REVIEW: Makita BO3710 Finish Sander

Today, I take a quick look at the Makita BO3710 Finish Sander.

Please give me some feedback. Are these reviews too long, too short, or just about right? Any other constructive criticism is also welcome 🙂 TIA!


Sarah Don says:

Thanks! That was helpful. I’m looking into buying a sander (only have room for one type) so it was helpful for me to see you use it – I could see there’s not much dust flying around and that you were able to control it well without even clamping the piece down. One thing that’s not clear to me – does finish/sheet/orbital sander move in an orbit or just back-and-forth?

Marcelo Ferreira says:

Good video.
Makita manual does not explain properly how to put the sandpaper.
Keep the good work!

muirbabe says:

Thanks very much, very helpful.

Cary Dunlap says:

I thought your review was succinct, straightforward, and professional. I appreciate that you didn’t stumble through your dialog. Keep up the good work.

muirbabe says:

Just bought it, your review helped, its the right length video, thank you.

Amanda McCarthy says:

Absolutely great video.  User Guide Directions are less than helpful.  For the life of me, could not figure out what the hole puncher was for or where to get pre-punched paper.  Now I know what purpose it serves and that I don’t need special paper.  Thanks again.

Explorshon says:

Good stuff, appreciate your video, I have one of these I am going to use for the first time tomorrow and that made it super simple. Thank you.

Araceli Garza says:

what adaptor do you use to connect it to the vacuum?

Florin says:

Great job! Useful basic starting directions. Straight forward advise.Suggestions:-more focus on fixing the paper (close-up?)-few words about choosing the paper.From experience – one should pay attention to the integrity of the paper while using

Joe Reynolds says:

Very helpful video. You are correct about the pre-punched sandpaper – I have not seen it available anywhere. The correct size does not appear to be available, even from Makita. Not a big deal of course, but it is the type that comes with the sander (one sheet of 120 grit). Have not used the sander yet but it feels quite solid and is well reviewed on other websites.

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