Snapper Lawn Mower Review Model P217018BV and FRP2167517BV – April 21, 2017

This is a review and showing the difference on 2 Snapper Lawn Mowers I current own Model P217018BV Easy Speed and Model FRP2167517BV. Both 21″ with unique blades a Gator Blade versus Ninja Blade. The Easy Speed is a Hi-Vac Model and they both have the similar self propelled systems on them. Both great well built lawn mowers!


MisterBassBoost says:

Good! Keep it up!

Alan Marshall says:

Hi Cliff, nice pair of Snapper’s! you just can’t beat the quality of these older mowers.

Eminiscalperpro says:

Luv me some snapper lawn mowers. Still like the older style handles a little better. Little less cumbersome, but the newer style is great too, they give you a little more leverage. My favorite handle bar on the snapper, is the white ones that have the lower mounting brackets like the one on the left, except bend to the inside, not the outside, so the lower section of the bars are narrower and the bars sits a little higher up, which is nice for taller users. They are all great though and the factory style high lift blade is the best, it has more lift and seems to have an overall better cut than the ninja blade. that’s my opinion, for my personal use. Great cutting machines

JustLife says:

Wonderful review dude

Ashurii says:

Both of those are very nice mowers! The only thing is I don’t like the original Intek OHV engines, they had issues with leaking around the valve cover due to the aluminum casing warping on them. They deffinetly improved the OHV design since the early 2000’s. Well, considering engine is a choice here as well as the mower, I would choose the Snapper Hi Vac, which BTW, happens to have the original style gear selector, like the old 80’s models. However, if were talking modern day, as in today, obviously I would choose the EZ speed, cause thats whats on my new mower.

DavidisDawei says:

Do you enjoy cutting the lawn or is it a necessary evil?

Brian Mott says:

How does the engine control lever install with the engine control cable?

Cooper Kiichler says:

i like the easy speed the most i had one until it blew up also you should put the hi vac bag on the easy spee

Herfortz says:

They’re great looking mowers Cliff.

reginald lawrence says:

Nice lawn mower’s I have a 1987 snapper and it run great for a 30 year old lawn mower.

Hagbard Celine says:

Personally, I prefer my wife’s snapper.

Andy K says:

I’ve never used one but I think they are ugly looking things but if you like them, they must be good. Personally I like the Toro’s

richard best says:

Love the cup holder, I’m 35 and only found you’re videos due to me wanting to find out about the trek ds series bikes which I have just ordered by the way (ds2), for some reason I’m getting into lawn mowers as well as they are quite easy to work on and fix up

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