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Should you consider turning your grass over to a robot lawn mower? Consumer Reports compares robots from Husqvarna, Worx and Robomow to a Honda self-propelled mower. For additional reviews, tips, and recommendations check us out at and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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toben42 says:

LOL, i own that Honda, but I’m lazy and would like a robot to mow.

Paradise Robotics says:

Consumer Reports is an uninformed robotic lawn mower hating publication that chose the wrong brands for their test. This test is incredibly biased and did not include the Ambrogio lawnbot (a.k.a. LawnBott), the best mower out there. But it’s obvious that it wouldn’t matter if they tested a robot that resolved every one of their complaints, they would find another reason to hate it. It’s time for the “old guard” at Consumer Reports to retire and for some fresh new thinkers to come in. Then we could get a test that is actually helpful to consumers.

Richard Green says:

I am holding out for solar-powered robotic sheep.
Living in Michigan a small lawn is a minor deal – 30 minutes a week in the summer.
Winter snow on the other hand …

Scott Ostr says:

Might want to do another video like this. There are MUCH cheaper “China direct” robot mowers coming out that are worth looking into.

LeatherandLuxury Cars says:

So this is a Honda add?

Woof Grung says:

I remember when sheep cut the grass lol what next?

Charlie Holmes says:

omg its so hard to walk behind a lawn mower oh geez yeah lets make something that turns humans even lazier

amber petals says:

i cant understand how any dullness of blade would lead to a blade of grass turning instantly brown. that doesn’t make sense if they tested it immediately after cutting.

john leininger says:

robo mower i can see being good if ur yard is under 700sq ft

Erik M says:

Robo mowers are AWESOME ! No petroleum, quiet, no tacky stripes in the grass, no air pollution, and it works on its’ own saving time.
Keep on bringing on the Bots.

WORX Tools says:

Hello Consumer Reports. We definitely want to thank you for reviewing our Landroid. Having a trusted well known company like Consumer Reports testing our product says a lot about our brand making an impact on the lawn and garden market. Having a robotic mower does take time to install and set up but pays off in the long run. Thank you for pointing that out. We do appreciate the honest feedback. Thanks again from WORX and keep up the good work.

Johnny Snow says:

Cool, A Roomba for my backyard

macleanclassics says:

so this is an endorsement for a honda push mower not a robotic mower test… should probably change the title

stevo728822 says:


Richard Great says:

0:26 I can not believe americans says Husky-barna To HusQvarna.

MrHorror1971 says:

Day 1 (Honda test ) I cut my grass went to the pub had a pint came back and had a nice cup of tea. (total time 2 hours)
Day 2 (Robot Lawn Mower) Made the boundary (total time 2 hours)
Day 3 (Robot Lawn Mower) Turned on, tried to cut grass ,after 40 minutes went back to base,emptied box, got chainsaw and killed Robot Lawn Mower.
Went to the pub had a pint came back and had a nice cup of tea. (total time 2 hours 45 minutes)

PoGGiE06 says:

How can these robotic mowers be so useless?? AI revolution clearly still some way to go … I imagine it is due to cost of sensors, which will presumably drop going forwards?

BoilerRoom4 says:

It looks like they only function on grass that doesn’t actually need cutting.

Giuseppe Marotta says:

it is just grass. holy crap who cares. when are you going to ban herbicides?

Tony Davis says:

There is obvious bias at consumer reports. I used to subscribe to them. There are many gas powered mowers so why did they say Honda?! Also just from my research the robot mowers are in continuous operation and it takes time to get the cut right.

PussMag says:

get battery powered one for decent money, less annoying noise. still less than rocraptic mowers

Charles Gage says:

I installed a Lawnbott Evolution 3200 about 10 years ago at Mom’s place in the country. She has about an acre of lawn in two different zones. True, it does take a weekend to set it up and some tweaking here and there, initially, but thereafter we have done nothing other than clean the mower in the fall before we take it in for the winter. The blade is razor-sharp and is replaced annually and flipped once during a season. The mower is completely automatic. We put it out in the spring and it stays in its doghouse until it figures it is time to mow. It can be programmed to mow only during certain hours and days, if desired (not mow on the weekends when the kids are around, for example).

We find it does an excellent job as it mows the lawn frequently and mulches the grass requiring no raking. We actually use the lawn now far more than before and it is always in excellent condition.

Cost? Yes, the initial cost is high but comparable to a good-quality riding mower. But, there is no gas, oil, or labor costs. For my Mom who is elderly and lives in a rural area where it is difficult to find anyone to mow, this is an ideal solution. People drive by, stop their cars, and watch the mower in action – even after all these years.

I have no complaints. We have a small mower to do some trim work in an area that cannot be reached by the Lawnbott. That takes 5 minutes to do. Well worth the cost for us.

Tboy The Rapper says:

Why? Is this necessary? This puts people like me and other lawn guys out of potential jobs!

JaArRyi FleshBlood says:


Urammar says:

This Fair And Balanced™ review brought to you by Honda™

Christian_Patriot says:

I have been getting the impression of late that Consumers Report has lost some of its objectiveness. I am not convinced it is free from agenda driven reports. Like the recent 103 rating for the Tesla model S.
“Tesla Model S P85D Breaks the Consumer Reports Ratings System”

Everything Cool says:

the best are the ones you sit on so cool

Nine Fingers says:

I’ve had the RL800 robot for over 15 years, in that time I’ve replaced my gas mower 3 times. A more accurate comparison for price against riding mowers or a lawn service , in which case the robot comes out less. Also it’s so quiet I hardly notice it and can run at night. It gives me time to do other chores, also I travel for work so it keeps the lawn so my house doesn’t look abandoned.

MonkeyAceBoss BTD says:

I would rather just do it myself instead of a robot doing it for me.

Logan Quinn says:

Walking is good for you. And reel human-powered mowers are cheaper to buy and use. Not to mention quieter and less stinky.

if you really hate mowing, install a synthetic yard;

Tractors n Stuff says:

Are you hiring for people to mow? Lol

rkhrahmani says:

I bought one of these robo-mowers. I regret that.

Rice Crash says:

I’d rather cut my lawn, to a lot of us it’s not a chore.

packson jollock says:

humans are wayy too fucking obsessed with grass.

Ethan Waterman says:

this is trash. come to vapecon for some real fun

Tardisius says:

I got the Honda several months ago…’s still the best =))

Mark R says:

Robot lawn mowers are not worth it yet

Stephen Woods says:

Wouldn’t it be cheaper and better to pay a local kid to mow the lawn with a good mower, rather than a robot mower? She or he would probably do a better job and be more thankful than the robot?

AweMire says:

In conclusion: Drone lawn mowers are a good idea, but have not even remotely been perfected yet.

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