Review: WEN 6″ Belt & Disc Sander and Ghetto Dust Collector

This is a review of the WEN 6″ Belt & Disc Sander that I’ve had for over a year. I also give some tips on using the dust port, and show of my low-tech dust collector accessory.

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Patrick W says:

I am glad you reviewed that sander I was looking at one,now I will buy one.

Rusty Gun says:

Dust collection for dummies and I love it.

David Letz says:

Thanks Dan. If I were you, I’d be running to the patent office ASAP.

Samuel Roberts says:

Definitely good review.
I’ve been debating on getting that sander.
Thanks for the info!

Alipasha Sadri says:

I love your ingenious dust collection solution!

DJ Housley says:

I just bought a bunch of WEN shop tools. I haven’t set them up as yet. But the reviews are all top notch compared to other “similar” price tools like Porter Cable, etc. Glad to see you use them. Gives a bit of confidence when you hear somebody else does & isn’t experiencing any issues…

MJCPeters says:

Hilarious! – you may not help to sell any sanders, but you could sell a lot of cardboard boxes.
Shark Tank – Here comes Dan…..

Doug Wietbrock says:

Yet another “benefit” of Amazon Prime. 🙂 I have a similar belt sander (almost all your tips and comments apply – thanks) and I’ll cut a cardboard box tomorrow to create my own dust collector. I may show you up and paint mine!

Although my Delta 4’x36″ belt sander, which I inherited from my Dad, is almost exactly the same in every way to your Wen, I found that I must clamp mine to the workbench to prevent it from moving. I feel safer having at least one clamp on it.

Another excellent video, Dan.

G T says:

I’ve got the Harbor Freight sander combo. I’m like you, don’t press so hard to bog down the motor. I’m very please with my combo set-up. I use it just about daily. Thanks for the video, keep the coming.

aceshigh1158 says:

Been eyeing this sander and the oscillating belt and spindle sander. still unsure which to go with…. Thanks for reviewing

barbara kvistad says:

Has NASA called yet, given your elite problem solving skills? WAIT … do you live in Houston!

Thanks for this review. I’ve been trying to decide on this machine or the Ridgid spindle/belt sander. Since I have the spindle mandrels, etc, I was leaning toward this WEN.

Shop Hacks says:

I design products professionally and I often use cardboard for the first prototypes. It’s cheap and easy to fabricate with. It even laser and cnc routes well. It takes the time and $$ risk out of prototyping which makes it easier to be creative.

Love it 😉

Christoffer Bergström says:

Almost impossible to get PVC in sweden, has to do with it being illegal for water (I belive) so there’s on market for it

Peter de Puy says:

Great video. Great review. I love the down to earth nature of the author — Newbie Dan.

R Chaplin says:

I have this same sander and have had no problems with it. Your box solution is very practical!

John Fithian-Franks says:

It doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as it works, it comes under the “KISS” method (Keep it simple stupid) and simple is the best way to go.


I like the idea my brother very nice Review 🙂

Army Vet76 says:

This was a great review seeing I have been going back and forth about buying this sander. I do 95% hardwood work but looks like this will do the job without breaking the bank.

Becky's Texas Wood Shop says:

Good review Dan. I have the smaller one that is from HF but for my needs it works great too. That abrasive stick is great too…I also have one of them. I’m going to adapt mine to your “box” dust collection system too. I enjoy your videos Dan and I appreciate all you do to help this “dummy” especially!!

Sapele Steve says:

Nice straight forward review! Gotta love that box dust collector system. I may be in the market for one of those…….Thanks

Hal Songer says:

Nice review. I’ve been looking for a good belt/disc sander so this one goes on my list. Also, if you need to clean your sanding disc or belt there is a cheap alternative you may have laying around. I had an old tube of clear silicone caulk that I found had dried completely up, so I cut the tube open and used the cylinder to clean my sanding pads. It works about as well as my crepe cleaning stick and would have gone in the trash otherwise.

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