I decided to share what I use to sand very small drywall jobs in finished spaces. I will link the product in the description.


UTube says:

Wonder if those sanding papers would fit this…
“Mirka KIT01HANDY Handy Sanding Block – 80mm x 230mm – With Hose & Abranet Strips “

Cousin Justin says:

I picked up the Wen Drywall Sander, it’s a Porter Cable knock off. Decent quality, reasonable price. Give it a look.

Jason Martin says:

Great channel, I enjoyed your tutorials as I wanted to see some other techniques being done to add to my own. Mudding and taping is an art form for sure. Kinda like sculpting, but sculpting super flat surfaces. I had to do quite a bit at the house here in Richmond as I converted the downstairs into a sound isolated studio. Floating walls, drywall in between joists / green glue etc. It was like having to build a room 4 times over. I also see you are into skating from another comment. Not sure what music you like but I just finished producing a skate thrash/punk crossover band you may like.

Mike Zimmerman says:

I dont do big drywall jobs. Im a handyman and its just one of the things i get called to do, but never at your level. One thing I do at the sanding stage is use a flashlight (or my phone) at an angle against the wall to make sure I don’t leave any ridges. Can you speak about this technique? Or do a video about that. Maybe its an ammeter thing to do, but I find it helpful.. What say you?

Ron H says:

Interesting video. I use the basic Oneida Dust Deputy Deluxe system in between my sander and shop vac for drywall sanding and it works great. I’ve had a chance to use a Festool Planex system that a friend has and it was amazing to use. A relative recently finished his basement and was going to hand sand it. Like most people who don’t do drywall taping and mudding for a living he laid it on to thick. I loaned him my dehumidifier to help dry the mud a little faster and talked him into renting a Porter Cable drywall sander from Home Depot. $54.00 for four hours. I think he ended up paying $120.00 for two days. Between the dehumidifier and the sander rental he had all the mudding and sanding done in just under two days. Compare that to the same size room he did last year in which the taping, mudding, and sanding process took him two weeks. I told him work smarter not harder. This time he didn’t have to go to a doctor like he did last year….
Let me know if you try out the Strait-Flex Outlet patch or the Strait -Flex hole patch which has markings on it for a single or double box repair.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.
P.S. I see you got your content links up and running. Cool Beans. Will have to check out the rest of your channel!

ricktt03 says:

Better than Cable tv.   enjoy your videos.   have a great day!  Oh, and I learned a lot.

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