Makita Brush Sander vs. Porter Cable Restorer Tool Fight / Review

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By popular request i sit down and talk about the Makita Brush sander and the Porter Cable restorer. In this video i give you my favorite and not so favorite parts of both. Check it out

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Makita Brush Sander

Porter Cable Restorer

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Spencer Robertson says:

Review is well done boss!!! Thanks

Fix This Build That says:

Good comparison. Definitely seems like a weekend warrior vs a pro choice.

Skully Wood & Metal says:

John thanks. I thought the Porter Cable was a completely new product. I never saw the Makita before. Nice demo and explanation. I subscribed to your channel today.

Tomas Pesek says:

I bought Makita a few months ago based on Johns recommendation in earlier videos and the only thing I can say is that this is perfect tool. Thanks John!

D-wood says:

John I have been waiting on this video ever since your instagram story. thanks man

EPE Fabrication says:

Buy a good 4 1/2” angle grinder with speed adjustment, look on eBay for (5/8-11 Right Angle Grinder Adaptor Kit for Flap Wheel Drum) and you got the reliability & 2 tools in 1 for $175 with the attachment for (flap wheel drums) not sure the porta cable drums they sell at Lowes would work but they might.

Martin Chavarria says:

Great review. A year ago I used the makita one for first time.

Python 357 says:

John, here’s a nickel’s worth of free expert advice: you can add the Porter Cable to your workflow by throwing it in the trash, which should free up some space for a proper tool that will work itself into your work flow. That said, I think the Eastwood Contour SCT is, by far, a better comparison to the Makita, and is only $180. I bought the Eastwood over the Makita because of the huge price difference and have used it to clean up about 500 boardfoot of reclaimed American Chestnut barnwood. Did it all in about 2 hrs and was more than pleased with the results. It’s a 2-handed tool, much like a grinder, which is an advantage IMO. But, there is no dust collection capability, but I doubt dust collection on any of these tools is that effective….they all make a huge mess. I haven’t used the Makita, so I can’t comment one way or the other on it, but the fact it’s a Makita should be convincing enough it’s at least worth a try. Love your channel (and don’t give a crap about good or bad editing….CONTENT is King!). Keep up the great work!

pasinen says:

I don’t think it’s the Porter Cable tool that causes that bouncing. It’s more likely the brush drum. You can clearly see the drum wobbling all over the place. Try different brushes/sanding drums. I have similar tool from Metabo and the original brushes work flawlessly but cheap ebay brushes/sanding drums make the tool bounce just like in your video.

Ford Prather says:

Thanks for this video! I have a client that is wanting some sliding barn doors made and Im looking into getting a brush sander like this. I didn’t realize that Makita made one. Definitely going to look into theirs more.

David Beckwith says:

Nice review. About what I would expect based on the price difference. Being in the weekend warrior group I know which one would work better for my wallet!

KundelCranes says:

Thanks for the review John. I want personally apologize for the out-of-balance roller on the Restorer. As you can see starting at 1:53 thru 2:16 the roller was wobbling in the tool causing the tool to bounce on the surface which it should not do. We are working at correcting that issue from Gen 1 launch. Please feel free to contact me at for a replacement roller. Thanks again for your review. Great job. – Robert Kundel Jr

John Conklin says:

Yep, if I had the need for one, I’d def pony up the cash for the Makita. The PC looks like it’d be more trouble than it’s worth.

Dmitriy Lutsenko says:

John, it`s not trolling, just advice. Edit video more carefully and cut pauses between you talking, that way talk itself flows more naturally. as always, forgive me my bad english.

Dmitriy Lutsenko says:

John, it`s not trolling, just advice. Edit video more carefully and cut pauses between you talking, that way talk itself flows more naturally. as always, forgive me my bad english.

Tim McGrew says:

Hey John you have an editing issue at the start of the video where you say “Let’s check out the Makita” the cut to the PC. Nice video otherwise.

One Man Band Woodworks says:

Wow I didn’t know either of these existed, we don’t get them here in Aus. Thanks for the review

johnsobj says:

What would be the usage of the brush tool over a belt sander? Better for reclaimed or ruff wood? I deal with those items so may be worth the investment. Looking forward to your thoughts on this. Thx.

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