Makita 1/4 Sheet Finish Sander Review

In this video I review my new Makita 1/4 sheet finish sander, model number BO4556K. I unpack it, run through the features, and discuss its pluses and minuses. It’s judged against my Porter Cable 330 Block Sander. Bottom line, it’s a nice finish sander for when you want dust collection.


Graham Orm says:

Good review Marty, thanks for sharing. I think the small exhaust port could be easily overcome, maybe Makita have an adaptor to take it to a vac hose? It seemed to be quite a fight to get the paper in place. I know most sanders have those fiddly clips. I only use velcro backed stuff these days.

James Hightower says:

Thank you! Finally an answer to the holes in the sandpaper question and the sandpaper hole punch Gadget! They suck in the dust! For over a decade I had no clue what the holes were for. Now I really feel stupid. I thought you just put 1/4 sandpaper sheet on the hand sander. Thank you so much!

Kaleb Magnusson says:

Hi Marty great review by the way. I have the makita half sheet sander that I do most of my sanding with. It also came with a small dust collection hole. I solved this by taking your average 1 1/4 shop vac adaptor from the big box and heating it with a heat gun, and then crimping it around the protruding part for the dust collection on the sander. It might work for you if you are of a mind

kev wynne says:

Thanks for the in depth information it was excellent

crux314 says:

Finally, the review I’ve been looking for. 1/4er Sheet sanders are indeed more versatile than orbital randoms sanders. This make me decide to get a 1/4er Sheet sander.

Dave Bliley says:

thanks, that was helpful.

baoluo1 says:

Thanks Marty, nice review. We have these similar ones in Australia, different brands, but same deal.

Don Challenger says:

Marty, in the interim have you tried the vacuum adaptation idea from Kaleb’s comment and the Velcro one from Graham’s comment yet – if so what was your result?

christschool says:

I have a couple of these types of sanders (a Dewalt and Rigid) I bought years ago, before I knew anything. I’m now convinced those purchases were a mistake. It seems to me a device like a preppin weapon is a better choice for finish sanding, which you show at the end of your video on the bench.

1958lka says:

use pvc coupler or pipe to make vacuum hose fit

GuysWoodshop says:

Nice review Marty. I have a version of the Makita sander that is about 25 yrs old, and still works fine. It looks quite a lot like your new one. I still use it from time to time to sand small parts.

Kim Shirley says:

Great review Marty! I have an old Makita palm sander that is still going strong. To help with the dust collection I made a sanding station with a peg board top to which I attached my Harbor Freight dust collector to. It works great with no noticeable dust flying around. I made it 2′ X 3′ surface X 6″ deep with a sloping bottom to the middle. I purchased a small cabinet for $5 at a garage sale for a base. I store my sanders and sand paper in the cabinet. I found the idea on youtube. Your videos are informative to watch and learn from.

Jamie Mullins says:

I use on finishing sander woodworking with olive oil with paper never on drying sander I use CPC spray oil metalworking with paper down thin cut never on drying area sander on metal and wood if I want make putty have oil in it use drying sander if putty is No oil in it don’t sander on drying area and paper is thin cut down like a peanut butter on wood clean with dish soap off the oil let them drying sunlight smell like lemon and metal have be use face mask gray dust CPC spray oil wash with dish soap off the oil on metal if use on sander drying area it will break the motor damage engineer make sure pick this oil on sander area lifetime I use oil many time sander in garage I find in book dictionary what is wizard work in tool look name tool finishing sander only use oil if paper get old get other paper oil again not to break the engineer drying area tired be paper work with pencil to look at dictionary go back work garage carefully in question look name on tools ……………..


use velcro sanding pads on your makita. mine came with some sheets. plus you can just stick em on without the clips. probably more pricy tho.

Mark Nylund says:

great review. I would make a special adaptor out of that 2×4 you sanded so well.

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