Sun Joe Mow Joe MJ401E Electric Lawn Mower Review with 12 amp Motor no Gas to Cut Grass

Product review of the Sun Joe MJ401E Electronic Lawn Mower. The mower has a 12 amp motor and a 14” grass cutting blade. Since it is electric, it does not require gas or oil, which make the maintenance nearly nothing. The handle folds for storage and it’s pretty lightweight. This is mainly due to the plastic cutting blade frame. It ships with a rear mounted grass catcher that does not hold a lot of grass. This is a decent lawn mower for smaller applications, but many will find the plastic case troubling. I bought mine new for under $100, which made it a good deal for me. You will need a quality extension cord, 14 gauge for 25’ and 12 gauge for 50 feet. This mower must have a cord as it is not a battery mower.

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Sun Joe MJ401E:
25′ 14 gauge extension cord:
50′ 12 gauge extension cord:

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Will M says:

been two and a half months now, how’s it holding up?

David Pedder says:

i have the Sun joe MJ 408 E ( the biggist Sun Joe ) 20 inch. with a metal deck, i also have 1/2 acer of lawn to mow. it works great. its about the same price as a cheep gas mower ( but ) dose not smell , no gas , no oil , no tune ups. with a 100 foot 12 guage exstention wire, it gets all the power it needs to do the job.


After new bolt install, works like new. The side shoot is a must tho!

Exoress Delivers says:

Thank you for this review. I was wondering, how many feet is your extension cord? I read some reviews that stated that you can only use an extension cord that is no more than 50 feet long otherwise the engine can burn out.

Peanut Butter says:

This lawn mower keeps tripping my breaker. I used it once no problem second time a nightmare. I have half of my lawn mowed other half isn’t. And it s the front yard so I’m frustrated.


I have a 1/2 acre lawn it works great for me! Ordered new blades and wheels when I got it thinking they would be the first to go. Not the case. Hit a metal flower bed boarder with it today and the bolt for the blade bent. Just ordered a new one should be good

Shaina Sparks says:

I love mine

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