264 – Choosing the Right HVLP Turbine Sprayer

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If you’re looking to get into HVLP spray finishing, the two common routes you can take are either a compressor-driven conversion gun or an all-in-one turbine solution. The fact that turbines are completes systems and tend to be very small and portable makes them a great choice for both the home shop woodworker and the road warrior pro. But with so many brands and so many models within each brand, how do you know which one is right for you?

264 – Choosing the Right Turbine HVLP System

Curious about the differences between a compressor-driven system and a turbine? I discuss it in a live Q&A here: https://youtu.be/bXHilnWbzSE?t=2m21s




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John Paul says:

thank you, much needed information

sebasadam says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do!

MikeMT29 says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do!

Russ Seney says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do!

Clifton Bonney says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do.

nunya your business says:

very informative videoespecially for someone new to turbine systems

Mike Johnson says:

It’s not aFuji, but it’ll do.

G Kazee says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do just fine, Mark.

Ken & Dee Iturrondo says:

its not a fugi but it will do

Broncort1 says:

It’s a shame you didn’t include Apollo in your comparisons, but I understand why.

Jerry Samsen says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it will do. Glad to hear all is well….

IF ONLY says:

just got the fuji q5 platinum loved the video very helpful

ShamWerks says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do! Wait, why is everybody commenting the same?? 🙂 🙂 🙂

President Trump says:

harbor freight all the way!!!

David Clink says:

WW is a great resourse, no argument. I have extensive spray experience with pressure systems. I have also painted some friends houses with a rented airless sprayer. Spraying latex is not as critical from a finish perspective. aka It dries flat. I wanted to try them for years after visiting wood shows but the finish I saw never sold me. Of course Earlex was only spraying water. When I’m spraying guitars and things with a gloss finish the spray pattern is much more critical. To date I haven’t seen any HVLP system produce a quality gloss finish. (haven’t ever used a Q5 either). I bought the Rockler/HF unit to spray some semi-gloss latex on a wood counter top I made. (didn’t feel like using the big compressor) A flaw in the units books was how to apply the viscosity to a given paint e.g. seconds-dilution) Just like you didn’t use it to match to your paint. I had to write them to ask how to match the flow rate to a finish. 25-35 seconds was the answer. I’m told latex can’t tolerate more than 5% dilution. I didn’t dilute because I wasn’t sure. Used the 1.0 needle and sprayed. OK but not sufficient flow for a wet pattern. With proper dilution it might have sprayed just fine. I did subseguent coats using my regular compressor and gun. So I still can’t support painting things like cars or other glossysurfaces with this type of HVLP unit regardless of costs. Of course I am judging based on little or no wet sanding and buffing. WWGOA has a great video on how to set your spray gut to the correct flow, but no formula to match flow to thinning. So for now 25 to 35 seconds through the cup is the only standard I have for single stage or maybe Q5.

John LeMay says:

it’s not a Fuji but it will do. thanks for the chance and the info

Graph Guy says:

Wish you the best and thanks for the years of your skill and humor.

TheGearJunky says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do. Yay Rockler!

Dan B says:

It’s not a Fuji but, it’ll do.

Gotallofthem1 says:

Sometimes I get cars with really long straight deep scratches.
Now normally I just got at these and touch them up using the little brush that comes in the paint stick.
I was considering getting a turbine sprayer to touch up these scratches. Is it possible to use one of these units for that? Are they able to create/paint really fine lines to fill in the scarches?


davidsims2442 says:

what clears do you normally spray

Shawn Corey says:

It’s not a Fuji but it will do.

Cesar G says:

If spraying latex paint why not buy an airless sprayer as they’re meant for spraying latex. For the cost of the Fuji 3 you could buy a professional airless you can use to paint an entire house.

fred harlow says:

THANK YOU!!!!!! I have been a painter for 25 years. I have used them off and on for years.I was looking to buy a system for clear coating wood. You have the best review I have watched. You educated me. Thank you

Jay Oliver says:

Filtering or straining latex paint also helps a tremendous amount. I didn’t think it would, but I was mistaken. Cheap nylons from the $1 store work great.

Jurgensenoct tm says:

Than You for illustrate me ..

thesergeant says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do . Seriously though, this video couldn’t have come at a better time. Birthday is coming up in a few weeks and the wife has been talking about a sprayer. I’ll have to forward her this for an education. Thanks Marc!

Big Swifty says:

The biggest issue when selecting a turbine system is whether or not the gun that comes with the system is a bleeder gun or a non-bleeder gun, i.e., is air always coming out of the air cap or not when you let off on the trigger. A bleeder gun allows air to constantly travel through the gun and trigger controls only the material that makes its way to the air cap. A non-bleeder does not shoot air, when you let up off of the trigger the air stops as well. In terms of dust and trash in your finished surface having a non-bleeder gun is vital.

Just a couple of notes, the high volume in “HVLP” refers to the huge volume of air (cfm) and not anything to do with the volume of material. The volume of material is controlled by how much the cup is pressurized. That will lead me to my second point, in that the cup is pressurized, there is no siphon tube. It’s just a pick-up tube. These guns can be used with an attached cup or a remote pressurized pot, or even an hydrolic fluid delivery system.

Zackery Whitlock says:

It’s not a Fuji but it will do

John Treble says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do. I bought a factory refurb’ed Graco single stage HVLP a few years ago, and I’ve used it with water-based poly, oil-based poly, oil-based stain, and even some latex thinned with Flotrol. So far so good, but your demonstration has me thinking now, should I make a jump to a multistaged unit so that I can skip all the thinning preparation? I’m leaning your direction now. Thanks for show!

MariachiLosJinetes says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do. You rock!

IF ONLY says:

I’ll keep my SATA jet 4000 B

Sean Dean says:

It’s not a fuji but it’ll do

Rafael Basurto says:

It’s not a Fuji but it will do it GREEEAT IN MY SHOP! 🙂 thanks for another great vid!

alwaysrockn2009 says:

Great video!

Georgia Fan says:

Is there an issue with the hose decoupling or tearing away from its pressed-on crimp over time? I use a Graco paint sprayer for large jobs like houses, walls and linear trim using latex (I’m not a pro). That unit takes a while to clean up and the nozzle tends to clog. While I realize HVLP is best for smaller jobs like cabinets, how does it compare regarding clean up and clogs – if any? Good review – thanks!

Jamil Olmos says:

thank you, I have a question how about painting furniture with polyester or polyurethane which one do u recommend 3, 4 or 5 stage?

Mark Molini says:

its not a fuji but it’ll do

sigung01 says:

Did a complete restoration on an FJ40. Finish was spectacular, single stage acrylic enamel. You could see your face in it. I used a compressor and an HVLP gun from Home Depot. Compressor cost me $600 and the gun was about 30 bucks. I still use them today, and I might add the compressor is much more useful than this Fuji unit.

Greg Ruhl says:

What do you think . Of a 890 Wagner

Olek Dav says:

what abot bosch pfs systems? tested any?
i have 3000-2 (120$/p) and quite happy with it, in terms of renovation and wall painting tasks.

Kai Kai says:

One of the reasons that you were not getting a really smooth finish was the type of sheen of the latex paint you were using. Many of major paint brands on the market like Behr their eggshell sheen has a little bit of a texture finish to it when it dries. While some other brands like Sherwin Williams paint their eggshell and satin sheen paints are basically the same and have a smoother finish (texture) . Other than that, Great Video.

Dennis Mathias says:

Wow, I sure like the pacing of your reviews. And YOU CAN TALK! Good job. Good luck on the T4! On the orange peel, did the dilution have any affect on that. You diluted the Rockler and not the Fuji–just wondering.

I mean..it’s not a Fuji but it will do! Yea, I know. Too late on this one.

A.Quad says:

It’s not a Fuji but it’ll do! 🙂

franktha4th says:

Love my Fuji

aejimso says:

it’s not an HF but it will cost the same.

Leroy Miranda says:

Any advise about using them to spraying car paint?

patrick k says:

It’s not a Fuji, but it’ll do

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