£10 AMAZON Budget Smart Repair Spraygun REVIEW – YES WE REALLY DID IT




In this video i will be looking at a £10 amazon Budget smart repair spray gun, we have gone into great detail in this video review to try and include as much information on tools, materials and process as we can.

I hope you guys enjoy and feel free to subscribe and like the video and if you have any questions comment below and as always i will do my best to answer each and all questions

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jose m 007 says:

Finally I find honest on YouTube ITS ALL ABOUT THE PAINTER!!!! If you can afford million dollar spray gun go for it but keep in mind thata not going to make you a good painter…. I use to use ONLY SATA SPRAY GUNS until I bought cheap gun for sealer it was a 150 dollars in 2014 and to be honest I was so impressed with the gun that I started spraying base and clear with the gun and 1 month later sold all my 8 SATAS in my cabinet I only use Protek 5000 for base and 4500 for clearcoat and to be honest with you this are the best spray gun that I had ever use… since then I had try all new spray guns from sata and iwata but i dont think they are any better than my cheap guns

SW Customs says:

Great review Tony, keep the vids coming.

Airbrushing By Nick says:

Good job dude. Would this gun be too much for a Stanley 24ltr compressor from screwfix? Being hvlp.Was looking at lvlp……


I sprayed all my kitchen cabinet doors with this exact spraygun………………. and then threw it in the bin!

Yameira Moren says:

Hola buenas tu cabina tiene uno o dos motores?

Yameira Moren says:

me refiero si tienes un extractor que te mete aire en la cabina y otro que saca

Direct Tool Company says:

Great video Tony. Good to see the BAXT Racetec R7 Coveralls still going strong! https://www.dtc-uk.com/baxt-racetec-r7-premium-painters-coverall.html

benoit lamoureux says:

The Gunman try it a couple of sec, you paint a couple min, this is a much long review, never be affraid!

pharraway says:

Love your videos keep up the GOOD work

Dave Scanlon says:

Hi Tony here’s a suggestion for the next cheapy to review… https://www.machinemart.co.uk/p/tg2-professional-touch-up-gun/ I use mine as a primer gun, 1.8mm tip, great for high build 2K primer. Regards. Dave

LB C10 says:

Tony you’re a true Craftsman keep up all the hard work love your videos you’ve taught me a lot over the years

Benny Boy says:

Mobihel is exactly the same as standox and spies hecker. We have a spies hecker scheme and have a list of the cross reference tinters. I would say that some of the colours have different formulas in the three brands. Believe standox are no long formulating in solvent, and the mobihel have a high pigment range of formulations for low covering colours.

Patrick CLEARY says:

Just goes to show if your good at your job you can make anything work. Good job

Pedro Miguel de Almeida Areias says:

Probably atomizes better than my Sata 4000 hvlp wsb.

Dave Scanlon says:

I have one of these … ! I fill it with thinners to clean my Devillbis !

Antonio Villalobos says:

Hey tony how u doing cheers from mexico am about to get a new gun and am betwen the iwata w 400 or gti prolite which one u think is the best

Steve Fuller says:

Hello Tony, could you do something about repainting plastic bumpers that have got a bit battered, Ta.

Mark Gardner Gardner says:

Hi Tony, I can only afford cheap guns, around £30 because I’m just a hobbyist, but that is not the problem. I don’t understand why you would paint and clear coat an alloy wheel without removing the balance weights. Don’t you do the inside of the wheel? Even if you don’t, when you re seat the tyre it will never be balanced because of movement of the tyre and the paint you have removed and replaced so the existing weights will have to be removed breaking the seal of the paint and clear coat inviting corrosion. I would be pleased to hear your thoughts. Thanks, Mark. IMI High performance wheel and tyre fitters.

Alejandro Luna says:

Hey Tony
A good spray painter can make a decent finish with any spray gun
This spray gun is junk

Yameira Moren says:

Alejandro no yo las e visto y muchas sólo con motor que aporta aire y la salida por el piso

Andrew Stockton says:

Great review Tony, any chance you can do a video on the prep work and spraying of BMW Mini headlight plastic trim surround 🙂

Jack Harrison Brown says:

Hello Tony, great content, probably the clearest and most informative on YouTube! I keep watching the Anglia series over and over simply because I just love watching it! Could you please tell me how many litres of 2k primer and 2k direct gloss this job used? Doors, bonnet and boot included. Also, if you don’t mind, could you please tell me how many litres you would have used if you had done a full respray? i.e. interior, underside, engine bay and boot space included. Thank you in advance should you get back to me.

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