Toro 30″ TimeMaster 223cc Personal Pace Lawn Mower Review – 21199

Tune up kits for the Toro 30″ TimeMaster are on Amazon:
New, More Powerful TimeMaster – The Toro 30” TimeMaster has an upgraded in 2017 with a 223cc Briggs and Stratton engine that provides 10 ft. lbs of torque (up from 8 ft. lbs ). Toro states one can cut their lawn mowing time by 40%, mostly because the mowed deck is much wider than normal. We would agree with Toro if you have a large yard with very little to cut around. The dual blade 30″ grass eating monster is awesome with the personal pace self propulsion in a straight line. The 30″ mower is slightly harder to maneuver around landscaping, but well worth it for the quality of cut provided by the two Toro Atomic blades. Our YouTube Video walks you through the ownership of the Toro TimeMaster, including the maintenance and how the unit spins the two 15″ blades.

Toro has long been known in the lawn industry to provide quality products that provide exceptional results. The new updated and more powerful Toro TimeMaster is no exception to the long list of outstanding products they offer.

Model 21199 Features:

10.00 ft-lb Gross Torque Briggs & Stratton® 223cc OHV engine – This engine is larger than the previous models.
30″ Mowing Deck with Dual-Force Cut – To keep the mower smaller, a twin blade cutting system with Toro Atomic blades work together to cut a 30″ swath.
Personal Pace Self-Propel System with Traction-Assist Handle – This self-propulsion system is not new and very popular on Toro models for good reason.
Blade Stop System – Because the motor will run without the blades turning, it is important for safety to have the blades stop within 3 seconds when you release the lever.
Quick Stow Lever – The TimeMaster is a Monster, so to help store it there are two storage positions for easy compact storage and also two convenient handle height positions.
Easy Height-of-Cut Adjustment – On the left hand side there are labeled height adjustment points to adjust from 1-1/4″ to 4-1/4″.
Quick Attach Washout Port – Quickly attach a hose to the mower deck without getting soaked to easily clean the under side of the deck.
3 Year Warranty & Guaranteed-to-Start – Toro warranties everything, including the fact that the mower will start for 3 years.
Two Blade Design

In larger rotary cutters, it is very common to spin two smaller blades rather than one large one. That keeps the rotating mass down along with making the implement smaller. In the Toro’s Timemaster case, the lawn mower is able to be 30″ wide without having the depth it would have with a single 30″ blade. The two smaller blades also have smaller areas to cut grass and move it through the blades multiple times to help mulch or bag the grass more efficiently. The multiple gear cases are made from aluminum to keep the weight down, but it is noticeable that this lawn mower weighs in a bit more than your average 21-24″ lawn mower. There is no doubt that the weight is there, but the personal pace system really makes this lawn mower a dream to push. Taking on an acre or an acre and a half with this unit would not be a problem.

Guaranteed to Start

Toro proudly displays that the TimeMaster is guaranteed to start for 3 years. With that said, they provide you with a packet of fuel treatment and say not to use more than E10 fuel. That is a given for any small engine these days and we highly recommend you purchase Ethanol free fuel if you can. If you do not have that option, use Stabil Marine with each fill.

Before starting the lawn mower you should check the oil to be sure it is within operating range. Once that is verified, all you have to do is pull the recoil cord. The Briggs and Stratton engine will do the rest, normally firing up on the first or second pull. We have found that the TimeMaster can be harder to start if you have a low fuel level in the tank.

On a side note, the fuel tank on the Briggs and Stratton engine is fairly small and does have blue foam in it to prevent fuel sloshing. With a fairly thirsty engine spinning the atomic blades, plan to fill the mower about every 30 to 35 minutes used. That is our only real complaint with the mower.


Toro’s Personal Pace drive system gives the user a feeling of complete control without ever feeling pulled along or having to push the machine. The self propelled system has an open drive system so it will spin the easiest tire to turn. Than can be felt slightly on turns and when going up hill, but that is the norm for all mowers. This is a large mower, but you really do not notice it until you get into really tight areas. We have some areas in our yard that we were unable to mow because of the landscaping being to close. This mower really shines in the large wide open, but can be handled in and around a lot of obstacles.

However you look at it, this machine will provide you with a high quality cut and get the job done in less time as there is little need to slow down for long thick grass.


William says:

I’ve had my eye on this one for a while. Any chance you guys will be reviewing the Cub Cadet 28″ or 33″ walk behind mower as well?

mellowjammer says:

I suggested that they put that 223cc engine on this mower back in 2012 when i bought mine and Toro told me there was no need for that! These mowers are good if you have some wide open areas to mow. If your yard requires lots of turns due to obstacles the extra weight of this mower makes it a bit more cumbersome to maneuver than a typical 21″. That weight will also cause ruts in your yard if you don’t change your mowing path. The perimeter cut will almost always be rutted eventually. The hose clean out port makes a frickin’ mess. If you do it on concrete you will have grass stains if you don’t hose it off right away. If you do it on your lawn you will have a gloppy mess that will kill the grass unless you remove it. Mulching wet spring grass is always the toughest thing to do. The deck will get fully clogged. The only way around this that I know is to mow very often and possibly side discharge if necessary. Then go back and re-mow the clippings once they dry a bit if they are plentiful. I’m 5’11” tall and I wish there was a handle height exactly in between the lower and upper available height settings. Since I’ve owed it I have replaced blades to high-lift and gotten a much better cut (mulching too). I also bumped the rpm up about 200-300 rpm. I removed all the blue plastic pieces on the handle (useless for me) and also removed the lever for engaging the bail handle. I’ve only had to replace belts once and just replaced the spring that returns the personal pace lever back to ‘neutral’. I’m a test engineer so I always find things that can be improved but all in all I like this mower.

jessejames! says:

with that big of a deck on a push mower, they should have the wheels go backwards as well to assist you, just like a traditional riding mower that goes in reverse. would be cool if they could implement that in push mowers one day

Larry A says:

Nice Review – Thank You

John Bailey says:

I have seen many reviews I saw where the blades came off while mowing a yard. It happened to him 2 times. When he called toro they even said they knew about the problem and they would call him back. Well they never did call him back. So I would never buy a toro product they dont even stand behind there products. What kind of warranty to you think your going to get from a crapy company like toro. Just knowing they have a bad mower that could hurt someone might cut off a foot . The guy got luck the blade only hit the house which he had to repair the damage. SHAME SHAME ON YOU TORO. Not standing behind your shit.

Seth B says:

Thinking about purchasing but read so much about these mowers not starting after a few uses. Local mower store won’t sell timemaster anymore since they have gotten so many complaints and issues. What you say? Thanks

Mike Stebbins says:

It seems to me that it’s a little under powered if it stalls when you engage to fast. I’m considering purchasing this mower to replace my super recycler

Ace Powdercoating says:

I wonder how much better the 10hp is over the 8.75? I own the 8.75hp

The thin blue line says:

Excellent review! I always enjoy watching your reviews. Definitely a very nice mower. Thanks again!

jeremiahclarin says:

great review

Eddie Oliver says:

Wow, I might have to start mowing my own grass again.

MisterBassBoost says:

Great content. Keep it up!

Michael Piro says:

Great review… One question, is the cut width really that
much wider than a standard 21 inch mower considering that the tire width on
both a 30in and 21 in almost seems to line up the same if they’re face to
face?  So when you start a new lap on the
side of the tire marks of another lap it might a bit more but now really a 9 inch
wider cut difference considering?…. I notice the deck on the 30 sticks out wider
than the tires so thats why I ask.   Hope I explained my question ok! 🙂 Thank you.

MikeWBL says:

I bought the older model for our daughter. It has worked well for our grandchildren to use (electric start for them). The only downside of the older model was a very small gas tank. The new model has a larger engine and a larger gas tank. Great product by a great American company.

Randomly awesome says:

i bought the toro recycler 22in 7.25lbs or torque but its not made for 10 yards a week its only made for 1 yard a week and i need a mower that is capable of lots of yards a week and have a long life span

Randomly awesome says:

is this mower capable of mowing 10 yards a week or is made for 2 lawns a week

Craig Stemas LLC says:

Great video!

Matt Pophin says:

Beware, Toro will not honor the warranty and does not stand behind their products. I bought the 2017 model mower and used it 4 times on a 1/2 acre lot (under 3 hours total). It would not start the 5th time I tried to use it. I used fresh fuel with the stabilizer that Toro provides with the mower. The mower repair shop claimed I had gummed valves after running this machine for under 3 hours!! Toro claims the repair is considered maintenance and will not honor the Guaranteed To Start warranty. The repair shop tells me this is just how Toro operates. They wont cover anything under the warranty, and deny claims sent in by the repair shop. So… take your chances with this $1000 machine that Toro will not stand behind. I liked the machine until it wouldn’t work. Toro should be ashamed, but they already got my money and just don’t care.

Pro1er says:

Great review Brian, (as usual). I just watched a “review” from two goofs who never do a proper review on anything. You covered just about everything, and in a short amount of time. Keep up the good work.

LCmcpherson says:

good video


i suck 10000 dicks to get one of those

jonathan messore says:

i have an older unit (2013) i bought, gently used ,a few months ago. it has the smaller engine, but it still has plenty of power to cut my lawn and even pull me up the small hills. dont hesitate to buy an older new or used mower…plenty of power (it was a concern of mine also)…luv it !!!

Lead On Steel Plate says:

First!!! Awesome review!!! Love all the videos you guys do!!

Bill Dingo says:

I’m blown away that you mulched it and walked that fast! If I did that with my 2016 small engine 200 hrs it would explode! Can only bag if it’s that tall or won’t work

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