Review, Harbor freight 1″x30″ belt sander Central machinery

If you purchased one of these or own one. Please leave comments below, good or bad. The point of this channel is to learn together. Thank you


Art Landry says:

I agree 100%

keifer225948 says:

thank you.. im considering buying one..

Bill K. says:

got one and I like it a lot…

Marc Eaton says:

I owned a portable toilet company. I bought most of my tools there and considered them throw away tools. We worked a lot in wet conditions and the tools held up pretty well. I sold the business in 2010 and my son who worked with me now services forklifts. He has many of the tools on his truck that we bought when we worked the business and they are still going. It is hit or miss. The only tool I took back was an electric pipe threader, been shopping there for years. The best part is no questions asked when you return something.

Matthew Ballard says:

I’m just curious, would I be able to bevel a knife with this machine? (with the proper belts of course) and i would not be putting it under a huge workload, so I guess my question is, is this a good buy for hobbiest knife maker? Who only makes a few knives every once and a while? Because im on a freehand file jig right now and I’m hoping this would speed it up. And thankyou for the great review 🙂

David Randall says:

You can also buy a angle guide for it.

Ieatkittenswspicy Mustard says:

I have had one for over a year. I use it for quick light sanding but mostly sharpening knives. I got a surgical sharp leather belt for it. Works great. I have a old Weatherby with a chewed up follower. I used the sander with the belt which shined it right up.

R Rem says:

I have had one for a few years now and it works great for all kinds of things – kydex, sharpening tools, wood, etc. Wish it was made in USA though…

Shane Anderson says:

Great review, thumbs up! I plan on buying one of these myself for the very same purpose (knives, axes, etc). Nice to have someone as picky as you are with tools give it a good rating.

By the way, whatever happened to the review on that jack-hoist from harbor freight? I was there when you filmed it and I haven’t seen it come up on your channel.

Richard Kittel says:

Thanks for this review. I’ve been thinking about getting this very grinder for knife sharpening myself, so this has been very helpful to me. I am now leaning towards purchasing this little guy.

David Randall says:

I got a leather belt for mine which works great

RVM451 says:

Since they’re so cheap, a friend bought two. He keeps a coarse belt on one sander and a smoother one on the other.

frailingbanjo says:

I have gone through two off these in the last 7 years. They have about a 3.5 year life expectancy for me. I build old time fretless banjos, and use the sander to make friction tuning pegs, tailpieces, and bridges. Make about 100 banjos a years, so I sand about 500 pegs, and 100 tail pieces and bridges.

The first sander broke at the neck and the second one had a motor burnout. Although they last a pretty long time for the price, I may upgrade to a higher quality sander.

David Randall says:

love mine

DragoChronicSmoker42 says:

could this put a bevel on a knife blank like i am going to purchase some stuff for knife making and blacksmithing but i am kind of on a shoe string budget but yeah would this be good to kind of profile knifes i guess

Jason A says:

Thanks for the review. I was looking at this but had not seen a review yet. I think that this will be my next purchase! Have a great day

Jack Gallagher says:

what type of belt comes with the machine?

Ok Prepper says:

after looking at several videos on using a 1 inch belt sander from harbor freight for knife sharpening, i went to HF website. the least expensive sander they currently have is $54.99

Tim K says:

I purchased my 1 x 30 Harbor freight sander today, I absolutely agree with you, best sander for the price, Anywhere.Thanks for the video Tim.

foamypezz says:

I just got into finishing woodworking, paddles and other designs, would this be a great buy?

badlandskid says:

Hey bro. I just spent about ten minutes searching around the interweb for more expensive one by thirty bench mount belt sanders. I didn’t find any in the $400-$600 range. I did find one for $250, that was the most expensive one I came across.

Jack Thursby says:

I used one of these in Maine to fix an old rusty dull knife and it worked great. think I’m going to pick one up to help in restoring an old axe head I picked up at the flea market

Isaac Reed says:

im super late seeing this video but would it work as far as putting a grind on a handmade knife? thank you

Bob Hodson says:

I own  this sander, its a kick ass machine, I built a 2×72  sander for metal work, This little sander works just as good as my big one.I would buy it again. I wouldnt think twice about buying it again.I use it for gringing 1/8 inch plate steel and it works flawlessly.

Marc Eaton says:


Robert Simons says:

Great review

K Butler says:

I have a similar small cheap sander but this is the only related video I could find. I wanted to hear the sound. Its just damn loud. It does not need to be as loud as it is. I got plenty of cheapo tools and plenty of them are more powerful, but this little thing is too loud for its size. Just sounds like loose bolts and dirt are inside the machine. Gritty and knocky as frig. Really considering taking it apart and see what I can do but yours sounds similarly loud.

grodad says:

How fine a grit does HF sell it’s 1X30 belts please?

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