Ryobi 20″ 40-Volt Brushless Lawn Mower Review – RY40180

Ryobi Bushless OPE – Ryobi is working on cutting down the competition with their second generation 20 in. 40-volt brushless lawn mower. The Brushless motor extends the runtime of the included 5.0Ah battery along with software with load sensing technology. The mower senses the load of longer grass, increasing the cutting speed and slows the cutting speed when there is a light load. The system seems to work well and it is noticeable when the blade speed increases.

The Ryobi mower lacks a side discharge, but gives you a mulching or bagging option. There is a single lever to adjust between 7 different heights from 1-1/2″ to 3-3/4″. The handle adjusts for two different heights and also folds up into a small package so it can be stored without taking up much room. Ryobi is very confident in this mower as it has a 90 day money back guaranty and is backed by a 5-Year Warranty.

RY40180 Features

Works with all Ryobi 40-Volt lithium-ion tools and batteries
Powerful brushless motor delivers gas-like power
Load sensing technology – maximizes power and efficiency
Includes 40-Volt 5.0 Ah high capacity battery for extend run time
7-position, single-point height adjustment 1.5 in. – 3.75 in.
2-in-1 mulching and bagging capable
Adjustable telescoping handle
Instant-starting, hassle-free push button start
High intensity LED headlights
Carrying handles for user convenience
On-board battery compartment for additional battery
Foldable quick-release handle for compact storage
5-year limited warranty, 90-day no risk satisfaction guarantee
Right for You?

We did a lot of testing with the Ryobi 20″ mower and we think we have a good feel on who will really love this mower and who might not be so happy. First, if you enjoy cutting your yard often, this mower will work better for you. Long grass is not this mowers friend as the cut quality and runtime are poor in those conditions. If you do not want to have gas in your garage and do not mind investing in a second battery, this machine will be more appealing. Ryobi rated this machine for 1/4 to 1/2 acre of lawn. With a single battery, we would recommend it for the 1/4 acre. With a second battery, a 1/2 acre lot is not out of the question. The reason we recommend the second battery is due to the cool down and charge time of the batteries. In our case, it took an hour for the battery to cool to charge and two hours for the battery to charge. That time forced us to cut our lawn completely in two days.

To make the cost of the batteries a bit better, one could invest in other Ryobi 40 volt tools. Between the new blowers and string trimmers, one could collect enough batteries to take care of the lawn without worry.

With a lawn that is well maintained, the Ryobi mower worked well. In our experience, if you let the lawn grow and are cutting of a lot of grass, the bagger will plug at half full and the mulch quality will lag. On the other hand, if you have a small lawn, this unit is priced right and the 90 day money back guaranty give you a chance to try this unit out. If you keep it, the mower is backed by a 5 year warranty.


Damon Moritz says:

Finally a review that points out problems, not just features. Thank you. I’ll stick with my Troy-Bilt for now.

beerbrewer737 says:

Great review, thanks!

Paisley Marion says:

Thank you for a great review. we just purchased this mower based on many other good reviews> I was looking up some things about it and came across your review. looking forward to seeing how it works .

Carlos Dasilva says:

Nice way to trap yourself – 0:54

James Bauer says:

do you know what the increments are on the height adjustment notches? It goes from 1.5″ – 3.75″. What are all the notches in between?

J ellowpy says:

I love my Ryobi 40v 20inch lanwmower but question whats the best way to keep the battery at its maximum capacity? I my battery took a bit of a hit when i stored it during winter time.

billy billo says:

was that a 1985 Monte Carlo SS on the lift? nice

Christie Englesby says:

Mine is new. Worked great, yet today it won’t start. Any suggestions?

Lance Lukenbill says:

Ego is way better

Randy R says:

Funny how they put lights on it, waste of money.

Michael Bloom says:

Plastic deck?!?!

Yeah, no.

Matthew Odom says:

Got one today and just finished my first cut. This is absolutely an outstanding mower. I had a kid walked up to me and asked was it actually on while I was cutting!

Jay Fillet says:

Solid video guys best review I’ve seen yet. For my use this mower will be great, best bang for your buck.

They Live says:

I know Ryobi just came out with a new 40 volt blower.  You said there might be other 40 volt tools coming out what might they be?

John Salazar says:

I bought the Black and Decker version of this. B&D did the same thing giving you a slot to store an extra battery. They even give you two batts with their unit but it was shortsighted of them not to just add a second connection and allow you to run the two batteries in parallel giving you twice the run time.

I bought mine solely for doing my backyard which has a slope that my larger mower has trouble going up and down on. But I find the cordless mower so nice to use that I end up using it on the whole lawn, (You can’t imagine how nice it is to mow the lawn with almost zero noise! I can even turn my patio speakers on and listen to music when cutting the grass!)

Another reason I bought the B&D version was because it came with batteries that are compatible with my B&D trimmer, hedge trimmer and blower and it takes all 4 of my batteries to do a lot just slightly over 1/4 acre. And to be totally realistic if the grass is really tall I end up going through 5 charged 40v batteries. (The B&D batts only take 40 minutes to charge)

Jorie T says:

Please do a review of the Model # RY40190, wondering if the self propelled performs better than this one. Or, if you’re finding the battery doesn’t last as long on this one, I’d be worried that the self-propelled would last even less time. I’m upgrading from the first generation Ryobi mower, so anything will be an improvement, but for the hilly parts of my yard I’d really like to have the self propelled unit.

Marty W says:

No one size fits all. Cordless mowers are great for small yards. I wouldn’t count on cutting 1/4 acre with one charge. This one could probable handle 1/8 w/o much of a problem. I own a small 16 inch Sun Joe. Handles my 1600 sf ft yard just fine. But I wouldn’t have bought it if I had 5,000+ sq ft.

Michael Whimore says:

I have Rodger Lea home and I use

Steven albarracin says:

I have this mower and have owned it for about 4 months now. this review is pretty accurate with a few exceptions in my experience. the bagging issue: mine actually allows for the bag to be 3/4 full to almost completely full before I have to remove bag. I would like to note that I live in Texas and when I cut, everything is dry and I’ve never attempted to cut when it is moist at all. Secondly is run time. I have a 1/2 acre lot and when running my ryobi the first time, it drained the battery but I was able to complete it. I was, however walking faster during my run vs the demonstration in this video. plus I did turn it off when I needed to adjust in my front yard just to conserve battery but it did cut the full 1/2 acre. After that, I tend to have 1/2 a battery left after I cut the grass but I stay on the grass every 2 to 3 weeks. the biggest challenge I had with my mower was helping a friend do a patch that was unkept (appx 20 feet by 35 feet) and had weeds primarily that were about 4 feet high. to my surprise I used 3 batteries to complete it ( I have spares charged). I did have to go up and down with the mower quite a bit and even back up and go forward but that was not an average scenario.

Rob says:

Thanks for your review very helpful

Awesome Things says:

4 good tips 1.Spray your blade with a good amount of w40 oil,each use and it will stay sharp and reduce friction resulting in more cutting time. 2. Always use your bag, old grass clippings attract fleas, birds, and fungus into your grass instantly. And your grass does not need decaying dead clippings on it, mulched up or not. 3. Be sure to dispose of grass clippings in yard waste bags to prevent the spread of flea larvae .4. After cutting your grass, mix 2 gallons of water and half a bottle of mouthwash in a yard sprayer bottle, mist your entire lawn to keep fungus ,yard pest and insects away. When you clip grass, you rip it open, creating a open wound for several days untill it heals.

Rakesh Raghupathi says:

Good review. Thank you for the good work.

Richard DeCristo says:

I’m in the process of moving into a new home with a small yard and small garage space. I have watched reviews on many cordless mowers but this is by far the best and appears to be the most honest.

TRY to HELP you says:

try walking around the perimeter in a spiral fashion, no turning and spinning. saves some time!

Osprey Flyer says:

My 3rd season with Ryobi 40V 20″. I’m very happy with it. Also have Ryobi 40V edger/trimmer, blower, and 3 batteries. I have nurtured my 6,000 sqf lawn and now have very thick Bermuda turf. I mulch, not bag. You do need to mow slower than gas and possibly overlap. The blades are thinner and lighter than gas and last about 4 months for me. The cut is very good.

Bradley d says:

great review I bought this same model last week and it did a great job. I also bought their 40 vlt weed Wacker. the additional great benefit of buying it I have a additional battery and charger. I bought mine at home Depot and their going to have ryobi sales events for memorial weekend.

Agustin Arias says:

Thanks to all of you guys, your comments have been very helpful. I was a little undecided about getting one, but after reading many of these comments I’m convinced this is the mower I need… I’m gonna go get mine today

Ryan Diaz says:

I use a scotts 20 in reel mower and i am able to cut my .33 acre lot easily

surfing636 says:

Good review. I’ve had this model for a month. Very pleased with it. I like that it doesn’t vacuum all the dirt & rocks up. I used 1/2 the battery the 1st cut of the season. Now I use 1/4 of the battery for both lawns. I also wish the grass catch bag was bigger. But a great mower for the price!

Frank says:

I use this in Florida. First time I used it grass was tall, used a battery and a half. I have an average smallish yard. Next time I used it the grass not long used half a battery. So really depends on length of grass

Don Schenck says:

That Monte Carlo is sweet!

Peter Bourke says:

Perfect review. I’ve owned mine for about a month and have used it 3 times and I agree with all of your points. Adding on to your half bag comment.. the unit does not have much in the way of a vertical suction and does not pull those weeds growing sideways into the blades. I am very confinement to say that the issue would be rectified by a bag that actually breathed. It’s choking the airflow.

goltoof says:

That’s why you got the compartment for the second battery. You can’t use these mowers on one battery unless you have a really small lawn. I need three batteries, two for the mower, one for the weed wacker, blower, trimmer, etc. They made a good move adding the second battery compartment.

Somnium Sky says:

Would be good if it had an electric cord connector so if the batteries are depleted you can plug it in and keep going.

Richard Johnson says:

Ego self propelled 7.5 amp hour is so much stronger mower. Takes an hour to charge for an hour of cut time. Superior to this one.

Richard Portelli says:

Shows why you should cut more frequently.

Anthony Ipina says:

Looks like a racecar #WorkshopAddict

Russ Webster says:

Great review Brian.  #WORKSHOPADDICT

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