May the best orbit sander sand….Festool vs. Mirka uncut review with unique differences

I thought this might be helpful for someone who is looking to buy a decent orbit sander. Again my choice would be Mirka for the main reason of amazing control over the unit while working with it.

This review is based on my opinion but let me know if you agree or disagree. Thanks and cheers


Hannah Dotscha says:

i can only agree! everything you said makes a lot of sense. thanks for sharing

Alexnder Felar says:

I like them both a lot but it totally makes sense

Stefan Hodelmann says:

Great info!

Lukas Daitsch says:

Werde das unbedingt mal testen

Edgar Schumacher says:

You sure made a difference here

Andrew Tomak says:


Luxus Home Creations says:

I just noticed I said beering drive instead of bearing drive haha

Luxus Home Creations says:

Hey this is only my opinion and values I have seen and have felt in mirka and festool. Maybe it worked out for you the other way better. Haha…hope you enjoy and would love to know your opinion

Tomak Last says:

habe beide, festool und mirka und kann dabei nur zustimmen zu dem was du gesagt hast 😉 danke für das mitteilen

Mikola Kalan says:

Amazing review! I can only agree 100% thanks for your honest opinion

Sami Salamy says:

Cheers for mirka

Perry Mangat says:

Great review!

Sascha Kascha says:

Thry are both amazing brands and I do agree that mirka goes over Festool

Bhaumik Suthar says:

Really Informative Review, will definitely keep this review in mind when buying one. Awesome!

Achmed Schachbrett says:

This as awesome as for the review. My budy has a mirka sander and he is very happy. I worked with it only for an hour and was very impressed

Timo Schnelly says:

Mirka is jest

Robin Wingate says:

Hi thanks for the review, You would be better to review the ETS EC 125 or 150 as they are the sanders that are closest to the Mirka and I have used both, the Rotex is a totally different kind of sander so the review cannot be a comparison. you talk about removal of stock with the Rotex verses using a plane. what rotex excels in is the removal of paint and finishes and is by far the best on the market for this. The paddle on the Mirka is great and the electronic brake on the Festool is superb as well. Ergonomically the ETS and the Mirka are pretty much the same. then you get into do you use Abranet or Granat as your abrasive and which is best, a whole new can of worms.

MinecraftBuild LS says:

You are comparing different types of sanders, the applications are complete different.
The advantages you mentioned at the Mirka are because of its design.
Take a look at the Festool ETS EC 125, these are pretty the same design as the Mirka.

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