$70 Sander Review – Bosch ROS20VSC Random Orbital Sander

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How to make a Farm Table- https://youtu.be/FrK9ValzlE8
Distressing Furniture- https://youtu.be/o9SMorrVk5E
I get a lot of questions about tools from viewers trying to decide what to buy. Here’s a quick video on a common random orbital sander, the Bosch ROS20VSC. It’s about $70 at Lowes and I’m sure closely priced at other locations. It has proved to be a fine sander for the purposes of what I use it for which is furniture making. I mainly use it for sanding table tops and distressing painted table bases. I use it with both the supplied dust canister and a Bosch dust extractor as well. If you have any questions let me know.


Scott Haun says:

I picked up the same sander on amazon about 6 months ago when my HF one died. I am happy with the performance.

Leane Garden says:

Thank you for the video. From my experience, the issue with the base/head wasn’t your fault and we must let other woodworkers and potential buyers be aware of this problem with the Bad Bosch Sanders. I thought that Bosch is real Terrible, as an amateur woodworker who is just starting without many tools I’ve unfortunately bought a Bosch orbital sander that was SO VERY BAD, after about it each time I’ve had to send about 10′ of wood the head stopped holding the sandpaper as you’ve correctly mentioned, so in the warranty Bosch doesn’t cover the head/base and to make a story short after 3 times that I’ve replaced the head/base I ended up buying a very old used Makita which is so much better and reliable and had no problem with it whatsoever. Maybe in the past, Bosch had good German quality products but now these days I say “FORGET BOSCH AND SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME”! This is my opinion.

JBR says:

I have this model myself. It works great, and produces very little dust with the vacuum attached. I find it actually sucks the sander to the workpiece a little bit which makes sanding easier too.

michael gilbert says:

nice sander!

Rostyslav Tomkiv says:

I bought this sander a year ago, my opinion – it is piece of crap, the sanding base was changed for 2 times, it has no power at all, just dont waste Your money.

Paul Buckel Jr says:

Do you like the Bosch as well as or more than the Ridgid?

ameuphonium1 says:

I got it based on the ToolGuyd recommendation in December. I haven’t used it much, but I love it so far.

Wood And Screw says:

Nice sander and nice table top !

American-Outdoors.net says:

Lol, I had to smile when I saw you sweep that Rigid with the box. I had to replace a junk craftsman orbital and I love the Rigid. Use it mostly on table tops. I do have plenty of Bosch products and they are more than doing the job for me. Thanks.

Steph Boeker says:

Another fine and informative video HC ! 🙂 Very nice job on the production and narration as well. 🙂

ngpillsbury says:

I love the pegs that stick proud of the surface! such a cool style.

peggyt1243 says:

It was nice to see some summer shots with green grass.

rockshot100 says:

Thanks for the review Jay. Pretty sure you were not paid for this either.

Olek Dav says:

ever wanted to avoid those swirls you have on sended surfaces?
search woodworkweb or woodwisperer videos on sanding technics, helps me alot.

Chris Parker says:

I love that sander. For the price you can’t beat it.

Joe basement woodworking says:

thanks for the review I’ve been eyeing that sander for sometime now did not know it was a variable speed which is good to know I have a Craftsman one and it’s out of control almost uncontrollable I would never be able to hold it with one finger LOL might be taking a trip to Lowe’s today once again thanks for sharing

MRrwmac says:

I’ve had one for about 3 years and it is great. Not to noisy, excellent performance even when you use it for an hour, and when connected to a DC it gets about 90-95% of the dust created!
You pointed out the smoothness and variable speed which I agree is very nice! Good purchase!

jonwlowe says:

I have always had great luck with Bosch myself.

jackp6 says:

i quit already many channels due to all the commercials…

Josh Mann says:

I have the same sander, and I hook it to a cyclone separator before my shop vac to save on filters. Great sander for the price. I’m going one 2+ years with no complaints with moderate use in a home shop. curious how yours holds up with more production style use.

Michael Rodgers says:

I’ve been looking at that sander for a bit. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Mark Gipson says:

I have a very similar Bosch model. I was using it without dust extraction and think the pad overheated on the first project I used it on which use a table top. The hooks / loops were damaged and the pads wouldn’t stay on. Hooking up the vac might help, otherwise take some breaks unless you want to keep buying new pads which cost me almost the same price as the sander.

Ian Johnson says:

Looks like a beauty! I don’t typically spend that kind of money on tools though, not because I think it is wrong but because I simply can’t afford to spend that on a sander, lol. I have to buy used or Black and Decker, Wen, etc. with the exception of my DeWalt job site saw.

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