Review – RIDGID Oscillating Edge/Belt Spindle Sander

A project I’m working on needed a good bench top belt sander. This tool easily changes from a belt sander to a spindle sander for added flexibility


twong789 says:

This is great review of how the sander works. Very useful sander, edge sanding and spindle sanding built into one. Great concept, but mine died within 10 months of occasional hobby use. Motor seized. Bought an industrial edge sander and a separate spindle sander with cast iron table tops as replacements. Much quieter and less vibration. Should last me a while. If you can, buy the best tools you can afford first…

Charlie Thompson says:

I just bought one of these from an estate sale for $40 the front right corner of the base is busted a little but it doesn’t effect the use of it at all. I have been wanting one of these for awhile now and got a great deal on mine.

Kirk Frederick says:

I have received some periodic use out of the 3 years of owning my Ridgid sander. It wasn’t too bad for the price, but I was still pretty disappointed that it didn’t last as long as it could if it were engineered proper. Construction of the motor vs the technology seems sub-par.

If you are extra careful in learning ‘quickly’ it’s adjustments and not pushing its capability, I’m sure you could get some sort of long use out of it. I wouldn’t expect too much, as having a reason and chance to break it down for repair has revealed how crappy it was built – it was a mess and shows that obvious band-aides function its design. Again – you get what you pay for. It is ideal for those who don’t really need a top-quality or similar belt sander but insist on having one anyway, if you don’t have the cash to invest in something that will actually last. It does serve the purpose, but it shows that Ridgid’s pride falls short excessively.

Ratdog 305 says:

I just purchased one of these for my shop and so far it has been great. I mounted it to a stand so it can be moved around in my small shop. It could use a better dust collection system(will have to work on that) but over all does a great job for me.

Sapele Steve says:

Good review! I have been using mine for over 3 yrs now & wouldn’t be without it. Hands down, one of the best pieces of equipment that I own. Highly recommended, especially for a beginning woodworker. 

Dennis Mathias says:

I notice it has a miter groove. Don’t suppose it comes with one does it?

Isaac Lara says:

Excellent review. Thanks!

Warren Bailey says:

Thanks very much for the detailed review. Exactly what I was looking for. Cheers !

drowization says:

Great vid. Great music. Great demo. GOD BLESS you good sir,,,,

alphons bretagne says:

Is the one from Triton similar? What do you guess?

Greg DuPey says:

I purchased 3 of these in a row.  
– 1st, the shaft was pushed down into the unit and it never worked.
– 2nd, worked for 30 minutes and quit – motor froze up. 
– 3rd. Motor froze up after 1 hour.
Gave them 3 tries because I like the other ridgid tools I own.
I contacted the company via their web site after the second one – and never heard back from them.
Poor quality control can be fixed.  Not caring about the customer can not be fixed – it’s part of a company culture that eventually is the demise of every company that is now out of business. 

Daniel Young says:

do you think i could use this for knifemaking?

Rob Zamites says:

Great review, however the music leaves something to be desired. Maybe Neil Young’s “Like a Hurricane”?

nyinfamous2k2 says:

This will definitely be my next tool buy

James Demask says:

What did you clean the belt with ?

Gareth Hall says:

Thanks for the unboxing, demonstration, and review. One thing that I really like about Ridgid tools is their LSA (Lifetime Service Agreement). The tool has to be registered within 90 days to get it, but I have never had a problem registering or using the LSA for 2 issues: battery failed and trigger/LED failure. The battery was replaced with a brand new one and the trigger/LED assembly was replaced, both at no additional charge to me. And the new battery is covered under a new LSA.

CHEN BO says:

Thanks for reviewing. Nice job!

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