Toro Recycler vs Toro Super Recycler | Review

Toro Recycler vs Super Recycler – full review. Overall, both are very good lawn mowers, and as you will see in this review, each has advantages. Big thanks to Jake The Lawn Kid for helping me with this review. His expertise in lawn care contributed greatly to the quality of this review.


mdc2461 says:

Great video guys. Well Done. Great review, thanks!

betoxyz68 says:

Great video!

Jim Thompson says:

Inappropriate comments.

Boodieman72 says:

Which of the Super Recycler’s do you suggest for someone starting out in lawn care? I have the regular recycler and it doesn’t do as good a job of mulching as I’d like.

logoster says:

Hey, so i have a question on repair (nothing to do with toro, it’s an old craftsman that i don’t remember the exact model of atm) a few years back (once again don’t remember exactly how long) my family’s craftsman self-powered just stopped working, would not start up, ever since then we’ve used this cheap no-name model that we got from either lowes, HD, or walmart, and i personally had thought the craftsman had gotten thrown out, however last saturday i had gone into our shed for the first time in ages (really the first time ANYONES gone into it in ages) and discovered that it’s been sitting in there the entire time (the craftsman, we store our cheap one in the garage), and since i like to tinker, i thought i’d try to get it working again (as our cheap one side outputs, no bag option, craftsman does, and of course it’s obviously not self-propelled (our grass gets crazy thick very very fast, at least in the backyard, so it’d be nice to have some extra moving power, and the cheap one constantly bogs down to a complete shut off, as the grass is so thick that it jams the small side output)) so i’d like to know if you have any tips on what could be wrong and what to try first for getting it running again

TL;DR: want to fix old craftsman self-propelled mower with bagging and mulching options that’s been sitting for quite a few years and the reason it was sitting was because it just one day wouldn’t start up no matter what we tried and would like some suggestions on where to start

Creeperhead Gaming says:

I like the super recycler more, but if I was going to buy one I would want the super recycler in all wheel drive

Frisco 209 says:

Ill stay with my honda mowers , dual blades are sick!!

Will Garlick says:

Hey Allyn, have you ever used a reel mower?
If so/not what are your thoughts on them?

RcBasher5000 says:

I love my recycler

Challenger Thirtyninesixtyseven says:

You should never mow that close to another person especially someone else’s child!! One wrong move and his foot or ankle would have been gone! Learn about safety first, it’s in your Toro manual.

steff licker says:

I have a Honda 21 inch commercial mower with the 3 speed hydrostatic transmission that mower does a good job and leaves no clippings or clumps

Tommy Lepa says:

What background music is that Allyn?

Karla Goddard says:

I have a bad back and my regular mower is a bi#ch to push. I’m looking for a good mower around $400 that is easy to start and needs minimal pushing. is this the one?

Craig Stemas says:

love the review videos

alan4391 says:

i think the grass is still to long after the cut

jeff 6472 says:

0:57 wow

skiing says:

he so like a 50 year old lesbian

NorfolkSouthern1068 says:

The Super Recycler done the better job and had the cleaner cut vs. the Recycler,which left some grass behind!

Dorothy Leishman says:

good review of the mowers, and I could see the deiffernec enad qualility of the cut. We mulch and hate the left over clippings that we have from the Honda we have now. Next time, keave out the sexual reference

David S says:

Hey boss! Thanks for the awesome video. I love those TORO mowers! I don’t have that kind of money. I have a standard MTD deck with a Honda GCV160 engine. It leaves a clean pass every time. I’m using a G5 gator blade. I’ve had the mower since 2010. It still fires up on the first pull and does a good job for me. Do you have any videos on engine maintenance?

Gerald Johnson says:

dumb remark about ask your girlfriend what difference an inch makes.

envieddesigns says:

Hey Allyn,
I know I’m one of your other videos you mentioned to get a rear wheel drive instead of front wheel drive to avoid any skips when mowing straight lines. Do you think an AWD is a great choice?

claddiust says:

Thank you Alan and Jake. Amazing video.

shona wrx says:

ask u girlfriend does a extra inch matter. lol

DealWithItGaming/BRCFTW says:

What I really love about my recycler is that it always no matter what starts in one pull, even a weaker one, and it has minimal vibration. The cons I have with it is the mowing height adjustment isn’t very practical and is finicky when I’m trying to quickly finish a section of my lawn, and like LCN said the FWD is harder to control and sometimes messes up my grass when compared to a RWD model.

Paul Harris says:

The super recycler does super recycling because it is made to recycle super good, so we know the super recycler can super recycle when you mow because you bought the super recycler to recycle super.

skyfly51 says:

Some other key points where the super recycler is an upgrade from the recycler are the wheels and the aluminum vs steel mowing deck

Trent Burns says:

Torn between a Toro Super Recycler’s cheaper price and a Honda HRX 217 better engine. New to the channel and love the videos. Any help you could give would be appreciated.

murphaleen murphaleen says:

Went looking for a video on recycling mowers and found this one. As it turns out, I am glad that I stuck with it because it was technically well executed and quite informative.
However, I almost turned it off as it neared 1 minute in the viewing. “The Lawn Care Nut” found it necessary to use that tired old “one-inch” line. It was a smarmy move and especially so in a video that also featured a young kid named Jake. Jake was great, but it took the old dude a while to redeem himself. Fun is fun, but stupid is just plain stupid. IMHO

Floyd Johnson says:

Still wouldn’t trade my Honda Harmony that’s 15 + years old for a Toro.

Thomas Gronek says:

Why does there always have to be some comment made in reference to sex, or size matters?

BIG Al 24 says:

hey lawn care nut could you review Husqvarna’s new awd lawnmower

heystarfish100 says:

Did Jake’s Toro Recycler have the Atomic blade or the standard blade mounted at time of comparison?

Dun Rite Lawn Maintenance says:

this video was dead on accurate usually people take two different mowers and try to compare you took to different mowers from same company and compare the quality of cut through different models .. good job

Morris Tab says:

We love Jake the Lawn Kid

ACDC5540 says:

Extra inch ask ur girlfriend

1mooresound says:

Do you still have this mower? I just bought a 22″ smartstow recycler was thinking about trading it in for a Honda but I’m not sure yet.

Al Gorel says:

Nice video, enjoyed it. I have both models, both are top shelf units. I would rate them Recycler 8 Super 10.
Neither mower got these high ratings until I changed out the factory blades for the Gator blades. What a difference. Just my two cents.

Bajaheat says:

Toro lost their minds, super recycler with a junk China engine? Yea no thanks I’ll stick with Honda.

joseph puchel says:

I work on a lot of mowers Toro’s, Snapper’s ,Honda’s , craftsman, Troy Built, Many others. The one I pick with horsepower torque power , well made strong along with different cuts such as mulching, bagging with no cut grass left behind is the Snapper lawnmowers with their HiVac. It’s more money than Toro but less than Honda Commercial.

Ousama Abdu says:

I love the Toro Super Recycler
Had a few different Honda lawn mowers. While the Honda is excellent, the Super Recycler outshines it.

John Ossendorf says:

Rear drive beats front drive on every type of terrain, especially hills. Only rear drive can handle bagging on hills. Personal pace is great and well worth the extra money, as long as it is set up correctly. If it’s not, the wheels will not freeweel when pulled backward. As for quality of cut, keep the blade sharp, the deck cleaned out and if you want to mulch don’t let the grass get too long. If it’s too long, it’s time to bag.

Bill Bright says:

Pride in a nice lawn is actually kind of fun for some and don’t look at as work but a chance to use your new toys.

thaitichi says:

Jake is a cool kid

Richard Schreiber says:

I to have the Super Recycler. The job this TORO does is noted by my neighbors as they remark on the quality of the outcome. I cut my grass on the long side to enhance the striping effect. Also, by doing so I can eliminate notches weeds from getting a foothold. Also, I resharpen the blade after each and every cutting. Yes, this shortens the life of the blades but its the quality of the cut I’m after with no stripping of the grass blades, not the economy !!

William Todd says:

I was given a 2 year old Toro FWD mower this year, I personally don’t care for self-propel mowers, this is the first I’ve ever owned and wish it was just a push model with large rear wheels. The mulching capability of this mower is great, couldn’t imagine having a more professional model, but with that would come a much better drive system in a RWD configuration and variable speed which I think I’d like better than the single speed version I have now. I mean the self propel makes mowing almost effortless, that is until you have to back up, and with heavier grass the self-propel only having one speed causes some issues as a result of not being able to select a speed based on conditions.

Robert S says:

peeps be careful with nuts and bolts on these motors, I just stripped the spark plug hole and 2 other bolt goes on the motor case. The case is like powdered aluminum. I have enjoyed my toro and swapped the cylinder head, but they are not made well. I doubt any mowers are.

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