SuperMax Drum Sander Tool Review

Steve Johnson takes us on a product tour of the Super Max Drum Sander, a quick and easy sanding tool that achieves consistent smooth results.

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Mark Slafkes says:

I’ve owned one of these for two months and I can’t agree with you about most things you have said about this sander. I find it helps me quite a bit but you have really oversold so many aspects of this sander. For example, my sander does have play in the adjustment. Not much but when sanding vertical grain butcher block cutting boards, there is enough play that it becomes very easy to burn the board and leave very deep scratches on the surface of the wood. The mounting of the sandpaper is much more difficult than you have said. There is no place in the instruction manual that shows exactly where to put the end of the sandpaper and as I’m left handed, I have found it extremely difficult to find the place to put the end of the strip and to push the holding lever against the spring. The alignment is okay for sanding flat grain wood but vertical grain is far more touchy and the system for checking the alignment is not accurate enough. I purchased the digital readout and it was a total waste of my money. For one thing, the readout only measures to .005″ and when moving the height adjustment, the readout shows around .005″ slop in the adjusting screw. Finally, when the automatic speed adjustment slows the belt down because the height adjustment is so inaccurate, the slower speed actually burns the wood more rather than less. I’ve worked with a wide belt sander, a stroke sander, and many random orbit sanders for more than 20 years. This sander is good for what it is but it is NOT the sander you are promoting.

Matt Vredenburg says:

Great summary review. Thanks for sharing. I especially liked your opening about why we buy.

Bert Hatton says:

I want one….I mean I need one….

Michael Mallie says:

I have had my supermax for about six months and love it. Extremely well built and really cut down on the amount of hand sanding with an orbital. Another thing I really like is it’s ability to flat sand edges of pieces without rounding them off – something that’s easy to do if your sanding by hand. My only complaint about Supermax was the poor instructions regarding the position of the drum adjustment lever when sanding 19+ size pieces. The instructions tell you what the lever does but not what position to put it in. Even the dealer I bought mine from couldn’t answer the question. Thanks for solving the mystery!

Thom spillane says:

When my budget allows for a drum sander I will definitely be going with a Super Max!!in all the reviews you can tell Super Max company put a ton of thought into this machine and listening to what people were not happy with other brands and corrected them. Thank You for the information much appreciated

Xoncention says:

Love your psychological explanation for why we all buy stuff that fills our ever reducing workshop space 🙂

Mike Nelson says:

I recently acquired one, and I did get the outfeed/infeed tables, but I have not assembled them, because the machine is so big, I am gonna have to really rethink my shop layout if I am to accommodate such a large machine. How did you get yours to fit in your shop? It has not looked like you had a great big empty space waiting

Dawn Dickinson says:

Another great video, Steve! I’ve had my 19-38 for over a year now and it is still one of my most favorites tools to use!

Dev Ogle says:

Thanks Steve, great explanation of the SM 19-38. I purchased mine about five weeks ago, after much research and comparison with other drum sanders. I completely agree with you and am extremely satisfied with mine. Please keep the great video’s coming. My next upgrade is a larger dust collection system.

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