M18 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless 5 in. Random Orbit Sander – 2648 review

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The Flat Garage says:

Cool tats. What you got?

Logan P says:

Now Milwaukee needs a cordless router

Tools&Tech says:

I honestly think Milwaukee rushed this tool. I mean they couldn’t integrated a quick release for that dust port. I mean come on Dan almost seemed like he was going to break the piece off. And why not announce it in fuel!! Will wait for gen 2 in about 10 years.

EOSJOE says:

I agree with your comment on Milwaukee. You save up for what is supposed to be the Mac-Daddy tool only to find they release a new and improved model the next year with more power, more run time and a few quirks corrected. I know there’s always going to be something new but Milwaukee seems to be flooding the market with too many generations of the same tool.

Harry Kong says:

Are you two dating?


Still waiting for a 6inch sander and a electric die grinder

Russ Webster says:

Well Milwaukee’s plan is working on me. I keep thinking should I switch from DeWalt to Milwaukee. They keep coming out with more cool stuff. #TIACREW

Steven W. says:

Just got one two weeks ago. If you hook up a dust hose it becomes less maneuverable. Also I don’t think it’s at all comfortable to hold on to.

Thomas O'Brien says:

What’s the runtime? I’ve never needed or wanted a cordless sander.

Jeremy Neill says:

Looks great. Man it’s getting harder to stick with the team yellow when team red is just crushing it I feel like. #coleistheman #tiacrew #punastrong #kileauavolcano

NattySawer says:

And Bosch actually had the first cordless orbital sander on the market! 😀

eric Banuelos says:


Frank Martinez says:

Hahahaa sound is wrong, I can’t concentrate on what ever you were talking about.

Lou Cifer says:

It’s a palm sander the square one is also a palm sander which is a finish sander and the round is random orbital

William Winn says:

Was thinking of picking this up seems pretty good.

Alpha Removal says:

I need this sander! Crystal lake home Depot better hurry up and stock up

Marc Lussier says:

This would be a great tool for owners of wooden boats. Keep up the hard work and dedication to your videos guys. God bless you and your family’s.

technological singularity says:

audio R L channel reversed

Ryan Ralston says:

What is the run time on a full-charge? What battery did you use when you measured it?

Sp 19 says:

Milwaukee needs m18 cordless drywall sander.

LoneSpartan says:

makita was the first. btw, if you ever think, ‘does makita have this?’ the answer is yes. They have a HUGE line of tools. They just aren’t really carried in stores, which sucks

Justin Hernandez says:


Brandon Moen says:

I totally agree with you Dan I love Milwaukee even though I don’t own any of their battery powered tools but there are a lot of things in their battery lineup that I do want. But it would be frustrating to buy a tool and then find out that a year later they approved it in a number of ways and then wishing that I had the money to go out and buy it again. I’ve owned 18 volt Makita stuff for about 14 years now and they run just as good as the day I bought them even though they are like a 1st Gen. I also have a few 12 volt Bosch tools and I also love that brand. But honestly I’m a tool nut!

Mike Taylor says:

I like it how was that fuel or no didn’t see !

Therealphantomzero says:

D/A and random orbit are the same. D/A name moniker is usually used to air Sanders. Those usually have more selection of the type of orbit or throw. So both rotate and randomly orbit. The rotation can vary a bit but mainly is form factor. D/A is best for body work. Like working on cars or boats because they are smaller in form factor. But they remove material the same but what I’ve noticed is that powered Sanders can be faster at removing material which is important to have that variable speed. Also D/A usually come in 6 in size, while random orbit Sanders are usually 5. They can get a 6 inch versions but unlike D/A their speed is much much less.

Bryce W says:

I would say Dewalt is like Apple. They may not always be the first, but when they come out with a product they take there time and do it right. I feel as though Milwaukee is like Samsung because Milwaukee is always trying to be first, and first isn’t always the best.

sgcpinc says:

you guys are funny

Marc Mendoza says:

I just bought this Milwaukee orbital and it spins REALLY slow. I have 2 Ridgid sanders a corded and cordless and they both spin really fast. Is that normal for the Milwaukee orbital to spin so slow?

John Smith says:

How come you guys always skip over makita tools?

Joe Framer says:

They rushed it….should have a quick release button for the accessories. Should be fuel also. Makita makes a nice model. The Ryobi and Ridgid are bigger. Dewalt just does what they want to, I wish they would complete a line of tools before the next biggest thing, but they don’t.

Lag Master says:

Is it just me or is there audio switch because it’s not my headphone

Clean Cut Carpenter says:

come on dewalt! Flex volt innovation is great but still need some of these smaller tools too. Sander, palm router.

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