Harbor Freight 1 Inch Belt Sander Review

My review of the Harbor Freight 1 inch belt sander.

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Harbor Freight link: https://www.harborfreight.com/1-in-x-30-in-belt-sander-61728.html

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James X says:

I owned one of these. It was shit. I returned it, hoping I got a bad one. Nope. Second one was also shit. They’re absolute junk.

G56AG says:

I’ve had one of these about 10 yrs, very happy with it, its perfect for what I use it for, light hobby use, that’s really what its designed for. I saw the tip about the belts from Home Depot, I’ll be trying those.

Kevin N says:

I have one of these from HF. I use it with a quality belt to sharpen tungsten for welding. I keep it for tungsten only. For everything else I have a JET 6×48. So far the HF has done what I want, its three years old. I consider anything from HF with an electrical cord a roll of the dice.

Daniel Pistelli says:

Same as the Grizzly one. Bought one and it caught on fire wile not turned on. Basically melted. Some sort of electrical short! Buyer beware!

ted brown says:

Best knife sharpener I ever owned. Can put an edge better that a razor blade.

lazerbeam TN says:

I purchased one of these sanders a couple years ago and it worked fine until I tried to change the belt. I purchased a couple new belts from HF that were sized for this unit. I spent a whole day trying to get them to fit over the rollers. I ended up dismantling the sander’s tracking adjuster to remove all the tension possible but never could get the belt to fit. I guess this is a case where one gets what one pays for,

C Peterson says:

Was that thing plugged in during the belt change wrestle?
Yes….yes it was.
Thumbs down.

bleedinggums roberts says:

Come back in one year. Hopefully you will still have a working machine. Great work brother. Keep em coming.

gizmo atplay says:

Is their enough room to put a strip of leather for knife buffing instead of sand paper on it ,just curios

The_YoYo_King says:

Will it work for beveling for a beginner knife makers right now I’m just useing files

wood 4 nothing says:

I have exactly the same machine but mine is yellow but it’s got a different name on it which I can’t remember off top of my head but mine whines when I turn it on.
I’m not sure how to tension belt properly but I think that’s the problem I think it’s a bit tight.
Tim from Wood 4 Nothing

Ed Sipes says:

You may also want to check the drive wheel for knock. I’ve found that the set screw can loosen occasionally and cause a knock like that, too.

Hisslave1 says:

The greatest knife sharpener known to mankind. For final edge I flip worn out belts and load them with polishing compound. Scary sharp edges in a few passes.

Sean C says:

The larger 6” belts have the same problem. Looks like a decent tool with a good belt. Thanks for posting.

BeachsideHank says:

Butt joint and taped belts are best, run smooth, and it can travel in either direction no problem
Overlap & glue joints suck, and you must also observe the arrow in the direction of travel.

Adam Gabbert says:

HF is definitely hit or miss. But I have this one and use it all the time. I ordered nice belts online, and this thing works like a champ.

Michael Enochs says:

I found a video on YouTube of a guy sharpening cheap knives so I followed his idea but I bought a pack of belts from Amazon. I think they’re about $20 for 600,800,1000 grit and I bought a separate leather belt on Amazon for maybe $25. Now all my knives have mirror edges. That’s an awesome sander. There are also some guys selling an adjustable bed for that specific sander for sharpening knives, however, I’m not to keen on trusting it because you feed the edge of the blade facing up into the belt which is sketchy.

Mark Adams says:

I was in my west Houston (TX) Harbor Freight this afternoon and they didn’t have any of these units!  I’m so bummed-out!  (Of course, it’s a year after this review…)   Great review!  Ty.

Wave Trader says:

Greatest little knife sharpener I own. I can do 8 kitchen knives in about 8 minutes flat. Get some really fine abrasive belts online, a 1X30 leather belt for a strop along with polishing compound and you are off to the races. I added a sloped guide to the table of my saw using some wood scraps to help maintain the proper angle. No more sharpening stones!

Thom says:

I bought one of these a couple of years ago and first thing i did was change out the belt with a real good one. Nice little sander in my opinion, still going strong. I use it almost every day.

Tom Gee says:

Thanks I think ill be buying one.

Quadflopper101 says:

HF belts are junk, get the diablo 1″ belts from home depot and take the clear plastic guard on the top off so you can do inside curves, it’s a great little sander been using mine for 3 years….

JJ Bookman says:

I have one of those sanders, trash-picked on the curb, fixed up and works good now.

Theo F says:

Got one somewhere around 1996 or 97. Be nice to have one a bit larger, but mine is still working fine, and won’t replace it until it dies. HF rules.

Woodden says:

I have mine for 2 years and been working great. I use my for wood working.


Clear plastic cover is just for directing chips and dust and protection for the eyes. The machine is better for casual home user, but in the long run just save up and get a better model with a higher horse power meter to reduce stalling.

WV591 says:

it’s not bad for the price. it is what it is. under powered but useful if you’re in a jam. that damn table doesn’t stay put ….

David Wright says:

I never put the side cover back on. Took off the top clear plastic cover and tossed it away also. Did some sanding and cleaning in the area around belt tension. Belt changes are quick and easy now. Love my little 1×30.

Robert Brunston says:


james moore says:

I picked up one couple years back. I use it almost on a daily basis, good little unit! BTW, I agree, HF belts are junk, I also use the diablo belts at home depot.

Josh B says:

You have just convinced me to get one of these

Aj Phillips says:

What happen to the tip of your finger

Chris Jones says:

Nice how you did not unplug to change the belt. No wonder you are missing part of a finger.

James Lilly says:

If you use it for wood, hook it up to a vacuum or open it up and blast it out with some air once in a while. I had one of the pulley bearing seize up from too much dust.

Profound Odyssey says:

good stuff, I was thinking about this small sander. This helps my decision. Thanks for sharing

la calacacaca says:

I picked up one of these at my local flea market for $15 ,it works great.

Dave G says:

I’ve been needing but putting off buying a belt sander. You may have sold me on making a trip to Harbor Freight.

Randy G Wheeler says:

I have one. Love it after making pocket tools with a file and homemade jig

george adams says:

I’ve had the same one for over 2 years and it does the deed. Like any sander they’re only as good as the belts…Like I said it works well but that 1/3hp claim is just that..Not that it matters much because it’s for fine sanding and with leather belts to final sharped tools.

Victor Rodriguez says:

Nice handy little sander thanks for sharing. Maybe I’ll get me one…

Tired Old Man says:

They are pretty crappy. Mine vibrated apart and the on off switch failed. I bypassed the switch and still use it though. I wouldnt buy another one.

Jim Rodgers says:

It’s a great tool for the price. I’ve had one for three years now and used it on wood, metal, leather and kydex projects. Funny thing is that I learned a couple of things about it from your video. Thanks for sharing.

Nevermind says:

You had the first belt on backwards.

Joe Atwork says:

Thanks for posting. I’ve been planning on picking one up to make a few knives. Maybe you could do a follow up after you’ve used it for awhile.

Param Persaud says:

I can’t get the belts where I am living

justen sr/ Harmon Heat says:

I was googling this thing last night an now your vid pops up, it’s a sign. I’m gettn one!

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