3M Accuspray Review

3M Accuspray Review

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After having a lot of questions about the blade I use while masking a car I decided it easier to include a link to the product here.

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jason evans says:

Hi Gunny, great review i have one of these and i have great success with it for primer, 3m does have a lot of different colour air caps which are used for top coats and base coats, i have used the orange 1.4 cap for clear and its ok. i think the clear caps are only for primer, see if you can get a selection of the other air caps and give them a try

space traveler says:

Hi all, can someone tell me if you are meant to have the plug on top of the paint pot lid in or off. I’m not even sure what it does. I’ve been spraying with the plug in the lid, but noticed gunman has it out. I’m only using a cheap auto pro gun. Cheers.

Bryan says:

They are plastic shit guns that my shop bought but i only use it for rocker guard lol

Maxmeyer says:

Hey man you know your stuff so what gun would you recommend for junior painter here in the UK budget £100 for base and clear? Thanks, Max

denny16126 says:

only the overspray is minimal but i love my 5500X 1.2 I

Chris says:

Use it strictly for primer. Keep the PSI @ 20lbs and it keeps the over spray waaay down. When they switched to the 2.0 adapters, they werent sealing very good and the nozzle wanted to fly off under pressure. $25 for a box of 4 can get pricey every 1-2 months though

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We use these in aerospace glad you made a review and I feel very similar to your review …and from your channel I am devout Devilbiss !!!

oly loly says:

came a little late to this party Gunny ………3 years late :))

T Bag says:

I think accuspray is completely the wrong name, although I understand what you are saying about using materials that could ruin a normal gun I find it disgusting that this gun uses so many disposable plastic parts, they don’t even last that long

papapmp04 says:

I use my sata 2000 for primer 1.4 tip,1.8 on any gun too much peel for me personally unless you have a horrible body man ;), 3m gun shoots ok maybe try the 1.4 tip for clear also,best gun you would find at that price hands down,low overspray also,I shoot with the 5000 and I feel like I’m painting myself also goes everywhere,best clear guns are the iwata or devilbiss though,and Metallics always lay better with a 1.4 tip to me,try and shoot clear with an nr95 put u to sleep ;),love ya!!

DillyDallyDollCo Machine and Welding Service says:

Farm truck need I say more

Ryan Smith says:

Great video, Gunman. I also fell for this product but am fine having it for primer and using the pps components with a better gun. After watching your top guns vid, I’m torn. In Canada I could get a devilbiss gpi for about $500 (Canadian), a Tekna pro (1.2-1.4/te10, te20) for about $600 and a Tekna pro-lite (1.2-1.4/te10, te20) for $700. What would you recommend?

ThistleDewOutdoors says:

This is def not “slow’ as a primer gun….. It lays primer so damn flat that I got bitched at by shotty body workers that the finish was “Too smooth” & not gobbed on with a shit ton of elephant hide sized orange peel !!!! This gun def works well for primers & thick industrial single stage paints……. You can reuse the tips as easily as giving it a few seconds in the gun cleaner cabinet….. This comes in handy when you need to change colors for stuff like commercial window & door trims – Just drop the other tip in a cup of thinner & you can flip flop back & forth all day…………….. To each his own however

nunya your business says:

my buddy uses his for spraying rock gaurd and loves it

Christopher Hinson says:

3m gun sucks. PRI all the way!

jecrpalier says:

Looks like a harbor freight shit ton of peel

Mike Bonge says:

i use there cups and liner,, which i like for painting shit in garage Thanks

DudeWhatIf says:

i used this gun for a while i had problems later on when i used this the caps kept falling off

Alexandre Oliveira says:

Walcom HTE review … Love your videos GunMan

Clayton Parkhurst says:

Junk. I will stick with my iwata lph 440!!

Martin Duarte says:

Can you review the warwick 904?

Philip Pena says:

I bought this gun and have used it for about a year. Learned real quick not to use it for nothing more than trimming or door jambs but I like it for primer with the 2.0 tip.

andy paint says:

I had one for a while for primer, absolutely garbage, body broke and trigger failed.

Wendell Rountree says:

I use mine only as a primer gun then back to my prolite.

Veikra says:

disposable crap to make money from lazy people. I bought a pps during the change they didnt tell anyone about. Thankfully my distributor told me it was gonna change and got me the newer style. The newer style has more waste all in all, but you can reuse a lot of it if you rip out the screen in the caps and only get cups without caps.

doatsdude says:

I had a rep at work really push this gun. Glad i didnt get one they seem not great

jecrpalier says:

Finish line 4 would lay down flat with minimal peel and that’s about 200 usd

Sunil Kolekar says:


William Robinson says:

Well I had got one seem ok to me for just a DIY guy. I dont paint for a living so this gun works for me. I have seen others use this gun for base, clear, an primer and there cars looked really good. Like i said I’m just a DIY guy so I feel there is no need for me spending tons of $$ for something that I’m not gonna use every day. Just my opinion.

also i dont know were you find them for 100 bucks here in the states i have searched all over, i got mine for $165 and that was due to a coupon i had got from ebay , other wise it would have been $185.

Lightning Rod says:

try the HPG model, the space shuttle of machines, tips are 3 bux ,no seperate room ,clean up is a Breeze. I am a small shop and the cost of the chemicals alone justify this system
One more thing, … YOU are the absoloute goto source for me. Thank you

JR Mathes says:

Yeah na.….

Matt Miller says:

This gun just screams flea market, sorry.

Sunil Kolekar says:


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