Toro TimeMaster – Full Review

This video is sponsored by Toro. It would be the same even if it was not sponsored. This is the mower I have been wanting and it delivered 100% on my expectations.

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They recalled a bunch of these mowers for snapping and throwing blades. Make sure it’s been fixed.

John Clarke says:

I got my new Snapper Ninja in the box from my dealer. It took me about 45 minutes to put it together.
The reason I like them in the box is because I want to know it was put together, correctly. I have the same policy when I buy a new Stihl chainsaw. I want to be the first person to crank it because I add two extra capfulls of two cycle oil to the first three tanks of gas. On four cycle stuff, I burn out any gas in the tank (if the dealer filled it up) to get rid of any ethanol gas from the tank. I use nothing but premium non-ethanol in all 2 and 4 cycle stuff.
As for having a dealer service my engines-don’t count on it. I am every bit as qualified as anybody they have working for them. I do my own PM and repairs, should they need them. They are also done to a higher standard than any dealer could afford to do.

Justin MacFarland says:

LCN! It 12,000 Square FEET!!! not Foot. It’s plural, so that means it’s more than 1 square foot. Hahaha once you hit 2 square foot it turns into square feet! Haha

Jane Doe says:

Steel deck at this price. Shame shame!

John Gallagher says:

Bought a timemaster last week from my local dealer. Love it! My wife hasn’t noticed yet 🙂

Was on the fence for a while between the timemaster, Honda hrx & super recycler. Almost went with one of the others b/c of the cut quality. But the timemaster far exceeded my expectations. I have about 13k sq feet of super thick tall fescue and it’s looking great. I’ve used it twice now and even in slightly wet grass it mulched perfectly. No a single clump and did not fray at all. Sharp blades help but I intend on keeping them that way.

Briggs & Stratton engines are fine if you’re diligent with the maintenance. I also use ethanol free gas which makes a big difference. My old mower is a basic 7 year old craftsman with a brigs engine. That has always started on the first pull.

Very pleased with timemaster so far and would highly recommend it!

mmacejko929 says:

I guess my wife is right – that extra 1/4 inch does make a difference…

Cesar Salinas says:

What do u recommend for an entry to medium lawn mower?

John Clarke says:

I know what you mean about having more power. My new Snapper Ninja lawnmower far out classes my older Honda HRR216 mower. The Honda cut well but on real thick spots I usually had to cut half deck passes but with the 8.5 HP Snapper I can just muscle right through it in one pass.

whiteflag says:

Thats 121 mows a year

Eric Poradish says:

How is it with wet grass

Bob Goat says:

Id consider it if it wasnt $1000. Cant justify $600 more for 8 inches of more blade, My awd 22inch personal pace toro was $400, and an average ride on is $1000-$1700 at HD.

Silver Cymbal says:

Great video and I love the mower too!

Eric James says:

Did you have the concrete around the flower beds poured or are they dropped in blocks? Great lawn!!

Marmeluke says:

I love this mower, only wish they had an option for reverse as it is a bit of a beast to pull given its size.

Methodical2 says:

Has this machined required much maintenance or replacement parts? I’m looking at it for cutting 1/2 acre and I don’t want a riding mower nor a big ole commercial mower either. Thanks…

William Todd says:

I like my Cub Cadet XT1 42″ 18HP Lawn Tractor, but man these wider area mowers would be kind of nice sometimes. Lawn tractor is nice because you can pull trailers and other attachments, otherwise I think I would have just stuck with my 21″ push mower. I too enjoy mowing so having a large mower with a huge mower deck just don’t fill my mowing feelings LOL. One thing I will say about my Cub Cadet lawn tractor, it does a far better job mowing than the Craftsman YT4000 that it replaced.

My uncle has a Scag 36″ Walk Behind from 1989. That thing does an amazing job mowing, but if the lawn is wet or the back yard you’ll leave terrible ruts because those mowers are so heavy. I repaired that Scag a couple years back and even though my uncle had a Husqvarna lawn tractor at the time he actually sold the lawn tractor after I fixed the Scag because he loves the Scag and says its easier on him than bouncing around on the lawn tractor. 29 years on that Scag and it didn’t have an easy life, it mowed 3 acres of hills and brush for 20 of those years, these past few years its had a nice easy life of a 1/2 acre yard. I did however use it to mow down my uncle’s back 2 acres of 3′ tall weeds after I repaired it…I was amazed how well it did, and only took 1 pass to cut all that mess up.

Tanner Fjeld says:

Allen u need to review the turfmaster


When u going to graduate to a
ex-mark commercial mower

Knickels says:

At the timemasters price, for a few hundred more, you could buy a low end riding mower.

Justin MacFarland says:

Anybody use this Toro on a 15°/20° slope?
LCN has a pretty flat yard, but n side and back yards have a pretty significant slope.

Benjamin Igwe says:

I noticed the ends of your grass lawn cuts have turned brown. You need to sharpen your mower blades dude.

Happy Puppy Pink Cupcake Kisses says:

How come you don’t have a link to Toro?

idigbebop says:

Which Toro dealer do you use in Bradenton, the one in Sarasota did not earn my return business. Thanks-

Dan Umstattd says:

Is the cut on the time master any better than the recycler or super recycler?

Eugene Jackson says:

Hey LKN, I would love to see how your Timemaster does with the stripes attachment. Any chance of that? I have a Honda 21″ wi striper roller but it takes 2.5hrs to cut my 20,000sq ft . Ugh

Jonny Lewis says:

If I wanted to get a new mower around $500… What lawn mower would you recommend?

August Anirina says:

Does it come with the mulching blades?

Pawel W. says:

Could someone tell me what type of grass is it? (st augustine got it, thanks)

Hello Hey says:

review a scythe

TheModelRailroaderFL says:

Allyn thanks for a great review on this mower, because your detailed review this was the mower I bought over the Memorial Day weekend. Shows up tomorrow can’t wait to try it.
Thanks for your effort

AngeloR674 says:

A little too scripted with the time comment.. otherwise good video

alan30189 says:

Nice mower! If I had a huge lawn, I would get one of those.
What do you think about the transmission issues, mentioned below? Sounds like they have to go back to the drawing board on the transmission.

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