THE REVIEW – Honda HRX217VKA 21″ 186cc Select Drive™ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Very detailed video review of the Honda HRX217VKA 21″ 186cc Select Drive™ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower. Pro’s and Con’s explained and Pro-Tips to help you have a better grass cutting experience. This is a long video for a reason. You will have no doubt if this is the right mower for you. NOT ENDORSED or PAID in ANY way by Honda. #Charity Please donate to St Jude Children’s Research Hospital:
*Honda HRX217 Lawn Mower Blades:
*Honda HRX217 Tune Up Kit:
*Honda HRX217 Drive Belt:

*Trimmer Line: Oregon 3LB Spool .080 Pro-Grade
*Edger Blades in Bulk –
*Gravely 42 Inch ZT, ZTx, Ariens Zoom 42 Replacement Blades –
3 Blade Pack –
6 Blade Pack –
*Scott’s Edge Guard Fertilizer Spreader:
* Brahma Work Shoes –

*Troy Bilt 21 Inch Mower Blade –
*21 Inch Rear Wheel Drive Belt – Troy Bilt / MTD P# 95404282 -
*21 Inch TB Blade Adapter with Drive Belt Pulley MTD P# 687-02220 ADAPTER ASM-25MM
*MTD / Troy Bilt Front Wheel 8″ x 2″ P# 634-04660

*Honda Motor – 4 Gallon Per Minute Pressure Washer
*150 Ft Capacity Steel Pressure Hose Reel
*Pink Pressure Washer Tip for 2 Story Homes
* Briggs & Stratton 6328 14-Inch Surface Cleaner for Pressure Washers Up to 3200-PSI
* BE Whirl-a-Way 14 Inch Surface Cleaner:
* Mi – T – M Downstream Chemical Injector with Syphon Hose
* Powersmart Electric Pressure Washer:
* 1 Gallon Plastic Chemical-Safe Pump Sprayer

*To Sharpen Blades: 4 Inch Metal Grinder
*Replacement SOFT Grinder Discs
*Chicago Electric 1/2 Drive Impact Wrench
*Hoover Max Extract Dual V WidePath Carpet Cleaner, F7412900

MUST OWN ITEMS for Emergencies:
*Chicago Electric Generator
*Portable Propane Burner / Boil Water
*Gas BBQ Grill with Side Burner
*Charcoal BBQ Grill

Oberto Applewood Smoked Bacon Jerky

*Sony PAS Video Camera –
*Sony Action Cam –
*Hague MMC Cam Stabilizer –
*External Mic For Camera –
*50 Inch Expandable Tripod –
*Editing Software –
*Bluetooth EarBuds
*Sky Viper Drone

*Similar Recumbent Bicycle
*Garmin Edge 200 Cycling GPS Computer
*Wrist Band Mount Garmin GPS Quick Release Kit
*A generic ebike kit to get you started:

*Honda GXV 120 4 Stroke Engine


MaybethelongestnameonYoutube says:

The best Honda HRX review I´ve seen. Great job, Dan 🙂 I completely agree with you, as I´m very satisfied with my 2016 Honda HRX537HYEA (European version of the HRX217HYA, but made at the same factory in Swepsonville, NC).

Grant Lukan says:

I have this mower for about a year now. Two problems I am having. 1. The part that connects the wheel on the front right has come very lose and can’t fix it. 2. The clip director lets out clippings on full mulch mode

Jim D'Angelo says:

Hey Dan, What an awesome review.  I love how you take your time and really explain things with such detail.  That Honda is a beast.  Thanks for making this video and all of your vids.

big gun says:

TORO’S Better

keithowu says:

I have the exact same mower and I’m getting really poor mulching results. Don’t get me wrong, it’s mulching but it doesn’t do a very good job. I have cut blades left all over the top of the turf. It’s makes the yard look kind of messy upon close inspection. Anyone else have this issue with the HRX217? I have the versacut selector all the way to the right. The inside chute is closed (but grass still gets in the little passage way before the large black back flap).I’m mowing normal height, dry grass. I don’t know. Really disappointed for such an expensive mower. My little cheapy, $189 Troy-Bilt mulched like a boss compared to this. Zero remnants following the mow.

Greg Kohls Jr. says:

Dan, great video. I have owned two of these in the past. It is a great mower, HOWEVER, the vacuum/suction of this mower is quite poor. This would be a perfect mower if they could redesign the deck to get that worked out. Thanks for your review.

ed z says:

Hey dan off subject ?? . i have a john deere wg36a walk behind your opinion is greatly needed should i go with mulching kit or bagger . been using neither and some houses its fine but not on st. Augustine grass throws it everywhere making me work twice as long…thanks

Lighthouse Keeper says:

What a great review, Dan! Thanks for the time you put into educating viewers like me.

Mancs Mowhann says:

G’day Dan
I bought the Honda HRX217 on yours and Alan’s (LCN) recommendation.
Thank you
I’m well pleased with it though here in Australia we pay nearly twice the price for them $1,499 for the HZA

Tell me did you up the revs as described in some blogs?

Lilybet1975 Mells says:

Such a professional review Dan.

Anonymous says:

Me personally I prefer the Honda 216 because it weights less and surprisingly its a beast with power . It flyes uphills

Gary Eddington says:

I have a HRX217HYA (hydrostatic transmission). I have owned Toro, Troy Bilt, Lawn Boy, Jacobsen, and maybe a few others in 52 years of home ownership, and the Honda is definitely the best mower when all aspects are considered. This review is by far the most complete, accurate assesment I have seen on YouTube. Thank you, appreciate it greatly!

P S says:

Does it have a blade stop feature that stops blade but not engine so you can clear debris in front of mower?

Vol7ar says:

I also got this mower at the beginning of the season. I’ve found that with the “variable speed” drive system, I prefer to have it set faster than I’d use it. I originally had it set at the minimum but the resistance of pushing the handle up against the bar was a little much and fatigued my hands. I found that the system is indeed variable in that you can set it higher than you need in order to set the drive handle farther back, and that the speed of the mower increases depending on how far you push it in towards the handle. It also takes less grip strength to push it in the farther out it is, and increases in resistance and speed the closer to the bar you get. In a way similarly to analogue sticks on a video game game controller or the accelerator in a car.

Monte's lawn care and tree cutting says:

I like my hrx 217 a lot but the Toro sr4 with side dischacharge just works better for discharging wet grass . But mulching I think they are about the same.

Randy Man says:

They have this mower at the home depot for $599 not including tax.Might have to pull the trigger.

Quick Cut says:

I have had my HRX 217 for over 2 years it is the best mulching mower I have purchased, the NeXite deck is awesome on nice lawn but you can’t use it over the ruff stuff the deck brakes down and can’t be repaired. No lifetime warranty in Australia . Will buy a new one at the start of next season

Mark Marine says:

I tried my best to buy one, Dan…because the in depth review you have given (as well as the previous demo). However, I couldn’t afford it, so I bought a Toro PoweReverse. I didn’t get the 190 cc I wanted, but hopefully I will be able to use it (as I only have one functional arm (and have shrapnel lodged in it).

Sarah - Midnight Moon Resellers says:

I have a commercial Honda mower with the same blades, rear discharge, and other options than what you have. The rear discharge is great because with side shoots you remow over the clippings that were discharged from the last row cut, which makes it hard on the mower and the operator. Whereas with the Hondas rear discharge you don’t remow the last cut, nothing comes flying out of it and leaves a less likely chance for someone or something to get hurt or damaged and makes it easy to mow tall grass because your not remowing the last row clippings. Most Honda owners never set theirs to full bag unless their cleaning up the sidewalk and driveway. I love my Honda and will never buy a different brand.

Dave Snyder says:

Great video Dan. I’ve had a 217 for 4 years while doing my side hustle and it’s a beast of a 21 inch machine. Keep up the good work.

Victor Rippe says:

Hey Dan thanks for the review I’ve had mine for over two years we use it like three times a week in small lawns where we do use it a lot is in a shopping center that we do in between cars where we can’t fit our big mowers it’s been an extremely reliable machine for us I will by another when this one burns out but not in anytime soon ours is the hydro model which sometimes I regret I don’t think I should have spent the extra money the gear drive would have been fine and less things to break but over all great machine no need to spend over $1000 on a machine that you don’t use as much as your big mowers.

Randy Man says:

Dan,Does it take bumps well?My yard is a little bumpy.I know these type of mowers dont have suspensions but was wondering if it takes bumps pretty good?

Darin Stenger says:

Its a good mower but i went with the toro super recycler with honda engine and its been a great mower the last 3 years and it does 25-50 properties a week. I really like the toro personal pace system and aluminum deck.
Awesome review tho…thanks

lambert1702 says:

Great review Dan. Your cutting your centipede too tall. Two inches is perfect for centipede.

Sam III says:

Now I know how I’ll be using that Versamow feature. Best review on the web.

Rayrayber says:

I have a lawn mower from like the 80s or 90s things loud as hell and be smoking like crazy lol but iv had it for 10 plus years

Ashurii says:

I could be wrong Dan, but I think you literally have the best review on Youtube for any Honda mower! You covered all the points really well, and demonstrated exactly what that Honda could do. Cause we all know, at the end of the day, you can say as much marketing hype that you want, but what does the machine actually do? That is the question. And you my friend, proved to us all, exactly what that machine could do, and weather or not, the marketing points hold up.

It really was a toss up for me, on weather to go with the Honda or the Snapper. I chose the Snapper because of my previous experience with them back when I was a kid, and still to this day they do not dissapoint. But its in my honest opinion, based on what I know about my Snapper, and what I know of Honda watching your video, you can’t go wrong with either brands, if bought from a dealer! Thats another point I need to stress here.

Places like Home Depot and Lowes, are not experts on putting together mowers, and often times things will be put together wrong or parts missing. Dealers are where you should always go to buy your mowers, dealer support is the best bar none. You want a company where they will take care of you, cause you can have the fanciest mower in the world, but if the support sucks, then so will the mower in the end when it needs service.

Again, awesome review, I really appreciate it, and I am just so glad that you got an awesome mower. Congrats, and have a wonderful day. 🙂

Donald Davis says:

You should be on the Honda payroll. I bought my HRX217VKA based upon all your previous videos. I love mine. Thanks for this in depth review, it is excellent.

Ken Long says:

Dan… never mind about my previous comment. I rewatched the last portion of your review and the confusion is gone, thanks to your great review. I will be getting the HRX217VKA.

Jon Morgan says:

Really impressed with this review & would like to purchase one… But there’s 2, 1 you have for $599 (with the 4 n 1) & another for $729 just regular self propelled. I wish it’d let me send the snapshot but it won’t in comments.

The2012waiting says:

Hey Dan, if you put this machine in your own name are you able to deduct it from your business taxes still?

american9m says:

I have a Hustler zero turn. I do residential yards and my Hustler won’t go in all the backyards that I do due to the gate width. I’ve been considering getting a Cub Cadet cc600, with the 30in. deck. After seeing your videos and reviews of this Honda, it has me guessing about getting one of these mowers. My purpose is to get rid of my generic 21in. and upgrading to the Cub Cadet to save time when I have to push. What are your thoughts? This Honda seems like it could also save some time with the bagging system. What do you think?

mibz1117 says:

Hey Dan. Thanks for the effort you put into making this review. You helped me Made my decision in buying this tomorrow. You earned yourself a subscriber. God bless


Great video dan Well I cut at 3” just last week I cut at 2”half

Sarah - Midnight Moon Resellers says:

Great review! I loved it, thanks for taking the time to do it. I know it will help others.

Michael Connolly says:

Great review for this honda machine, this was the mower i decided was the best of the lot, so as i needed a new mower, i went to price up the honda mower, and to my surprise, it cost 1000 euro for the one with the same features as yours, one model up was 1299 euro. This is in Ireland, so instead of taking out a mortgage on the house, i got a mc cullough m53 150wrp for 449 euro down from 559 euro. it only has a 150cc engine, i wish now i had got the mc cullough m56 190 for 150 euro more, a bigger engine and a 56cm blade. it probably will last a bit longer. That was the best review i have seen on youtube for this mower, well done. I wish we had your prices over here.

0Myles0 says:

then it happened… 1:02:00 – 1:05:00
a big salute from the lawn gods when the clouds formed the word “ACE.”

Good job, Ace

John Cilyo says:

Dan – Great honest review. It’s all about the finished product and that’s what Honda delivers. I have an earlier version of your mower (about 7 years old) and aside from normal maintenance, I have had to replace the pull cord assembly ($ 20.00) and blades. You get what you pay for!

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