are on setting it up. Thanks a lot man. Greetings from Tyler Tx USA!

MirzaAlma says:

.I have argunsa with a 1.3 nozzle for clear coat

Master Car/Truck Fabrication says:

I found one on eBay for $40. Works nice 1.3tip. Nice review.

Philip Black says:

Great review. I’m trying to decide between this in a 1.3 setup or the Devilbiss fg5 for diy use. I’m after a decent gun without spending too much like the top end guns. Which would you recommend? I like the fact the Iwata can use water base colours whereas the fg5 is solvent only.

Dominic Cloud says:

Just saying, when you shown the car before explaining what happened to the car, I thought you were working on a car that was heavily shot at by some automatic gun!

abob Fisher says:

If you get a chance could you please do a job with base and/or clear with this gun with a 1.3mm tip? I was going to buy and try that setup but couldn’t get enough info on it. No worries of you don’t get a chance. I know you have other priorities taking over the YouTube paint gun world. Great job with the vids mate.

nunya your business says:

ty much

its nunya business says:


pilzy els says:

Seems like The Gunman has become my goto resource for ANYTHING & EVERYTHING spray related. Am buying my first compressor and spray kit and the end of September and have to say that The Gunman has been a HUGE help in making sure I get a good start up set.
Thanks Gunman, keep up the great work, appreciate all of your hard work and sharing of hard earned knowledge.

Mike F says:

your right you that is a great primer gun. Bought one for basecoat and single stage urethane. But like you said the fan is a bit small. I am still going to try it for single stage urethane just to see. But if you were a shop you would be loosing money because it would take more time to do the job for sure. Also may have to use slower reducer to eliminate dry spots. For primer it is AWSOME because you can use it really low pressure and still get the material on pretty nice not worry about overspray carrying too far. Almost none…

Hafiz Mahmood says:

nice vid GUNMAN. I’m taking collision classes now and ur vids are very insightful. picked up the prolite and az3 recently. ur passion for the trade is very inspiring brother. take care


Hola, de acuerdo a su experiencia, ¿cuál elegiría? Airgunsa AZ3 HTE2 AV 1.3 vs ANI F150 / PLUS / S HPS ugello 1,3 mm para uso de barnices y acabados

Bob Keller says:

i have been wanting a lph400 but its out of my budget. what is the difference in the air gunsa vs lph400

nunya your business says:

still waiting to try mine wish i had seen your pero lite review but i hadn’t and went with the iwata for the name ty for the review it was only 152 delivered to my door with a 1.3 tip

Martin mc gee says:

Have you tried the devilbiss flg gun out? How did you find it??

dsldg2 says:

Hi there,
interesting  gun. could you  find time to talk about about “overlap” some time.
it seams to be different  for some paints? great training videos gunman…
Brian ….

Michael Lindström says:

Good job! I would like to see more of that job. I have a car with hail damage to that i thinking of respraying. 

Joaquim Boto says:

Post the rest of the vids mate. Nice review 😉

Tim Bush says:

Hi mate, I’m looking at spraying a few project cars in my garage. The house has a 20amp fuse on the service line to the garage so putting in a 15cfm compressor will be expensive as they need a dedicated 15 amp circuit. Would you recommend the Airgunsa AZ3 hte2 paired with a smaller 8 cfm compressor and is this enough compressor to run a good DA sander? Thanks!

CS Studios says:

I got a 1.5 mm one so it meets halfway for both primer and 2k

SK Dragon says:

Hi Gunman. Love the videos.
Would like to know which would be a better gun for primer. The Air Gunza AZ3 HTE2 or the A.N.I. F150?

Stuart Smalley says:

Great video would like to see the full video of the car please.

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