Walmart Murray Lawn Mower Review

Review of the Walmart Murry lawn mower.


Jeff Schultz says:


tony lokaphone says:

hey Jim nice vid. where is the drain plug to the mower? maybe u can do an oil change vid.

Mr. Cut Lawn Care, LLC says:

The stickers will stay on. I bought a troybilt 4 years ago and cut 5 lawns a week with it average. That’s equivalent to 20 seasons of home owner use and the stickers are still on. Just hose it off after every few uses

mackphil1197 says:

how to clean carburetor on that mower? I have one its new but won’t start until 3 months sitting in the garage.

LLuE88 says:


Jacob Burrows says:

You can’t mulch when the grass is really high. When you mulch you shouldn’t see any clippings leftover

818guy says:

so you can use this mower bagless??

Tajz-El says:

I just bought mine from Walmart it ran for about 15 minutes than just shut off. When I tried to start it again the motor just made a winning sound and never came back to life . I’m going to exchange it for another one, or a refund. What could you advise me on what the problem might be.

Wes Karcher says:

I bought my Murray little red lawn mower about 15 years ago… it’s not fancy but it’s still going strong and it takes care of my 16,988 sq ft st Augustine yard on a weekly basis. Awesome piece of equipment. I think i paid like 115 for it back then.

logoster says:

I hope you wet joking about the stickers falling off, unless you leave it out in the hot sun for long those stickers will easily last ages (heck my family’s ’05 craftsman still has all its stickers in PERFECT condition, as it never once got left in the sun, so don’t treat your mowers like crap and it’ll easily last ages

Brian Mott says:

Did you know that mower is made by MTD?

Slem Shade says:

mine won’t start me and you have the same one it doesn’t start

Smells exquisite says:

Great review you guys in the US have the best walk behind lawn mowers here in UK we have less choices thanks

Ricardo The Computer Wizard says:

i just bought this same exact mower today from walmart i haven’t even started it yet i’m waiting for this weekend

CSX Florida Funnel Railfan says:

I got this same mower spring of 2015. changed the oil once, sharpened the blade. it runs like a champ. always starts on the second pull. haven’t had anything go wrong except a broken wing nut which was partially my fault.

Patricia ONeal says:

The new lawn motors from Walmart donot want to start.  Brand new.

Keith Quarles says:

Weed eater push mower are good because I had a 4.50 gross torque one and it lasted me 30 years

KB'S Small engine Repair parts & Service says:

nice mower

Rodney Clark says:

Thanks, you answered all of my questions. Great video.

surefoot1970 says:

The QR code at 1:01 leads to the owners manual.

rmcfry says:

Bought one just like this one. Started first pull. Mowed part of yard and noticed grass unveven. Front & Rear height adjusts set to 3. Looked at mower and rear deck bottom is nearly 2 inches higher than front. What gives. Factory used wrong parts? Taking it back and will check next one before I leave Walmart.

Ahmed Ezzein says:

Can you give me a shoutout pls you’re channel awesome

Tajz-El says:

10-4 tubejim signing off from the Hall of Fame City. oh, your video was very good & instructional.

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