ARBORTECH Contour Sander Review

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Sanding your woodworking projects is never as fun as building them. There is something about sanding that can create thoughts that even a twelve pack of beer won’t remove. With most sanders today, we can use a nice unit with little vibration and good dust collection, but when it comes to those odd shapes, we are back to folding and bending sandpaper to fit the shape and doing the work the old fashion way, by hand. But if you are into bowls and other items that have a rounded contour, Arbortech has come out with a contour sander. The contour sander tool fits almost any standard 4″ or 41⁄2″ angle grinder. The setup requires only a few minutes and getting the hang of using it is pretty simple. Do not be intimidated that this item is attached to a grinder!

The contour sander includes almost everything you need, but a good angle grinder. The package includes a metal stem containing two independently rotating shafts that produce the “random” action, a flexible rubber backing pad and 35 adhesive-backed sanding discs ranging from #80 to #600 grit. The 50mm backing pad works very well around the tightest curves and the sanding discs held up for a considerable amount of time. Actually, they held up a lot more than one initially thinks, when attaching sanding paper to a angle grinder. Do not be fooled by the looks, the sander is very similar to an orbital sander and does not spin at the crazy rpm’s that the angle grinder spins at. It is actually possible to stop the spin of the sandpaper with pressure, just like you can with a random orbital sander.


DarkRaptor99 says:

Haven’t seen you around lately John its good do see you back on the good Ole Youtubes!!

Russ Webster says:

Cool item John. Thanks for the review. Good to see you back.

shilo186259422 says:

Nice review,John. I need to get this and other Arbortech tools.

Steven James says:

Great review. Would you happen to know how much eccentricity there is on the sanding disc?

Pcpcpc1213 says:

the downside is that it references to Nicole Arbor

Therealphantomzero says:

Hmmm mm how about sanding on car paint….

Treesner says:

how are you liking that miluakee cordless for sanding and carving?

Richard Rees says:

Big Jhon back way hey


Excellent accesorie

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