RYOBI 20 Inch 40V Self Propelled Lawn Mower RY40190 – Review

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RC W says:

I didn’t know you lived on a golf course Dan. Very nice.

Aaron Repper says:

I hope to see a Milwaukee m18 lawnmower at nps18.i have the string trimmer and blower,

TRY to HELP you says:

I have a black and Decker 36v self propelled… It’s like the cm1936 but just self propelled

Brother Lynch Hung says:

Why would you buy this shit

Steven Odle says:

I love my 21″ self propelled EGO for $459.

Edward Green, Jr says:

How about a followup video on the ryobi ridding mower they released last year? Did you guys just have it for a little while or have you changed any feelings on it since then?

Richard Johnson says:

The Ego 21” lithium ion only takes 45 minutes for a full charge as apposed to 3 hours for the Ryobi. And the run time on the Ego is more than twice as long. Just saying.

They Live says:

Do not buy this.  The switches on the handle bars go on these and they wont run.  Also the run times are not good expect 1/4 acre with two batteries so good luck!

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos says:

Never never get front wheel drive mowers. Spend the extra for the rear wheel. Where you need the help is going up hills. Weight transfers to the rear where the drive is. and less weight on the front wheels which = less traction. Also if your using a bagger the weight goes to the rear again making it lighter in the front = less traction again. When your tired you tend to push more down on the handel bars = less traction on the front……Always always get rear wheel drive or AWD
Great review

superspeeder says:

Dude, your grass is barely growing. How can you test a mower’s run time? Wait a few weeks.

John Manning says:

how about reviewing the new Dewalt mower soon? 🙂 that would be awesome thanks!

IfingerblastGranny's says:

Eric loves a bit of back door action (as a taker)…….FACT!

Russ Webster says:

I found the sides of the deck would flex in if you bumped a tree while going around it. I have heard some complain the blade would hit when that happened. #TIACREW

Logan P says:

Our grass is still brown here in Maine can’t wait for it to turn green and start growing

Sarah Listi says:

Dying! You guys keep me laughing for sure! Looks like another great product from Ryobi!

Greg Miller says:

That “Some like it in the front, some like it in the back”, or whatever he said was funny. I was waiting for Eric to crack up.

2LateIWon/Organized Chaos says:

it looks like a transformer very cool looking

Red Pushpin says:

I’ve been seriously considering selling my Honda gas mower and making the switch. The Honda has been great and super reliable for the 7-8 years I’ve owned it, but never having to worry about running out of fuel when I’m in the middle of mowing would be great, and I love how the handle on this folds up to allow for easy storage.

The lack of noise and not worry about winterizing the gas engine plus never having to change oil again? I really can’t think of a negative to moving over to battery now that their power has caught up to gas.

Guided Meditation says:

I would like to see a handle mounted stereo feature with an aux plug for earphones. And perhaps a molded drink holder.

Bryan Ruby says:

One of these days, I’d like to see you both discuss whether there is “real world” benefit to brushless motors over brushed motors. In smaller tools, I love brushless…but with the bigger tools like lawn mowers and snow blowers I’ve actually had more problems with brushless. EGOs LM2100SP is a brushed motor…does that put it behind the brushless motors like this RYOBI or is the brushless vs brushed just more of a marketing bonanza?

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