RYOBI 40V 20″ Self Propelled Lawn Mower Review | RY40190

Ryobi Bushless OPE – Ryobi is working on cutting down the competition with their second generation 20 in. 40-volt brushless self propelled lawn mower.  The Brushless motor extends the runtime of the included 5.0Ah battery along with software with load sensing technology.  The mower senses the load of longer grass, increasing the cutting speed and slows the cutting speed when there is a light load.  The system seems to work well and it is noticeable when the blade speed increases.

The Ryobi mower lacks a side discharge, but allows for mulching or bagging options.  There is a single lever located on the left side of the mower to adjust between 7 different heights from 1-1/2″ to 3-3/4″.  The handle adjusts for two different heights and also folds up into a small package so it can be stored without taking up much room.  Ryobi is very confident in this mower as it has a 90 day money back guaranty and is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

RY40190 Features

Works with all Ryobi 40-Volt lithium-ion tools and batteries
Self Propelled with variable speed
Powerful brushless motor delivers gas-like power
Load sensing technology – maximizes power and efficiency
Includes 40-Volt 5.0 Ah high capacity battery for extend run time
7-position, single-point height adjustment 1.5 in. – 3.75 in.
2-in-1 mulching and bagging capable
Adjustable telescoping handle
Instant-starting, hassle-free push button start
High intensity LED headlights
Carrying handles for user convenience
On-board battery compartment for additional battery
Foldable quick-release handle for compact storage
5-year limited warranty, 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee
Self Propelled

Ryobi’s self propelled option on the 40 volt lawn mower is a big deal.  The way the system is designed, you can use this as a normal push mower with no extra drag, but when you want a little help, pull the levers and slide the lever to adjust the perfect speed.  The system works excellent and does not seem to have a negative impact on battery life.

Right for You?

We did a lot of testing with the Ryobi 20″ mower and we think we have a good feel on who will really love this mower and who might not be so happy.  First, if you enjoy cutting your yard often, this mower will work better for you.  Long grass is not this mowers friend as the cut quality and runtime are poor in those conditions.  If you do not want to have gas in your garage and do not mind investing in a second battery, this machine will be more appealing.  Ryobi rated this machine for 1/4 to 1/2 acre of lawn.  With a single battery, we would recommend it for the 1/4 acre.  With a second battery, a 1/2 acre lot is not out of the question.  The reason we recommend the second battery is due to the cool down and charge time of the batteries.  In our case, it took an hour for the battery to cool to charge and two hours for the battery to charge.  That time forced us to cut our lawn completely in two days.

To make the cost of the batteries a bit better, one could invest in other Ryobi 40 volt tools.  Between the new blowers and string trimmers, one could collect enough batteries to take care of the lawn without worry.

With a lawn that is well maintained, the Ryobi mower worked well.  In our experience, if you let the lawn grow and are cutting of a lot of grass, the bagger will plug at half full and the mulch quality will lag.  On the other hand, if you have a small lawn, this unit is priced right and the 90 day money back guaranty give you a chance to try this unit out.  If you keep it, the mower is backed by a 5 year warranty.


Lenny Bryant says:

I have to do it again… Did you see how easy he adjusted the height?! Awe man. Come on with the extra battery hack. That’s what that extra slot is for. #WorkShopAddict

Rob J says:

Here’s my real issue. I believe this mower is $400. It is as expensive as many mowers in the Ego line. I have owned the original non-self propelled Ego mower for about 4 years now and it still runs great. This mower is new and is still inferior in the area of bagging and battery life/recharge just from what I see in this video. I don’t know about things like cut quality.
I was interested in this mower as a backup mower to my Ego which could be used every now and again especially when I didn’t want to manually push my Ego mower up a large hill in my yard. It seems as though this mower being years newer still hasn’t been able to surpass the original Ego mower in any areas really.


That’s one sleek looking lawnmower #workshopaddict

David K says:

Seems like a good upgrade. #workshopaddict

Howard McLean says:

Great review Brian as usual. I will consider this mower for my small yard once my gas model gives out. I wonder how the bagging feature would do during the fall when leaves start falling. #workshopaddict

Luca Giuranno says:

Hey, I love the chanel, and I want to win the 6 piece combo kit, because I am 17 years old and I am entering on woodworking, so I need something to start with. #worshopaddict

J DOOBS says:

My buddy is a RYOBI fanboy and just bought a house. Gotta let him know about this. #workshopaddict

SJC says:

I’m pretty sure you are incorrect on the warranty covering the battery. I’ve been doing my research and while it was for the previous model, I saw review after review talk about replacing their battery under the warranty. One guy said, and this is HIS review, it was as easy as taking it to the shop desk at Home Depot with the receipt and getting the replacement. I just checked out the pdf of the warranty for this and it doesn’t say it excludes the battery. Anyway, just thought I should mention it, since it’s a pretty big deal, if you got a lemon battery and it wasn’t covered by a warranty. Thanks for the review. http://www.homedepot.com/catalog/pdfImages/93/936de72f-1a93-49bd-9c83-e8817b5f5a17.pdf

Steve MacMillan says:

Wash the underside with water or compressed air ? #WorkShopAddict

wolfie965 says:

Looks awesome 😀 im tempted to get one of the brushless mowers #workshopaddict

Jonathan Guadarrama says:

I like it. #workshopaddict

Brad B says:

sounds like there is still work to be done with these mowers. nice review. #WorkShopAddict

Lenny Bryant says:

Looks like a race car with a handle bar. #workshopaddict. Getting away from gas, very slowly…..

J Parra says:

Awesome mower.  When mine eventually gives up the ghost I’ll consider it.  #WorkshopAddict

John Chung says:

How much more run time would you get if you don’t use the self propelled? #workshopaddict

Jacob Filla says:

Like your videos #workshopaddict

Aaron Bloom says:

How does this unit compare to Ryobi’s 18V one plus mower? #WorkShopAddict

Jonathan Walker says:

These are pretty neat, and I’m kind of waiting for my current gas mower to bite the dust so I can get an electric one. All I have is a quarter acre. #workshopaddict

Rob J says:

Get an extra 5ah battery? Checked the HD website and you can’t even order it.

Spiff says:

Thanks for the review, really helped me make a decision!

John Card says:

Nice review. Really informative. Sadly, not for me. My yard is too large. #workshopaddict

Brandon Pedelty says:

That would be perfect for my smaller yard #workshopaddict

Lenny Bryant says:

Your right. Can’t argue with that reasoning.

Bob Smith says:

Nice mower! #workshopaddict

Andrew Drozinski says:

I’d like to see a review of the riding mower #workshopaddict

Robert Herrera says:

Cool idea, but I think my good ol’ gas mower will do. #workshopaddict

John S says:

I picked this up on the Home Depot website almost 2 weeks ago on a really special buy at $299 that lasted only a few hours that morning. I like the single handle height adjustment and the compactness of this mower. I think a great deal would of been for anyone to jump into the sale also on the 40V series trimmer and blower kits that were for $99 each and you would of gotten more batteries and chargers. Unfortunately those deals ended July 5th it seems.

Tom Gorham says:

Thank You for another in-depth, honest review.

Chris Broshar says:

Very cool for small yards.


Greg Colegrove says:

This is definitely something I’ve been looking at and appreciate your thorough review. #workshopaddict

Edward Green, Jr says:

Love their 40v line – got a bunch of the equipment during a factory sale. Since I already have 3 batteries, hoping they sell a SKU without the extras and just the mower.

Panglos says:

The non-self-propelled version is so light, it’s difficult to understand why there is demand for this self-propelled version. And I’m way past my years of youthful vitality. The self-propelled mechanism adds weight, reduces battery duration and life, increases complexity and therefore likelihood of failure, and increases cost. All for very little and dubious benefit. No thank you, Ryobi.

Toareia Bordes says:

Yes, I would go for this model for what I need it for !!! #WorkshopAddict

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