Possibly the Best sander I’ve ever owned – Bosch ROS65VC-5 Sander

Bosch ROS65VC-5 Sander 3.3 amp sander with vibration control easily the best sander Ive ever owned


machudocajons says:

was considering, now will buy after video..not getting any younger.. wondering if my wrist problems come from not using this sander or the fact i built over three hundred and fifty cajon drums that =were sanded or being a carpenter since i was 17.. now 69.. thanks. looking forward to this new tool..

woodworking with DJ LeBlanc says:

The more I use this sander the more I wonder why I went so long with out buying one

Leo Veroude says:

This video made up my mind to buy this Bosch. And I subscribed to your channel! Thank you very much.

machudocajons says:

ps. looking at a new table saw for even smaller shop space. i cut mostly baltic birch or domestic plywood up to 3/4″. I currently use a Ryobi precision cutting system 10″. I tricked it out to suit me. have another as back up..it blew a bearing didn’t want to change it the day it happened and ran into the second one a month later.. almost new.. looking at dewalt 7480. any thoughts.. thanks from one old timer to another.. j.

grunner30 says:

Great review. Felt like I just talked with my dad about buying a sander (compliment). There are a couple power tool companies that seem to actually do some R&D with how you feel about the product after a couple of full days of hard use with them. Always felt like Bosch and Makita had their act together here with balance, noise, heat generation, battery life, ergonomics, and such. You get what you pay for always applies with tools, and especially what that money gives back to you at the end of a work day, when you’re not listening to a grinder or sander screaming like hell all day. The work is hard enough. Your tools shouldn’t be part of the work…should help save you from it.

Nancy Scheneman says:

Just caught your post on orbital sanders ! Over the years I have many sander all have
Done will, just received a orbital by Makita My question is why does the sandpaper fly off
before finishing the job ? And it has plenty of life left ! Is this with all orbital’s ? Thank you.
Or does anyone else have this problem.

Rickyps Wood says:

Ty sir! loved the review… subscribed

Ali Maleki says:

Thanks for the review! I’m definitely considering this.


Hi, here from México, good video and New Sub!

ourplaceourplay2 M says:

I can’t wait to get my. Thanks.


Do you find this larger sander a bit less loud than the palm style random orbitals you have? I’m looking for a sander that’s easy, or easier, on the hands and ears. Thanks.

Tom Carbaugh says:

What kind of dust cyclone is that your using in the background?

Bustoff says:

I am picking one up on the first of September. Not sure if I’ll get the 5 or the 6″ model. I understand I can buy the 5 or 6″ pad as they are supposed to be interchangeable. I just don’t know where to get them yet. Thanks for the demo, by the way.

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