Tacklife Random Orbit Sander | PRS01A Comparison Review

I recently got this new orbital palm sander from Tacklife and wanted to give it a thorough test, so I put it against my well-used Makita and started sanding some end-grain cutting boards. Check out this video to see my thoughts on this newly released tool.

Tacklife Sander: http://amzn.to/2zbfqKT
Makita Sander: http://amzn.to/2zWz5eW

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Andrew Latham says:

For first reviews it was well done. I have not used the Tacklife but I will say that the color is ideal for locating in a messy shop quickly over the darker color (I know it is well used as mentioned) Makita. At the end of the day a well cared for tool can be great for years and we as wood nerds just don’t have the interest in changing our process. Thanks for the video!

hgtydjdjdgh67889 says:

I think orbital sanders are pretty hard to review. Vibration and noise are about the only measurables. I personally find your project videos more interesting.

Nicholas Reth says:

Great Tool Review! Really enjoyed it especially since Tacklife is new to the game. Keep up the good work

Alex Cunningham says:

Looks very similar to my Bosch sander.

Scott Sutton says:

Great review. Thanks.

Ej Icon says:

Great, honest review. Thank you.

Jude Smith says:

Really helpful, thank you, I was looking for some starter tools that won’t cost me too much. I’m currently overwhelmed on what table saw to get, in the long run so maybe a review of yours sometime would be nice? Keep up the good work!

Barry Roberts says:

A very good thorough review and with no favoritism. I for one would like to see more tool reviews but only around the time for this one or even 10mins, but no longer like some YouTubers do. Well Done.
Barry (ENG)

Bill Bennett says:

Looks like a good little sander with a very good price point.

Jerod Lastname says:

Tool reviews really aren’t my cup of tea, but I do like seeing something like this from a channel I know in case I’d like to get more into woodworking and get more knowledge in tools. So I’d say, keep them coming.

Roger Rion says:

Unbiased tool review is rare and so loved by everyone.

Glenn Puckett says:

I have hust srarted planning a real woodshop so tool purchases is very important right now, please continue doing comparisons.

Keele Photography says:

Good info, thanks for sharing.

Shelly zhang says:

Thanks so much for the honest reviews! that would inspire me to choose the better sander with the affordable price, tacklife looks nice.

foster Gwyn says:

I enjoy tool reviews, i would rather get an honest opinion vs the commercial or advertisement of the tool I’m looking into buying.

connor says:

very good tool review, keep doing these!

Lecke Frost says:

Love the reviews, I’m in the market for a new orbital sander so I’ll this in mind

Joshua Thein says:

So question? I cannot run an air compressor where I live because my neighbors complain. Would this be good for automotive sanding?

Josh Thomas says:

Cool review. I like reviews if they’re short and to the point, like this.
Congrats on getting some attention from manufacturers. Hope cash is part of the deal if they’re wanting you to use these in your shop instead of other tools.

Larry from Lincoln County, WA says:

Escellent review!  If this is an example of how  you present a tool review, I’m all in.  I have an inexpensive 5″ palm sander that doesn’t test out near as good as the Tacklife.  Keep ’em coming!

Vince King says:

Mabey I don’t know what I am doing but I have a makita like yours but without the long handle. It is very good at quickly finishing wood but is terrible with 60 grit for stock remove. With the orbital diameter and wattage it clearly isn’t ment for stock removal. It cannot remove Varnish it just blends it in. For varnish removal I find my 280w Ryobi more suitable!

Great for prongled use finishing wood at funny angles. Um would be useful for furniture and stuff. Not for logs and Varnish.
It feels specialized but is very easy to Control. Seems best for work on one surface. Best for wood. PRODUCES AN EXCELLENT FINISH.

I would imagine that the dewalt is not as posh and not as good for long periods of time but more versatile and not as high.

I have yet to do an hours sanding solid with the makita.

JohnDunn1969 says:

Great tool review before I get a new tool I go to YouTube to see what other people think and then I will buy it or not, John

Walter Ochoa says:

I got the same Tacklife sander and also a Jigsaw, although when testing on the lowest speed (1) they both don’t work, it’s like they’re not getting enough electricity and struggle to start. Maybe I just got a faulty one. Have contacted Tacklife through Amazon but no response so far. Tempted to send it back and get something else.

Sidney Anderson says:

good review and seems like a good sander

Tom P says:

Great honest review.  A fair evaluation of both and if I was in the market for a sander like these, your review would be an excellent place to start shopping.

Julian B. Zacco Nievas says:

Good reviews are always nice to watch. Good job. Watchers appreciate the information and understand content creators need sponsors.

Kevin Zoid says:

Do NOT visit their website. Slow and lame. I bet hosted in China. I am happy he had a positive experience but no real good tools offered on their site. At least nothing I am interested in…

Henry Bateman says:

Yeah do it again! I like tool reviews and especially of the less expensive. My Dewalt palm sander is 10 years old and probably needs replacement soon.

Frank Ingram says:

Great review and I like “cheaper” even better. I’d be willing to buy it and try it.

Phil Shanahan says:

Love your channel and presentation style. I don’t have an issue with skilled woodworkers (like you) doing reviews/recommending tools as long as the channel doesn’t get overrun with paid promotion. I understand that you have to make an income form your channel to keep producing quality content, on that note I’d say your first tool review was professional and seemed pretty neutral, something I’m sure you tried quite hard to do on both counts. Keep up the good work but don’t become a corporate slave! Looking forward to your future projects and tool reviews.

Fisher's Shop says:

Cool! Nice job, Mark! Seems like a nice little sander for a very affordable price.

Trail61 says:

Good information! I’d probably give them a shot or see if I can get them for our maker space.

isakwatz11 says:

That sander is a common Chinese model. I have an almost identical but from Meec tools. And it cost just as much. (An in-store brand at a swedish hardware store)

steve lait says:

nice little sander for a very affordable price

Darrick Hays says:

Alright! Hitting the big time with your channel! Congrats!

Robert Hamm says:

Great comparison. I like that you hadn’t decided before testing that the Makita would be superior to the Tacklife (unlike some other sites that compare economical versus pricier versions of products). It was a fair comparison.

Lost Nation says:

Fair review. good information.

Karl Porter says:

I really liked the review, and in general like the comparison review style. I find that I often end up coming up with another variable to consider when i watch this type that I had not thought of before.
The only question I am left with is about gauging and scratches. I was very curious how both do in that regard at either how many scratches they leave and how deep, and also how good they do at removing the scratches from prior grits by comparison.

Jake Carter says:

The tacklife one looks identical to the rigid orbital sander that I have except for the dust port. Look it up. Great review and awesome video as always.

Willie Gardner says:

Good review, and yes I would like to see more reviews. I am moving to a new house this late fall/winter with a larger lot so I can build a shop and will be looking for good tools.

Dave White says:

Hey man, as long as a reviewer states their biases and experiences beforehand, I have no trouble watching my favorite YouTube creators review tools. You asking the company about giving a fair review beforehand is extra awesome. Keep it up and I’ll keep watching!

Ian Enderby says:

Glad you are getting some attention from manufacturers. 🙂

MadAsKiwi says:

Great job with the review. I like the idea of comparing it to your go-to tool.. as you say, it is older and very good quality, and it is good to see if a cheaper tool will do a similar job. While, as far as power tools go, these are a bit irrelevant to me due to power differences, if Tacklife do decide to make 240v tools and they make it to New Zealand, I would like to know if they are a genuine option or not. Thanks for the very fair review. Keep up the great work

Zim Tage says:

A half hour with a sander isn’t a review. How is the mould quality on the shell, what’s it made of, is it glass fiber reinforced, what gage of wire is on the armature, is there epoxy on the armature, what kind of switch used. These are some of the questions I ask when buying a power tool. Use the tool for a few months and take it apart and then you’ll have a tool review

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