Regular Car Reviews: Yard Man

Epileptic Seizure WARNING! Two jokes in this video have fast moving images and flashing lights. These images have the potential to photosensitive epilepsy. Watch at your own risk.


Jimmy Ikon says:

Get an Exmark amateur

Zach Fitzgerald says:


Tony Hernandez says:

A kubota diesel zero turn lawn mower will blow your mind.

Dylan Crowe says:

Almost sounds like hes doing a Rick impression, from rick and morty. Just with a lower voice lol

Le Leedler says:

I just bought one for 100$.

Jerry Cronan says:

This is RCR’s greatest review. You do best when you don’t give a shit.

mr house says:

eat the aero bar they are brilliant

Paul Bell says:

Last night my wife and I watched “The Straight Story” by David Lynch. An older man hears his estranged brother has had a stroke, and so to make amends he gets there the only way he can — on a 1966 John Deere riding mower. The journey is some 350 miles and is quite an adventure.

Bob herry says:


agressivstreetlamp says:

I’d love to see you do an old classic tractor. Like an old Porsche

Hayden Binkley says:

Review a old honda ht3813

Jason Miller says:

patty cake patty cake, a method man

The Jamaican Vernacular says:

10 times and it’s still fresh.

Joe Krushelnicki says:

Did Ricky Sanchex voice this video? I expected a wubba lubba gub gub…

sh b says:

I figured you as more of a huaraches wearer over “sport sandals.” ….seeeewww fahhhnceyyy.

Cottsify says:


LeStev says:

nice momo wheel

Human Being says:

Aero Bars are amazing we have them in canada

MrMyopinionsmatter says:

mr. regular, your legs are beautiful.

Adan Lopez says:

do da Honda grom

Jeremy says:

mr regular packing 😉

CastironCowboy says:

July 2017 and still hands down still my favorite RCR video.

sergh8605 says:

Love the crotch shot! MAAAAAAAAAANNNNN

Midnight Mechanic says:

My cut deck’s bigger than your cut deck! 50″ worth of cut deck!

Ivan Castillo says:


squigga says:

am i the only one who realized this entire video is a rick and morty themed review?

raycollard1984 says:

Clotted cream fudge is awesome. damn yanks wouldn’t know a good thing if it came up and bit you on the arse.

aptspire says:

1:30 song name?

Aaron H says:

What’s next? Regular Boat Reviews.

dean z says:

Man your first 2 to 3rd years you wete raw go back to it man I love it. Keep up the good work. Dont get down love you man

Egorence says:

drive a old as heck tractor

xGerbil says:

I had a redneck neighbor who lifted one of these.

2liter overlord says:

Don’t knock aeros and digestives I grew up on those

Pericles Underhill says:


marc l Laforet says:

OMG I’m dying right now lolololol

Lehmon I wan mah lehmon says:

A review on some snickers

Joe Cleveland says:

All the you tubers with irritable bowel like to make sure you know about it.

bcubed72 says:

22″ deck?! Hell, my push mower has a 21″ deck.


lol It’s labelled UK & Ireland, yet I see food items from Australia, such as the Vegemite

Steve Brule says:

Get off my lawn.

Cipher TheDemonLord says:

Now do an International Harvester tractor.

Revolt Larz Wolfblade says:

It’s absolutely amusing if you hear this voice and think Trevor Phillips in GTA5.

byalexandr says:

the pioneers used to ride these babies for miles




Jason Ivie says:

Nice lawn

Ezra B says:


vipmd says:

ewwww England food

Boi says:


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