DWE6423K 5″ Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander – This is the one!

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I love the dewalt sander. I have the older version and my only gripe is that dewalts vacuum doesn’t lock on it. Looks like they redesigned it to lock on it better.

slipkornify99 says:

Tough break on the iPad! You need an OtterBox. Can’t live without mine!

Gaccusgaccus says:

You say this sander is your favorit alongside Bosch. What bosch are you thinking of? This Dewalt is an inexpsensive one as I can see. I have been looking at the Bosch GEX 125-150 because I need one with great dusthandeling and low vibration. How would you compare this two against each other? Is Bosch worth the premium price?

Cuzimada Papushkian says:

Guy without the hat looks like Chevy Chase and the guy with the ballcap looks like Tim Thomas, the former NHL goalie. Good video.

Jacob 02 says:

I have the old one and it looks like it has some good modifications to the old one

Aidan Cullen says:

i was expecting to see a “Fail Army” video

Norbert Maile says:

I did a lot of research and bought this. One guy did a comparison and had trouble attaching the dust bag.? A two year old could do it! This is an awesome sander! Thanks guys.

Matt Fraticelli says:

I really like my skil sander

Richard Cowtails says:

10 bucks cheaper on homedepot.com

BishopxThexBoss says:

I went back and watched the ipad fall like 6 times LOL… Great review guys, I’m going to have to add this to the collection.

Israel Ortega says:

you just can’t go wrong with makita

Russ Webster says:

This looks like a really nice sander. Maybe I can sell my Ridgid and grab this one. Glad your Ipad did not crack.

drayne3750 says:

Dan can you do me a favor and ask Eric how often he would use the variable speed feature on a sander.

Brendan Hollingsworth says:

I now need a shirt that says, “Holy **** that was my iPad!”

swarsny says:

What ever happened to the Milawukee tool chest? Its not for sale anywhere anymore

Brien says:

The vibrations from the sander sent your iPad flying.

bradinaf338 says:

Time to upgrade I have the Bosch orbital sander but I’m a dealt guy through and through so time to get the bad ass dewalt

ghostshadow says:

The wired Ridgid whoops the snot out of the wireless. It’s a lot like the DeWalt but in my experience even more ergo-friendly. I tried both this DeWalt and the wired Ridgid and ended up going for the Ridgid due to it feeling even more comfortable in hand. I also like that the Ridgid has a dual sized host port. You can put a standard shop vac hose on it or a 2 inch hose on. So no matter what size vac system you have, it’ll fit without adapters and it’s not brand specific. They are both butter smooth with very little vibration, you don’t get fatigued as easily as a wireless RO sander. Honestly you can’t go wrong with either wired model. I wouldn’t bother with wireless at all if you’re looking for a good RO sander.


You guys have to try the Porter Cable 390K sander. 3.5amp so its one od the most powerful, variable speed, and the low profile design feels better and really gives you better control

SouthSide says:

Can you use this to sand joint compound on drywall?

SilveradoBass12 says:

For 80 bucks you can’t go wrong! I will be getting one here soon! Thanks Eric and Dan!

Sam Harsha says:

Was thinking about this sander and I think you guys convinced me. I need to redo some of the paint on my truck so I’m going to sand down to primer and rattle-can it

Richard Cowtails says:

I have the corded vs rigid ad i hate it. any time you put to the work the pad slows down to almost stopping. TRASH! I’m excited to get the new dewalt sander. thanks for the vid. you guys are awesome

WigWagWorkshop says:

I agree, love my DeWalt RO Sanders, I also have the older model, but ordering this one.

MySchizo Buddy says:

So these are only for wood use. Can it be used to polish marble/granite?

Barry Boyer says:

It’s on my list as soon as Lowes gets it in stock.

sargeants sacred woodcraft says:

best sander? I agree for the construction aspect of it but you two must review a festool random orbital sander, you will change your mind about the dewalt i gurantee ( IMO ). by the way awesome videos you guys. been a fan since day 1.

Matt Perry says:

I have it, and love it, works great!

Samir P says:

Dan I bet you no tool company will buy a 30,000 dollar coil.

Jamie Reader says:

Did anyone else try and reach out to catch that iPad as it slid off?

Chandler Funk says:

sorry about the ipad lol

Luca Giuranno says:

Which one has less vibration, 18v ridgid or this dewalt?

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