Harbor Freight Belt Disc Sander Central Machinery

Review and details.
Learn how to change the belt here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pZ8Z7icwxE
Always be careful and use the proper safety equipment when woodworking.

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spend 40 – 60 $ more on a better product.YOU WILL BE GLADE YOU DID.THIS THING IS JUNK.

Airborne Mike says:

How do you adhere the round disc sandpaper? Haha I just can’t figure it out

Kevin Ashby says:

I know this is not a great machine, but I’ve not had problems with the belt stopping and I sanded metal and wood.

Ray The 5TH Cut says:

I just bought one today with a coupon for only $58.00 thanks for the info.

Love2boat92 says:

Great video and good point about the tools bought at harbor freight.


Mine had a lot of vibration and the front roller eventually cracked through. Very poorly made

MrDirectoatimiamigo says:

No to be sarcastic, but you’ve mentioned at the beginning of the video that you are very pleased with your purchase, then you go throughout the video complaining about how cheap the whole thing is, wtf?

makirompe says:

I have the same sander, and I got a problem. the belt always drifts to the outside, no matter which way I set the centering knob. Does anyone know how to fix it?

Bill mackindish says:

Wow!  I bought one and spent over $10 sending it back.  What a mistake to trust Harbor Fright again.  I know how to spell so it’s Harbor Fright.  Scares me what they will send.  I have some of their other tools and they make good paper weights.  I have a numismatic brad  nailer, and a stapler. They may work fine at first, now, the only thing they will put brads or staples in is butter, if it;s soft.  The shipper sent the package timely, but it was busted open on one end and parts were missing, I rushed to send it back.
The tools I buy now cost me about 50% more, but come with a 2 year warranty, where Harbor Fright is only 90 days, and not a day more.  No if your a do little now and then it may be good for you, but I build for sale and need equipment that will last awhile.

GTR Garage says:

You need to loosen the bolts holding the motor down and push it back to get more tension on the drive belt. Makes a BIG difference. Demonstrated in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suvooF6xL00


you think this would be good for metal working like knife sharping and crafting

Scott Johnson says:

Thanks for the review. I just bought this. My HF is closing. I thought mine was broken because it’s so slow but I see now that it’s not. Mine has been working fine and for my Application it’s adequate. I agree with you about their tools. They are for the hobbyists/ weekend warrior.

Jidis Safi says:

I’m just recently upgrading from a Craftsman of the same size. I had the same issues you describe with the table on that one. I think even the best of them in this size range won’t have the greatest support there. I removed mine and built an extension table which is about an inch and a half thick with a plastic laminate surface. It’s larger in surface area and supported on the left and right. With the laminate, wood glides across it pretty easily too, which is something I’ve never gotten from those grooved aluminum types. If you don’t need the tilt capability, it’s worth rigging something like that up. Just make sure you elongate the mounting holes,etc., so you can adjust it and shim it to get the table level and the miter slot parallel.

Take Care (and thanks for the video!)

Eric Merola Films says:

How does one change the belt paper? Been watching many videos, no one thought of showing us that! 🙂 Still haven’t figured it out.

arbit3r says:

That thing has huge internal resistance. Something is not right look how easy it stops when turned off. A motor that size should have plenty of torque.

Kebo says:

Good video.  Other reviewers mentioned that if you tighten the belt, the motor won’t stall.

joeleaux says:

was that intro long enough?

Jerry W Davis says:

Thank you for the heads up on the lack of precision and power. Accurate 90-degree angles are important.

94cobraman says:

the motor stopping is the belt slipping

CrushAssad says:

Bought this a yr ago and wish I’d spent a bit more on a more powerful model. Applying any pressure to your piece brings the belt to a stop. Much too underpowered for anything but the lightest work. I’m thinking of a Jet belt sander.

Brent Mcdonald says:

I have had one of these for about 4-5 years and like the thing…..Except the design of the table to put the material on is darn near impossible to lock-in square to the sanding surface. It moves around so you can’t really count on the thing to help sand something SQUARELY.

Rose Wood Work says:

I’ve liked your honest review about this product and what you said about HF, this is not for the heavy duty worker but the more lay back hobby type person. Keep up the great videos, liked allot your review!

Sara B says:

Please make a short video of how to change the sandpaper belt – I know you mentioned below/above but I can’t seem to get it figured out .. agree with previous comment that a video would definitely make a difference. Thanks in advance!

Doug Keen says:

I have the same problem with the disc. It is not true! Also, I can’t get the belt lined up so that it doesn’t go to the one side and stop the motor. I’m not happy with it at all.

Robert A. Dean Jr. says:

can you use for sharpening knives?

Scott Bullock says:

Check the tension of the drive belt, saw a review where he messed with the tension of the belt and fixed the underpowered  problem.

Ivo Kolarik says:

adjust your belt leading to the motor it’s probably too tight

David Hoover says:

I’m done with Harbor Freight JUNK Period.

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