Mirka DEROS Random Orbit Sander Review

This is my review of the Mirka DEROS 5650 random orbit sander package. I’ve had the sander for a couple of months and used it a lot.

Mirka DEROS (sander only): https://amzn.to/2s4W71A (Amazon UK) https://amzn.to/2GNO0ej (Amazon US)

Mirka DEROS (package): https://amzn.to/2kohIht (Amazon UK)

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Geoff Kinlen says:

Very useful review, whats the yellow tape ? Thanks

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

Good information. Thanks for the breakdown.


That price tag definitely shows us all just how much you hate sanding

Peter Löfstrand says:

Great review!!

I haven’t seen any good sander that don’t need a vacuum hose connected to it for it to have good dust collection, and if you are forced to use a vacuum hose on it then I don’t see the point of having it cordless. If you pair it up with an extractor with a socket for automatic start on it then it will make more sense to have a sander with a cable, else you would have to have some sort of wireless connection for the sander to the extractor for this feature to work.

Hans de Groot says:

Very good review. Thanks for sharing. What material is the abranet sanding disk made of?
I thought at first it was a kind of metal mesh. But when it is so easy to tear or brake it is probably an other material.

David Williamson says:

As a fan of yellow tools I would have thought maybe a flexvolt one would be possible to be as good as a corded one. Annoyingly they don’t even make an 18v cordless sander yet. Surely being tied to the mains isn’t a huge issue as you are still tethered to the hose for the dust extraction?

Cameron Adams says:

How come you didn’t buy the festtool sander?

paultay23 says:

Nice honest review matey… i need to resist buying one, looks like a mean machine..

Jim Black says:

Good info and review Keith.

loopy Head says:

Fantastic! Thank you.. I hope this video gets lots of views as not many UK youtubers have reviewed this sander…Only half decent review is Ultimate Handyman
(Yours is far better) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wbx7Q7gFUSY

Chris Perry says:

Very interesting! I have had my eye on the Bosch, I will give this a look! Thanks.

Dr G says:

thanks for the info dude, good honest review.

Quirt D'Rozario says:

Excellent review. Pity about the price. Sure like to have one.

stuart fisher says:

Another great review Keith, you really do cover all bases, 125 and 150 ha ha, get it, bases, I​ use Mirka and 3M air powered sanders in my day job, and the Abranet discs, the trouble is air pipes are worse than a power cable, keep up the good work, enjoyable as ever.

JronmanBuilds says:

Festool has a cordless sander.

Matt Estlea - Furniture says:

I was looking at picking one of these up tomorrow so this couldn’t have come at a better time. I was pretty sold on it anyway but it’s always good to know other people’s opinions! Cheers mate!

ffaat says:

I don’t know the size of your air compressor tank, so don’t know if a pneumatic sander would be an option for you, in the shop at least. Very light weight, high performance, low nose and vibration…

PG Tips says:

Thanks for the review Keith. Sanding is one of my least favourite parts of woodwork and I can see why you have made the investment.

Bisch Basch Bosch says:

Interesting that you didn’t get on with the Bosch GEX 150 Turbo. I didn’t either. It’s priced as if their flagship but I tested that and the GEX 125/150 AVE and it was no competition. The 125/150 AVE is easily the better sander. It’s very nearly a masterpiece! The dual chassis makes it hands down THE most comfortable rand/orbital I’ve ever used. As at home with delicate polishing as with high removal. Love it. Have to say though, if I get a second, I’ll defo give the Mirka a look.

Harki Dodia says:

Good honest reviews like yours are hard to find these days, thanks for doing this mate.

John Zurka says:


Bob says:

Congratulations on 50K subs!

Brett Guthrie says:

I own the same sander. I would have to agree with you on all accounts especially with the Abranet sanding discs. Great review. Cheers from Down Under.

jerry moffat says:

Hi Keith, good video and extremely useful. I am waiting for my Makita to pack up and I will get one. I quite like sanding, had to when I was an apprentice I could go for weeks sanding mouldings by hand. (How sad) I am not too bothered about it being corded though. I was looking forward to your review of this sander and wasn’t disappointed. Definitely on my must have shopping list. Many Thanks.

Yet1moreUtuber says:

Good to know, some points there. that I didn’t think of myself.

Shadowvaper says:

The rolls Royce of sanders

Mark Armstrong says:

Good review mate

Jon Da Silva says:

This sander seems very similar to automotive air DA sanders. One wonders if a auto sander would work well for wood working

Bisch Basch Bosch says:

Been looking some more at these Mirka sanders and have found that the exact same sander is sold under Metabo and Delmeq brands. Thought the Metabo one would be cheaper but unfortunately not. In fact, my guess is that they’re all made by Metabo for Mirka and Delmeq as Metabo appear to produce tools for other brands.

Adam Ladocha Woodwork says:

Congrats on 50k subs

Mike S says:

I’ve had the Mirka including their branded vacuum and hoses and I have to say how superb it is. I’ve even sanded a shop floor made out of oak with it. Fantastic dust collection when in the horizontal mode. I bought mine through a trade Dulux event and it worked out to be great value. Mirka hoses fit perfectly. Once you get used to it it really works itself. Not had issue with Abranet disks, for the oak floor I used 80 grit paper. Would buy it again – real workhorse. Thanks for the review.



Taite Lennox says:

holy cow you look red at the start of the video

Gordon Aitchison says:

A motor, a bit of plastic, a couple of discs–how do they justify such a high costing?

Pavel P says:

Thanks Man

Jody Dorsett says:

Its been my experience that there is no discount alternatives in sanding. I think I mentioned it, I’ve been using Mirka almost exclusively since 1992. The paper discs are the only way to go.

For sanding flat I use an air powered Mirka ($200 USD) over a down draft sanding table. Probably not useable in a small shop. On the bench and in the field I use the corded version which has to be over $600 these days. You will find that using the sander in the field with a shop-vac attached will make very little mess to clean later. The ability of a shop-vac attachment to hoover debris as it’s created is a top factor in selecting field tools.

Great review.

Steve SteveS says:

Thanks for that. I have a Bosch RO sander and I have the same problem – the discs won’t stick to the base (despite buying a new base) – so this was very useful food for thought.

1959ticktock says:

What’s the point of cordless if you’ve got to have a dust extraction hose? I’ve got an air driven Mirka and the air hose is attached to the dust hose. If it were electric, and had a battery, you’d still have the connection headache, but it would weigh way more because of the battery. Any portable power tool that needs dust collection will have less benefit when it comes to cordlessness.

Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY says:

Can u use diablo sanding discs? I love diablo discs last forever..

JSTR says:

Once again, the UK and the US are separated only by a common language. Ear plugs – ear defenders. Had to go back and replay three or four times before I caught on. Super informative video. You should also try selling used cars. You’d be good at it. (American tongue in cheek joke posing as a stab (go) at humor). Almost like speaking a foreign language, isn’t it. QUACK!

David Handley says:

Festool…Festool…Festool. Just bought their new cordless sander and it’s brilliant.

jack five says:

Great review keith, and an impressive machine, i agree with you on sanding in can be a chore at times especially for long periods the dust it creates is an utter annoyance and a health hazard so i try to avoid it as much as possible, thats why i liked your card scraper video, i think thats the way forward for me or a scraper plane to save on my thumbs!!!, thanks again, really enjoy your channel.

Joe Basement Woodworking & DIY says:

Thanks for the review. I’ve had my eye on the mirka for a while was gonna go Rotex but I love the low profile,top trigger var.speed and shape of this one the on /off button features are a plus too

Coalition of Rob says:

Is that an oak hat stand upright behind you? They just won’t die!

David Williamson says:

Easier to have two machines

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