Ridgid Oscillating Edge Belt/Spindle Sander Review

Get the Ridgid Sander, Oscillating/Edge Belt on Amazon here – http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015B9G0S/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0015B9G0S&linkCode=as2&tag=worksaddic-20&linkId=GAHB5AZT6PBN2Q35
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We take a look at the Ridgid Oscillating Edge belt/spindle sander model EB4424


TheMrByrom says:

Yes, just turn it on and off a bunch to work out the dust that got into it. It should work again.

Greenballed says:

Best piece of equipment I have ever bought.

Richie Rich Financial account says:

whats the cost of this

wolf b says:

Bought one today and tomorrow it is going back. No Quality control at all.
Posted a video of the failure

justame smith says:

wondering if this will do metal?

timfischer says:

I own this, and highly recommend it.  I was at first reluctant to buy it as I don’t make curved projects all that much, but with the belt/edge sander it gets used in just about every woodworking project I do now.  It’s just very well designed.

alorr4uz says:

Sold me, too. Thanks, great info, very detailed and practical.

Wade French says:

I wish it had a cast iron deck. It would be a no brainer with a different deck.

Rock Creek Farmstead says:

Good review. I have this and you are spot on. Good tool

Rob Zamites says:

But, are you a real Spartan fan that lives by Lansing? Because I am, and if you are, I’m going to 100% trust your review and buy one of these for my budding luthiery projects!

John Miller says:

I no longer have the box. Sorry.

ggrimm79 says:

Is there any good reason you can think of for why the knob is reverse screwed?

Al Breit says:

I bought this Ridgid Oscillating sander a number of years ago and shortly after I bought it the oscillating feature stopped working. I took it back to home Depo and they gave me a new one. It has been sitting around in the garage and last summer when I went to use it the oscillating feature would not work. Ridgid would no longer stand behind it. I have used this sander very little and feel it hasn’t stood up very well. They will not stand behind this.

Steve Carmichael says:

Good review! I have one too and love it. I use it on every project. It actually makes sanding fun. lol

Joe Grosso says:

Thanks for the review, how long would you say the sanding sleeves last for before needing replacement? How long have you had it/how often do you use it and have you needed replacement yet?


John Miller says:

That sucks. I have used mine a ton now and it works great. It leaves a bad taste in your mouth when you have the type problems you have.

Wood 'n' Stuff w/ Steve French says:

I too have this unit. It’s a great machine at a nice price.

Stephen Gilbert says:

Nice review thanks

Frank Villas says:

Has anyone had the switch go out on this unit?

Al Breit says:

i may try to contact Ridgid myself and see if they will do something if I go directly to them. Or maybe I can get the replacement parts.

SentryGunleather says:

can you turn off the oscillating feature? I’m basically looking for a stationary dremel

TL Rogers says:

Would like to see operations while in a bevel position. Sanding inside and outside dia of a bowl….

Anatoly Sergeyev says:

I need your fast help. I have to know the exact retail box dimensions of this unit.

David Davis says:

From Home depotMan site reviews this has high rate of motor failures would be my concern if thinking of buying.

Bill Loveless says:

Does anyone gave an idea where I can get some info on adjusting the belt? I have tridd to adjust the belt ysing the manual with no success. Thanks for your help.

Ruel Smith says:

Did you fill out what you needed to get your lifetime warranty on their site? All of my Ridgid tools have lifetime warranties, bu you have to fill out the info on Ridgid’s site in time to get it.

takumi says:

thanks, sold me!

angler1262 says:

Where can I find the finer grits for this machine

Carlo Astone says:


Taylor Johnson says:

Thanks for the review, I just picked up one of these for $100 on craigslist.

WorkshopAddict says:

+Rob Zamites, I am a Spartan fan and graduate.  I live about an hour and a half from Lansing, so I don’t know if you call that close or not.  I really like this sander and use it fairly often.  It gives you not only spindle sanding options, but you can do some belt sanding projects as well.  I built a rolling cart for mine, so it is really convenient to use.

Tom Whiting says:

I have one but for some reason I can’t change the belt sander to spindle any more. Is there a way to fix this? I’ve tried just about everything I can think of but it just will not release.

bigjim10011 says:


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