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Our Troy Bilt Flex review with the Flex Lawn Mower and Pressure Washer. We have used the Troy Bilt Flex lawn mower all summer, and used the pressure washer to clean up tools and found them both to be well made. Troy Bilt sent us the Flex Mower and compensated us for our time. Opinions are our own.

Right now, the Flex system is a walk behind mower, pressure washer, snow blower, and leaf blower all powered by the Flex power base. I like the concept of one engine, and several attachments. The Flex mower cuts a 28″ wide swath with two blades, I used it as a mulching mower and it did well. The Flex pressure washer handled anything we needed to clean, it come with a 40′ hose, 4 nozzles, and generates up to 3,000 psi.

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For this lawn mower review of the Flex, I received compensation for my time from Troy Bilt. I was not told what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. I only work with companies I think are good and make quality products GardenFork viewers might find interesting or helpful.

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Miguel M says:

Wish all of our mowers and tools should have electricity as their main power and not gasoline. Except when one needs an electric generator attachment.

jeffreyhughesnc says:

Just like the old Gravely Tractors except the Flex is easier to change implements.

Larry Burch says:

Only real 2 errors I found was Safety first on the pressure washer, Grass on the camera. ( I could see myself doing the same thing ) The second thing was change your gas?  I thought you add gas not change it.( It could be just an East coast thing, like you call them tag sales, and here we call them yard sells.) I do like the chain on the cap, and change the oil tube is a great idea.

Steven Yang says:

Great product review! Never heard of this brand until now and I’d be interested to see additional attachments from the company that would make the base unit worth getting.

Kevin Cummings says:

You shouldn’t need to change the gas until the end of the season. Since it’s also a snowblower, there is no end of season!

Miguel M says:

The cherry on the cake would be if they could have an attachment to generate electric power to the house when the lights go out, blackouts, that often happened in the winter months. Especially now that the climate has changed due to our pollution. TRoy bilt get your engineers working on it. Also I would like the 33″ width mower. Please no rototiller on a 8hp unless they make it 12hp and make it 48″ mower.

Dave Wygonowski says:

That is slicker than snot!!!  Who woulda thunk?

Natonio Ray says:

I’ve purchased the troy bilt flex. i love it so far. hope to see a snow sweeper attachment in the near future

Linda W says:

This looks like a quality system. I didn’t see any real errors in the video other than the lack of safety equipment. I could certainly put a quality set of garden hand tools to good use. 😉

ida Willis says:

dude! that genius! That’s going on my list

ogbobbye says:

I looked at this troy bilt unit but didn’t buy it. you skipped the cons yes you are saving maintenance time with one power plant but the con to it is all the hours you will put on that one motor means you will need to do maintenance much more often and the engine will wear out long before the attachment. I did not think it was a space either looking at the attachments they to my eye would take up as much room as a stand alone piece of equipment would. Lastly if the motor won’t start or has to go in for repair everything you own is broken and can’t be used.

jaxxfox says:

You really should go-pro your dog on one of these and cut in that footage 😉

Hugh Janus says:

Yes but, can it paint your house? Love the last shot of the video! @6:02 lol

Kim Baiers says:

Neat idea from Troy Built. Thanks

Howard F says:

Only “error” is that the grass was not really long enough to mow. Cut at 3.5 inches when it is 4.5 inches long. I have their tiller from the mid-80s and it is still doing well, tho I have had to replace some of the wearable parts.

Mark Mascaro says:

Looks like a good tool

Kevin Cummings says:

Is the mowing height adjustable? I could not tell from the video. The power unit would also have to be adjustable. Otherwise the mower deck wouldn’t be level.

yinzer 83 says:

Have you ever heard of bcs tillers? Look those up if you want to see some attachments. I even think they have a mini hay baler. It’s pricey but very solid


air compressor attachment??

jim shipley says:

I have their blower which vibrates more then it should. Needs better balancing. A sulky for the flex would be a great idea to eliminate the need for a riding mower.

russtex says:

I’ve seen this system and thought it was a very ingenious idea! I have wanted one since the first time I saw the Ad for it! A lot of innovative ideas went into the design of this….like you mentioned!
Great Review, Eric!

Russell Eastburn says:

whats the PSI on washer

rryder994 says:

Just a little too close with the camera while power washing, and too close to the power washer…………..Nice machine though.

Sharon Hladky says:

What a fun day you had!

Dick Day says:

I was in Lowe’s today and saw their display. Great concept, the pricing, not so great. It sounded like the engine was surging while you were using it.

Ben Driscoll says:

That is really cool!!!

Rory Paul says:

I picked up this unit today to replace my old but damaged Troy walk behind. My first impression is that compared to my old walk behind this unit is an absolute beast.

Plenty of power and the cutting deck size meant my regular 1.5 hours of grass cutting has probably been cut to 45 minutes:

That said here are my dislikes:

A. The cutting deck height cannot be adjusted on the fly. It requires that the axles on coaster wheels be moved.
B. Throttle is too linear in response and you need to feather it to get the unit to slow down.
C. The unit appears to have a bias to pull to the right and I found myself breaking a sweat trying to keep it on track.

The unit requires some strength to keep under control so if you are smaller of build you may have trouble getting good cutting results.

Orlando X says:

Thank you..

Shemp Nutley says:

I saw this at lowes and thought it was interesting, good review. My reason for commenting though has nothing to do with the unit but what you guys say at the end of your video. What do you do to ” make it a great day”? I mean I know it’s different for everyone based on what their day consists of but if you have to deal with things that stress you throughout the day, how do you make it great?

Michael Baker says:

I like the concept.  We had an old Troy Bilt tiller growing up that you could remove the tines and attach a generator.  It wasn’t the most efficient generator out there, but it would do in a pinch.  

My only major concern is what appears to be a plastic coupler on the mower side while the mating coupler on the power unit appeared to be cast metal of some sort.  I get the idea of engineering a failure point somewhere in the power train to protect the power unit.  I just hope they make that an inexpensive and easy component to replace for when it does fail.  

I saw where you said the power unit is self propelled, which is nice, but how does it compare to pushing a regular mower around when you’re not using that feature?  The power unit itself does appear to be balance pretty well with the motor directly over the axle.

Rick's Corner says:

Who makes the motor? Briggs or Tecumseh or an off brand.

Anthony Barton says:

Love the Yellow Labs

bbstar19621 says:

Have owned and used Troy built in my past; LOVE TROY BUILT! But how ’bout a mini unit for the urban gardener of the (my) future? {Like a chipper). I have a small electric rototiller that is quiet, digs about 6″ and kicks butt.. Great vids!

jomoncon says:

Looks like something my hubby would love to have – even though we have a tiny amount of grass!!

Magnacardia says:

I have a small lawn care business. would this be a good product to use?

Ari P says:

They need to make it in an electric version. Battery.

Richard Stark says:

+GardenFork keeps up the good work
No bones about sponsorship
Clear review, and plenty of Lab
Thank you

RP Trucker says:

I don’t think I’ve ever used a pressure washer on my mower. a simple leaf blower always did the job on it. not suppose to mow with wet grass anyway

LCmcpherson says:

been over a year.. what do you think of this mower?

Firehead427 says:

Good review. How does it compare to your 20″ mower as far as maneuverability?

John TheFrugalFatGuy says:

Could use a chipper for brush and branches.  Youtube is acting up with their new viewer so I can’t make any comments about the video itself.

Tango Joe says:

Been looking at that unit(s) and this is a great review before taking the plunge.
A log splitter is a good idea, and I also a chipper would have a wider potential customer base.
Great post Eric.

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