The best lawnmower review this side of the Mississippi – John Deere X730

Moisture tends to fall after dark, so it can create extra work for the mower, which is why mowing after dark is not recommended.
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JLanger says:

They do make 4-wheel drive X700’s, there are a few models that come with this option

Tanner01 says:

That is one fancy fancy mower

WhitetailHunter23 says:

The 12 volt outlet is just like the one in a car. I have the outlet wired up to an actuator so it controls the spout on the snowblower. It is there for hooking up equipment like a sprayer. If you want to charge your phone you could do that too I guess. They do make 4×4 tractors. I have one and it has a lot of power. You should never cut so low with that mower deck. I hope you adjusted the wheels on the deck too. The deck should not be riding on the wheels. They should only hit the ground a little, especially if you are going over bumps or something. If you ride on those wheels then they will get worn down fast. Don’t look at the deck height from the dial. Use a John Deere deck leveling gauge. Oh and you don’t need to take off the parking break to start it. You can keep it on.

Henry Simar says:

May 10 that’s my birthday

Timmy Feltmann says:

They do have 4 wheel drive

Collin Murphy says:

How did you get the tractor from john deere

Life In A Big Rig says:

The 12v outlet is for winter, if you have a heated coat or even outfit. Just plug in and away you go. I have a JD LX280. Been looking into getting a x730 or x758. Would love to get a plow or thrower for mine.

(Have a landscaping business, check out Herrold’s Landscaping on TY for videos)

PhatboyHD88 says:

That tractor you have comes in a 4WD version buddy so does the smaller X595,, been that way for a cpl years now buddy

XboobtubeX says:

in case you don’t know, they do make tractors that size that are 4 wheel drive.

Timmy Feltmann says:


B Rogers says:

Used this style of lawn tractor to pull 4730,4830,4940 self propelled sprayers down the assembly line.

jeremy lee says:

we have a x748 its full time 4 wheel drive

Corby Sherman says:

OSHA is why they have the RIO. it’s easily defeatable.

Danny Johnston says:

That deck wash-out connection is the 1st thing to plug up; useless. Sounds good, probably works if you never cut real grass. Also, that reverse button is a PITA. Bypass it first thing. Cute mower, works great for pulling tour wagons, not so much outside.

MichaelTJD60 says:

Clearly you haven’t seen an X738, X739, X758, or any of the higher end X700 and the older X575-X595 series Deere garden tractors. They all have 4WD. It’s a garden tractor, not a lawn mower.

roger wilson says:

just shave

james Yu says:

sooner or later.. these manufactures will starting to put air conditioner on it

roger wilson says:

you did not show how to check your oil before starting to mowing or how not to left a grass guard without disengaging blades.

TheSimulatorGuy says:

I don’t like hydrostat mowers

JL Software says:

I just got a new deck on my L108. It has that garden hose connector on the left of the deck. What is that for?

Hobby Farmer Adam says:

My grandpa has the x595 its older and it is diesel, he also has a cab and heat on itplus 4 wheel drive

the pizza devil says:

thats one nice lawnmower

hicksboyz media gaming says:

I got a jhon Deere lawnmower love it best toy I got

Thetrainroom says:

some i think have 4×4 now in that size or a little biger not much

Bryson Geffre says:

do you like your john Deere mower I was think on getting a John Deere 60 ince

Justin Germanovich says:

I hate that stupid feature “RIO”

Tb. Gardens 114 says:

Wow that’s so fancy for a lawnmower lol

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