# 52 Why is the Festool rotex sander so good. No Barry the pug in the tub.

Must watch if you are about to buy an orbital sander!
I put the Rotex to work for 2 minutes on a very old workbench surface and show how good it is. I also explain how it does it. Click the thumbs up, subscribe and leave a comment. It all helps me to keep these videos coming to you. Let the pop ups run as there may be important info pertaining to the machine.


gazza listermint says:

would it be suitable for old floor boards ?

pumpkineater23 says:

I use a RO sander by Metabo, mostly for sanding down paint on sash windows. Do you think this sander would be much better or just slightly better? Also, do you need special Festool pads for the Festool rotex?

Kevin Kelemen says:

You should do a restoration video series on that old bench that would be so awesome!!!!!!

sam sparks says:

Love your work have you seen the shaper hand held CNC would like to know what you think… cheers

dispatcher7007 says:

The dust extraction is probably the key: If you get the dust out between sandpaper and workpiece, the sand can do it’s job on the surface! If you have a bad dust extraction you just rubble the dust grains around and there is no material taken off…

Josh Smith says:

Well worth the price! Brilliant design.

CThienV says:

I wish we were mates so i could borrow it to sand back my 80sqm merbau deck! im still not finished!

Bill gsmit says:

thank you for the good video

gazza listermint says:

I want one

Mark Charman says:

After researching RO sanders i came across your YouTube video… guess what i purchased today yep my first Rotex Festool and i haven’t stop smiling. David its finally good to have an Australia wood work channel.. there are so much American channels that is hard to relate to you’re the best!!! Cheers Mark

Airborne Mike says:

Recently started buying Festool…it makes a difference even for hobbyists…no trying to make things fit, their products just work well together

Poppy Time says:

$1000.00 for a DA sander? No way.

Edmund Pow says:

The school I go to has a Rotex in the wood technology department, I use it whenever I get the chance. Even if it means if i have to do the finish of the projects of the other students. The tool is just a dream to use!

ObsessionPC says:

Festool tools are built and assembled in Germany, which is quite unique nowadays. That is the reason why they are so expensive, beside the fact that you pay for the brand more than the product itsel, just like Snap-On. Strongest competitors are still Makita and Dewalt, nothing wrong with them either. Festool does a lot right, they use a lot of brushless motors which adds a lot of life to the machines.

Paul Harding says:

Bought one, used it on cast iron guttering restoration and old floorboards! dust collection is out of the world. What a machine! Puts a smile on my face using it!

What would you recommend for smaller jobs and corners? DTS-400 for Deltex 93? or?

lifeshort says:

Fucking good video Dave, many thanks!

What’s the difference (in effect) between random and geared?

Ocatarinabela says:

great video ! how much does it vibrate ? does it vibrate more in the higher speed ? cheers.

Shawn Hawkins says:

If your grandfather who built that bench was alive today, if you told him that you bought a sander for a $1000, he would punch you square in the dick, then show you how to get a better finish with a $2 card scraper.

NAVA Guitars and Luthiery says:

I just confirmed how good FESTOOL toys really are! A locksmith I know once told me about the brand and how he thought they were the best tools available in town – I can see why now! Now, I really can’t wait to go see you and buy my FESTOOL dust extractor!

Alex Susu says:

Nice voice 😀

vtrmcs says:

You actually sanded away a couple of hundred years of patina/history just to demonstrate a sander?  Ouch.  Each to their own 🙂

Millennium Man says:

How is it for edging old floors with the gymkote resin stain?

mark church says:

Dave how does it compare against Mirka deros thx

Jeremy Smits says:

I can see that is a great sander but I’d like to see how clean the paper stays sanding some pitchy pine

Mark Vreeken says:

Is this the Plus that also polishes ? thanks for the demo too Dave

Peter Linch says:

Great tool Dave. But I wouldn’t have touched the look of that table, as i think you just sanded the history away and maybe $1000 dollars, not that it would have a $ value to you. Wished I could have pause the video and tapped you on the shoulder. Anyway that’s my windge   (Still Crying)

Jay Rasmussen says:

Thanks Dave. Good to see how the air flow works. Wasn’t sure but you did great demo.
I purchased the 90 a couple years ago, going for the 150 tomorrow.
PS: really nice bench! Thanks for sharing a little of the history.

XC Painter says:

I agree with you 100%. I have a demo video/deck prep video https://youtu.be/BQcPY8sAZ2o
if anyone’s interested. This sander rocks and actually has a learning curve after switching from a standard 5″ orbital.

thomas seven says:

Very impressive. Those festool guys are something else. Everything they make is best in class.

John Doe says:

We had a 6 inch Rotex sander too. That thing could sand aggressively and remove material fairly quick or be set to finishing instead. They have a knob or something on the side that switches it. I also like how clean Festool can be with the dust collector. Sure you might think that other brands are really good but when used correctly with the dust vacuum, they leave very little if any dust to clean up. I like things that are German and Festool is an expensive German brand. If you are faint of heart and used to buying cheap tools you might regret looking at the prices of these tools. You do however, get what you pay for and these things will outlast Harbor Freight tools and other low quality tools.

David Handley says:

Hi David. An excellent video on Festool. I’m looking to buy my first Festool sander and I’m torn between the RO90 and the RO125. The 90 has the triangle attachment included. It’s the size I’m not sure of. All of my work will be on smaller items – small tables, maybe chairs but more likely smallish boxes with inlay etc.. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Magnus Ericsson says:

My RO150 throws away the sanding pad in oscillating mode. With great force I may add. Also it’s starting to sound funny after about 20 hours of power usage. I like the tool but maybe it’s not the working horse I thought it would be.

Alex Kelner says:

Hi David, great video, I’m myself is about 2 weeks away to get my Rotex RO90, very happy I’ve made that decision, by the way,
I still have my 25!!!! year old 150mm FESTO random orbital and it’s still kicking really well. I only went trough 1 pad and 1 bearing. Cheers.
P.S. Easier for me, I work as casual at Total Tools here in Melbourne. LOL

Ant Thompson says:

Thanks for the video. Certainly you highlight the rotex strengths and I agree to an extent but I wouldn’t go as far as calling the festool “The best sander you buy”. That really is stretching it. I do a lot of sanding, sometimes a whole days worth of sanding and the festool really numbs your hand after an hour or so because of the vibration. What I do now is use my rotex for the rough grits just to get the surface finish looking something like and then swap to Bosch 125-150 AVE for the detailed stuff since it has virtually no appreciable vibration and is ideal for long sanding sessions – as for performance I’d argue that it sands just as well as the rotex if not better on the fine stuff.

Just my opinion/experience and I know few people have are willing to layout for two decent sanders.

Pete G says:

I knew their sanders were the ants pants but holy cow! That is amazing! You didn’t even need a mask!? Ok one of these is going on the list. Right after the mft stuff and the vacuum but before the big domino and the and the and the. Oh I’ve got it bad.

Stuart De la mare says:

Lovely ear muffs could you tell me please what make are they. Also cheers for another great vid

Aaron Elliott says:

This guy is going to shit his pants if he ever gets to use a Mirka sander…..

JJ JJ says:

I was hoping to see that red gum stripped

Zein Naja says:

Hi David. Thanks for sharing the video. I need to refinish the wood floor in a couple of rooms of my house. I’m not in a super hurry to complete the project, so a rental floor sander out of the question. Do you think this sander and dust extractor would be worth it? I feel like it would be great for other projects.

nobrakese28 says:

Does the Festool sandpaper last longer than say Freud? I am really thinking about getting this machine, I am in the middle of a 4 large oak door build.

Heavyboxes DIY Master says:

Barry nice!

Steve V says:

Thanks for the informative video David. Just bought one of these (RO150) and its brother the ETS150/3 which I think is a good compliment for finer sanding. Your video assisted in my decision to pull the trigger. However, getting across the myriad of Festool abrasives has been a challenge. I think that might be a good followup video for you to do as there isn’t a lot of info out there on this topic that useful. Cheers, Steve.

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