Troy-Bilt Bronco 17-HP Automatic 42-in Riding Lawn Mower Review

Review Video On the Bronco lawn tractor and a quick guide to operating the Braonco


sissy murphy says:

All you need is a piece of pvc hose .I used the one from my cub cadet .The company produces mtd ,cub cadet and troy built

Ur Media says:

Thanks dude

Yousir Cantknow says:

Briggs & Stratton all day, every day.

klv400 says:

Great Demo!

Charles Lloyd says:

This review helped me much more than the others for the same mower.

skern002 says:

I have a Troy-Bilt with the Kohler engine and have no complaints. People told me don’t buy Troy-Bilt they are junk. Your right they are all MTD with just a different sticker. I like my Bronco. I did bend the reverse switch under the mower so I could mow backwards. Mine doesn’t have the yellow button. It’s a 2013.

426 SUPER BEE says:

i got me a pony, so far so good, but the brake is very touchy! rite at the end as it goes up, then it catches and jumps> have to blow the leave ect off the pulley all the time, and fuel it every 2 hours. Got to small of a fuel tank. other than that been a good one

Mrwolfman 1 says:

I pull my full like 10 ft trailer on it all the time and tell u the truth it’s actually pretty durable

426 SUPER BEE says:

i want front bumper and a dam trailer hitch , i can’t fine enough metal to put em > They need a bigger alternator! ya hour meter and a dam fuel gauge John Deere and Club Cadet are way over rated~ I always had good luck out of Brigg & Stratton sure i like Kohler Engines to They are TOPS, but i want turn down a Brigg & Stration engine

The Truth Hurts says:

I have a 2008 Briggs and Statton push mower, 6.75 hp that hasn’t given me any trouble. I have the Troy Bilt Pony Briggs and Stratton 15.5HP 4 years old and hasn’t given me any trouble. Fact is I have never had a Briggs and Stratton engine give me any trouble.

gettinready101 says:

kohler courage is the worst motor on the market. just wait and youll regret owning that motor.

Tu Vang says:

I find it funny is cause my bronco is 19hp 597cc and yours is 597cc 17hp just bought mine recently, 17hp 597 maybe for emission maybe?

keisha9337 says:

*_The mower works very well,>>>_****_  even on a somewhat steep section of my lawn. Turning radius is really tight._*

sissy murphy says:

the biggest problem with the mower is that cheap seat that you slip and slide on .I have 3 + acres so have a cub cadet to do my front yard .When I changed the oil the first time on mine it took all my muscle to loosen the filter .I did get a nice oil wrench from harbor freight that helpe 7 dollars there verse 29 dollars at lowes .Seat is not made for short people .

Brian Carter says:

Thanks for the review

Security Officer says:

directions where not clear enough! got dick stuck in the blades

426 SUPER BEE says:

10 hours on a new troy built riding mower and the DAM TRANSMISSION WENT OUT where it engages jump out of gear don’t stay, So i call Lowe’s there bring out a new one! Thank You Lowe’s goes out again i want my money back

Kristie Reeves says:

Do you add fuel stabilizer to your gas? I just got this mower (but with Briggs & Stratton). I live in northeast Florida, so warm most all year round. I’ll be mowing about 1.25 acres every week or so during summer. Thanks!

Bazza Mow says:

The mowing in reverse button is crazy you should be able to mow in reverse any time without pushing buttons etc over kill

TommyT says:

Hey Cody (and your Co-Pilot) . . . really fantastic review, first of all *thanks* for taking the time/effort to make it & upload it. Easily on of best ‘product’ reviews I’ve seen on YT in a long long time. I have some comments to the extent anyone finds them valuable based on your review…(and BTW you’ve got me about 95% ready to buy this mower…because read on!) …

– first again, awesome review covering so many aspects and with a TON of keen insight/common sense, THANKS
– the little irritations you mentioned (flimsy hood, no oil tube extender, smallish fuel tank, etc.) are absuloute perfect examples of where a company could make the tiniest of changes at virtually no cost to them yet _vastly_ improve a product regardless of price range. It’s those little ‘stupidisms’ (I call them) that so many companies do these days where just a touch more thought/attention would make a good or great product all that much better.
– Your comments re: Briggs/Stratton motors, *omg* Cody again you _nailed_ it. You mentioned the ‘big sticker’ mowers, well I have a Husqvarna YTH26V54 (54″ triple blade) b/c I’ve got a rural cabin w/ a huge lawn and 54″ makes short order of it… *however* it is cursed with a bloody Briggs motor and when cold (i.e. not used for 12H or more, much less a week or 3) that SOB *does not* want to start. There are times when (given time pressures etc) I *need* to mow and thus I *need* it to start. But it won’t. Sometimes it takes an hour or two of repeated attempts before finally _finally_ by the grace of God that atrocious motor starts. Some weekends it never does start and I know upon my next visit the grass will be a jungle. It literally makes me seethe sometimes and Husq should be ashamed (as should whomever makes that 26HP Briggs motor – it is THE WORST! It is the very reason, in fact, I am looking for a 2nd rider (for the less onerous but main parts of the mowing) just so that I can get SOMETHING cut when up at cabin and the SOB Briggs engine won’t start. Which is often.
– re: the Husq itself, despite being a big sticker unit with a ton of virtue (except the engine as noted) – it too has “stupidisms” little things Husq could have done, at little or no cost to them, to make the mower that much better. E.g. the headlights which in very rural very dark country, when needing to mow at night, are a key component but HUSQ went ‘low’ on the lights and they simply never work. $5 more per mower and they could have made a better product for the user. Me.
– When the YTH26V54 is in the mood every so often and starts, and when it is on perfectly level/flat earth (even if at an incline the ground itself can be level too in context to the incline) that machine cuts grass like a dream. 3 blades, perfect pristine surgical cut. Golf course quality…a mowers dream. . .

*However* in a move that boggles the mind on many levels, Husq made the mowing deck perfectly ‘rigid’ … as in it does not ‘float’ over slight ground imperfections, slight divots etc. Cody, you are a big guy . . . and yet you could stand on the end of the mowing deck in its highest position, you could jump up and down on it…it won’t pivot a millimeter. And thus this ‘big sticker’ mower either utterly scalps or gets stuck altogether at anything but the very slightest unlevel ground, divot etc. Who the EFF at Husq thought it a bright idea to make a 54″ mowing deck totally, 100%, absolutely RIGID (you’d literally think the mowing deck is welded to the mower frame!) and not float/pivot? ERGO Cody, your point about big sticker mowers was spot on…they do a lot of things great yet often do so many things really _really_ badly. A terrible engine; a non-floating deck; cheapo headlights etc.

*_I still can’t wrap my head around a mowing deck that has 0.00% flex/pivot/give to it. OMG Husq WTF!!?_*

So, despite the big sticker, shiny, beautiful orange Husq, which some days will finally start and on perfectly 100% non-undulating ground will cut like dream, I am now about to buy a ‘low sticker’ mower that will it seems, cure many of my pains.

Thanks again for your review. I wish you could get a commission from the sale Lowes is about to make!

*And to everyone else, if you see a Briggs motor in a riding mower…turn around – do not walk but **_RUN_** away from it as fast as you can. If it’s offered to you totally free, keep running away. It’s such a lemon POS motor even free doesn’t make all the hassle worth **it.Trust** Cody, trust me…run away fast, and don’t look back*

Rob Lee says:

The hood pops off easily you were acting like a doofis once

Warren Albuna says:

I bought this lawn mower today.. I have the same size backyard as u do. I hope I made a good investment..

Mister Hat says:

My Bronco came with a hose to drain the oil in the bag with the manuals.

Saintpo Puckett says:

Thanks for a smooth presentation.

rogermurph101 says:

You need to do a little more research. MTD does make MTD, Bolens, Craftsman, Yard Machine, Troy-Bilt and Cub Cadet.

However, Husqvarna and Poulan Pro are both made by Huskqarna and John Deere riding tractors are made by John Deere. Their walk behind mowers are made by a third party and are not sold at John Deere dealers. Any John Deere tractor purchased at a Lowe’s or Home Depot may also be purchased at a dealer and they will be the exact same tractor, made by John Deere, not MTD.

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