DEWALT Random Orbital Sander DWE6423K Review

Sanding is overrated, and hand sanding, just plain sucks!

I recently took the DeWalt 5-inch variable speed random orbital sander DWE6423K into my workshop to evaluate. As a remodeling carpenter who also enjoys woodworking, I can attest that when you need a smoothly sanded surface, or need to remove finish between final finish coats, nothing beats a random orbital sander. When used with long, sweeping strokes a random orbital sander gets the job done quickly, and leaves behind very few sanding and mill marks. It allows you to sand with the grain, or across it with outstanding results.
DeWalt 5-inch variable speed random orbital sander DWE6423KDeWalt 5-inch variable speed random orbital sander DWE6423K

There are two major things that you need to know about this sander; first it is part of the DEWALT’s Perform and Protect line. This means it was designed to control and contain dust and provide lower vibration to the user, without sacrificing performance.
Reduction in vibration

To reduce vibration, this sander has a separate internal counterweight that provides less vibration, allowing the user to have more comfort and control. Additionally a nicely designed, comfortable, over-mold handle increases hand comfort during sanding applications.
concordcarpentertoolreview-53Improve Dust Collection

DeWalt designed two methods to collect dust;

Attached dust bag
Built in shop vac connection

Additionally, an innovative rubber skirt, minimizes dust escaping from around the sanding pad. The dust collection port has a one handed locking dust bag that works with all DeWalt dust extractors and universal connectors system. I found it connected nicely to my shop vacuum, and was extremely efficient at collecting dust.
concordcarpentertoolreview-58Size and Power

This orbital sander has a low profile design, which allows you to get into more compact spaces, in closer to surfaces and it weighs only 2.9 pounds, making it easy to weild. It has a 3 amp motor which delivers 8000 to 12,000 rpm on a 3/32″orbit.

This sander uses 5-ince [125mm] hook and loop, sanding discs with an 8-hole dust extraction pattern.

How’s it Perform?

The DeWalt 5-inch variable speed random orbital sander DWE6423K worked exceptionally well. I loved its size, power and immediately noticed that the tool vibrates way less than my older model sander.


454Casull says:

Did you buy this sander with your own money, at retail price?

GettingDustyWoodWorks says:

I have the old model come check it out on my channel. I wish DEWALT could swap it for the new one!

SouthSide says:

Can you use this on sanding joint compound on drywall?

Skip Rope says:

I have a problem with these over 80 bucks…They don’t hold up. The switch breaks. Both collectors have fallen apart. Will not do dewalt orbitals again. Have gone through 3 in less than 5 years. They vibrate over time. Not a good choice.

Kapritchosa says:

You are very persuasive, just got one of those because of you. 🙂

mark yisser says:

we know bosch dewalt makita and milwaukee… is there anything else worth buying for the people who are not interested in spending a fortune to get some minimal jobs done throughout the year.

try doing craftsman or kobalt black and decker ryobi mastercraft MAXIMUM

Zack Skochko says:

I bought this based on your review. It’s great, but what vac adapter are you using? I cant find one to fit to it.

MySchizo Buddy says:

do a comparison of belt sanders versus orbital sanders

Don P says:

I’ve never used sander machine. Can I use the non-holes sand paper? I don’t know where to buy the holes sand paper here in my country. Is the sand paper always be a velcro type?

mgreene939 says:

I always pay attention to your reviews. I’m now looking for one of these sanders!

Nedal Al Khlif says:

can i use it for drywall?

Charles & Hudson says:

Always love the reviews!

Ernest Thebo says:

Hi Rob, Thanks for a great video! I appreciate your enthusiasm, clarity, and brevity! I liked your comments below that states that you don’t review crap tools. The price spread between this sander and cheaper sanders is only about $40. It makes sense to me to buy a quality tool that will last versus saving a few dollars today.

cakejaffer says:

Thanks for the review. Can I use this on internal walls before painting please?


Great sander

Freddy Scoggan says:

Would be cool to see a full maintenance video of this sander.

mark yisser says:

why not do some of the cheaper brands so that us poor guys know what’s worth buying

English Street says:

How much they paid you? What about the noise it makes?



Aidan O says:

Dude it pronounced DeValt .. lol

Tahj Carter says:

Got this today. I am so pleased!!! It rocks!

Shahar Dror says:

Why lately your tools reviews feels more like tools advertising?
When ever I see a tool review from you, I know it’s going to be so recommended…

Joseph Culp says:

Hey Rob, I love watching your videos. I always glide through my “new videos “, and I stop at yours. I hope you keep posting videos, and I appreciate it. Thanks bro.

Cesar G says:

What size hose fits on this?

ghostdog662 says:

Like Rob and the rest of the internet states , this sander is a badass. I just sanded for about 2 hours and my hands feel great. On an old porter cable sheet sander my hands would have been tingling for quite a while. It’s worth the $79.

confiscator says:

Awesome! Thanks for not supporting your ad with ads!

Aidan Cullen says:

would this be good on furniture and upcycling projects?

Timothy Conway says:

I’ve always had problems with the fastener (velcro) between the sander and the sand paper. how well does this one last?

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