Powermatic PM2244 Drum Sander

A quick discussion about cantilevered drum sanders and a mini review of the new Powermatic PM2244. For more info and links head to: http://www.thewoodwhisperer.com/videos/powermatic-pm2244-mini-review/




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Chris Haugh says:

Anyone else find both the irony and the hilarity of a drum set sitting right behind him as he talks about a drum sander?

Adam Gabbert says:

I’ve got a Jet 2244 that gets the job done, but this Powermatic is one sexy machine!

Børre Dan Knutsen says:


I would like to give you a project idea/challenge if you like. Ever since I bought my first RAS I have been wanting to build a geodesicdome designed by Buckminster Muller; http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20140613-spaceship-earth-a-game-of-domes
More spesific a 3V 5/9 flat base krusche model https://web.archive.org/web/20150323155129/http://www.domerama.com/calculators/3v-geodesic-dome-calculator/3v-flat-base-815-kruschke-calculator/

There are alot of people building these, but usually by using steelrods and some form of hubs. There is a possibilty make these out of pure timber https://web.archive.org/web/20150323162543/http://www.domerama.com/calculators/3v-geodesic-dome-calculator/making-a-timber-kruschke-dome/
And its said: “A timber dome made from standard lumber such as 2″ X 4″ or 2″ X 6″ requires a high degree of precision in its construction. If you are off by a fraction of an inch or a degree or two in the cutting angles, the errors compound and the project becomes a nightmare.”

So this calls for a jig, since it 165 struts with four cuts each , and all of the compond miters!!

I have been trying to figure out the best way to make a jig, not only for the one dome I’m building, but all my friends wants one as well! And I cant figure out the best way to make one?!? This would be great to see you tackle, and maybe challenge the others in the Woodworking community? I suspect this can be a good challenge 🙂 let me know what you think, if it triggers your perky curiosity or what?!?

Jonathan Barrick says:


CJProSound says:

Drum set in the background of the drum sander video! I see what you did there!!! That’s a really old kit – I’d say roughly 20-25 year-old Tama Rockstar. I had one in white – sounds like crap!!!

Do a stave-shell snare drum video!!!!!

dalton vickers says:

Great tool to have

Nick Zammeti NZ WoodTurning says:

Great video, and nice shop. I have a new shop being built. lookng forward to maknig the video for that one. All the best

Gleb Woodworker says:

I am looking for well payed work in woorkshop in America. Do you know sny offers for me. Thanck you.

jblopez16 says:

Any videos of you playing drums?

Jonathan Barrick says:

Stop trying and start playing your video games.

Kyle Valllone says:

Hey this is unrelated to the drum sander, But I figure you’d be the one to help me out. I just bought a ts75 and I’m Just looking for a simple answer and no one can give me one. lol. The first thing I did when I got the saw is to check the bevel, it was off about 2 degrees. So I re adjusted the screws and got it perfectly square. But when I made test cuts they were all off. If the take the saw blade out of square with base I get a good zero degree bevel. Thanks.

Martijn Fransen says:

But the cup holder can only keep a cup… not muck of coffee

Double Dare Fan says:

Too bad you did not do this a month ago. You could have thrown in the song The Little Drummer Boy, with the lyric “Pa-rup-a-pum-pum” replaced with actual drumbeats. Anyway, Drum On! Maybe next Christmas, join one of those guitarists on the Tube. Wood working meets Rock-N-Roll!

Mark Thieme says:

Ho long have you been using that drum sander now?

apinakapinastorba says:

Luckily I can use a huge belt sander thicknesser for free if I need one :3

David Stanton says:

Nice review Marc! I don’t have the option of this machine in Australia but I can get the Jet 16-32. Seems like a good machine…any thoughts?

Ken West says:

Is this a paid endorsement or review? Seeing that large Powermatic sign on the wall, I’d say it is!

Tavis Werts says:

Is that a Tama Rockstar DX kit?

Marc-andre znarcuss says:

the cup holder i would of kept it as it is and add one with the hole in it ! so now you have a cup holder and a peanut holder !!

Craig Reich says:

What home user can drop $2,800 on a drum sander? Not me.

Mienecus says:

Good start of the year!

HolzMichel says:

since powermatic doesn’t make their own machinery anymore, is this a product from GeeTech? or a similar company that builds for a host of retailers?

krtwood says:

I wish the manufacturers would get on board with putting more than a 4″ port on something like this. If you’re shelling out that kind of money for a drum sander you probably have something more than a 1.5 hp DC. You’d really be kidding yourself trying to run that on one of those anyway, for anything but the most occasional use. It would be really difficult to modify that to have two 4″ ports, which it really should have. Sure you can get away with just the one, but why choke down a larger DC system when that’s probably what it’s going to be hooked up to? They could offer a manifold to bring the two 4″ ports down to one if someone needs it.

Brandon Arnett says:

You should do a shop tour

Randy Tucker says:

OK, about the drums in the background … Have you ever thought about making a set of drums, or at least a Cajon Drum Box? Fun stuff.

Have you seen the DW (Drum Workshop) drum sets that they’ve used the exotic woods on? Great sounding, and beautiful pieces of furniture. The DW factory in Oxnard, CA, gives tours and you can see how they make the drums, from start to finish. It’s cool! If you’re ever in SoCal, call and find out when the tours are. You won’t regret it!

DW Exotic Wood Hunts – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auyDd-ARc78
DW Exotic Wood examples https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KWMynNJQiQ0

Zoltán Rendi says:

Hello, could you tell me please the difference between the Jet 2244 OSC and Powermatic 2244 sanders? Is Jet enoughly good as Powermatic? – because it’s price is 3/4 of the PM.
Thank you,

ray carpenter says:

My Jet/Performax 22-44 Drum sander does not deflect.
Ray in Omaha

Ostap1974 says:

Not sure you can fit the cup in the picture to such holder (because of the handle) or there is some trick?

Scott Heimer says:

Where did you find your Amazing Spider-man poster? I need one! Oh, and keep up the great videos!

Jerk Of All Trades says:

Very cool marky mark! Netflix and chill?

Brian Rohler says:

Marc – would it be possible to have a future show with you changing out the sand paper from this drum sander? Actually, I would love to see a show where you do all of the PM (preventative maintenance) on your equipment. I think many owners get busy having fun and doing work with their workshop equipment and forget that PM is a necessary evil and will save them money down the road.

Aaron Anderson says:

You know your dust collection is on par when you keep a drum kit in there.

kamchowful says:

hi, forgive me as i’m not a woodworker so i may be using the wrong terminology. my question is: how to sand the door trim/moldings to remove layers of paint? i’ve used a mouse detail sander which is ok for some parts but doesn’t really get into all the nooks and crannies. please show me one or two ways of getting the job done. thanks.

Rag Tie says:

My friend watched this video and changed his mind,…bought this one instead. Says he’s so glad he did. Thanks for the info on products, materials & tools/machines

Fred Weston says:

This is just me being nitpicky,,but I probably wouldn’t stick my fingers in to a drum sander that was plugged in as at 5:15 Nice video though!

Jerk Of All Trades says:

Who cares about that sander, I’d rather see the host without a shirt on!

Jeremiah's woodworks says:

Great video Marc. Can you sand your drums with the drum sander? Great idea for a video in the free site.

Mitchell Roe says:

We have a 37″ Powermatic Wide Belt Sander where I work; the $20,000 has been quickly made back because of how efficient this thing is. The belts are rather expensive though, $40-50 a belt, and if there are slight tears on the edges of the paper belt, the it will be ripped to shreds

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