Powerstroke Subaru EA175V Electric Start Self Propelled Lawn Mower by Costco

This is a Costco exclusive, the Powerstroke lawnmower is powered by an aluminum cast Subaru EA175V gas engine.
Features a built in battery and electric start mower, self propelled large rear wheels, rear bagging or mulching, built in hose adapter for wash out and easy adjustment of all 4 wheels with one big easy to use handle. Best lawnmower you can get for $400 no question about it!


Bradley Ratovonjanahary says:

does it get rod knocks?

1BrotherMack says:

Next time show the mower in action

jim davidson says:

Best handle lever system – Toro Personal Pace. Best engine – Briggs, mostly all good these days. Best deck design – Snapper. Best deck material – Toro Super Recycler (aluminum). Best wheels – ball bearing with small wheels in the rear. Tall rear wheels are hard to turn around. Best drive system – Snapper (rear of course).

Karl R says:

I think I just ordered the last one from Costco.com

How are parts and support for this mower?
What’s the length from front wheels to the back of the handle?
I’m looking to get a small shed like thing for storing it outside.

Vinnie Versaci says:

Home Depot sells the Subaru lawn mower for $299.00

Sergio Sánchez says:

thats why i go with blade bracke cluth and with honda

ClubMayview says:

I’ve got a 6 year old snapper that has all the same features and it was $349

Brian Perry says:

hope it’s as good as you have stated, I just bought it and will receive tomorrow ,.

Sonos45 says:

Am I the only person that thinks this screams re-brand?

Russ Bullock says:

Got one of these last spring from costco. Now Home Depot has them. I loved mine for 3 months. The Subaru engine was really great! Easy start every time. Then the rear drive belt came off. No biggie. Then the rear drive differential locked. Not good. Then the battery was not being recharged while the engine was running. Had to use the pull start every time.

Then I took it back to Costco. I doubt Home Depot will take them back quite as easily.

They need to put that Subaru engine on some other mower.

David Johnson says:

Bought mine from Home Depot for $279.  Ran it through 4 cuttings and the only gripe I have is the Rear wheel drive system will not pivot, makes for hard turns when turning on sidewalks, etc… Appears the rear wheel drive is not a transaxle. On front wheel drive, you can lift up the front to make those pivots. Another engineering  fail. The rest of the mower is solid. Had 3 Hondas all had Carburetor problems.  This motor starts and runs better than a Honda.

Parker4321 says:

I meant what country is it made in? Japan? USA?

John C says:

I ordered this mower from Costco on July 4th weekend. I was able to mow my lawn 2x since then. The electric start is nice. But I may return it back to Costco because I feel the self propelled mower is just too slow for me. It just feels a bit slower than what I’m used to with my older John deere self propelled mower.
Other than that, it runs and rolls really smooth.

Marshall Smith says:

subaru makes great engines

Sean M says:

Edit: Thanks for the review. Ended up buying one. Using only premium gas. My yard and cut height aren’t challenging. Engine runs great. Three weeks on and 5 cuts runs brilliant. Electric start is dope. When shipped from a Costco purchase I received it with one of the two bolts that keeps the deck height aligned with the handle adjustment sheared off. The single bolt attached resulted in an uneven deck height across all four wheels as it pivoted on one point of dynamic dis-alignment. Have not gotten a replacement bolt threaded yet. BUT, I have a 1/4″ sorta threaded through the 2nd point of alignment with no chance of attaching a nut…jammed through enough to hold steady for a while. Haven’t contacted warranty support for fear of handing it off and getting shit back worse like a large retailer that starts with “S” has done when I’ve spent good money before.

Jordan Houle says:

We purchased this lawn mower last summer and I too was really in love with it, we took it out this year to start weekly lawn care and I noticed that the wheels don’t break loose when I go to turn it and it is leaving huge moon shaped divots. If anyone has experience with this and knows how to fix it, let me know. Worse case I guess I’ll make a Costco return but just wanted to avoid that mess of an afternoon.

Josh Dollins says:

it being a subaru you think it might be a bit more reliable but then again their awesome cars sometimes have week points to. love the way it looks and some of the features. honda is far more tried and true though and to be honest never had a problem with craftsman and toro has been ok as well

Bill Sharpe says:

FYI / Very Important info: ( Bob, your video sold me on the Costco mower 🙁 )
Mine , that I’m going to return, has a factory defect on the engine shut off switch / cable!
Powerstroke literally had me bend the switch the wrong direction when it wouldn’t start for the first time. (bad news fix and they never called me back….)
Also, look at the cables on the mower, THEY ARE NOT adjustable, MORE BAD News. Most all products have cable adjusters, this mower does not.
Lastly, the mower mows at a not so fast pass. My wife is 60, she loves lawn mowing, but says this mower is too slow.
We have owned too many mowers, (SAD to say), including a coupla Hondas. Our fav so far is the Toro personal pace with high back wheels. It’s light, moves right along, starts easy & is the same price at places like Home Depot.
Sorry Bob, in my humble opinion, this is not YET a bad ass mower.

Patrick off grid says:

what battery is on that 12 or 6v

Arnaud A. says:

I saw this mower at our local costco one weekend, it had just been put out, and by the next weekend when we had gone back to pick some other items that we forgot, it was gone. They said they weren’t getting anymore in. Sad that they didn’t have very many nor did they have any new PO’s for the item to be restocked. I guess that is the bad thing about Costco sometimes. When it’s a good product they only get one batch, when it’s not so good they get tons of it and it takes forever to be sold off the shelves. Wish they would bring this item back.

Osvaldo Perez says:

honda is way better i had one of those they work good but not like honda n honda is for powerfull

Mark Snyder says:

gotta put an exhaust on that Scooby!

don schlegel says:

Hi Bob Thanks could you please tell meWhat Costco did you find it at . Please .

John C says:

I just bought one tonight. It must have literally just been available @ Costco online. I wanted to give this a try. If it doesn’t work out I’m just going to return it and get a Honda.
Keep us informed if anyone experiences any problems with this mower.

Tou Lee says:

@Robert Moseley how is it holding up after a year? I’ve read that some people had issues with the engine?

Streety says:

Decal marketing. Smh

TheIndianscout says:

They sell this mower at home depot online only for $279.00

acidrain30 says:

Now u have to get the Subaru pressure washer from Costco lol

Barb says:

Hey Bob – I just took this bad boy out of the box. Everything looks great except the handle that adjusts the cutting height rubs on the wheel and won’t move past the first 2 height notches. Thoughts??

Mark DePonzi says:

Robert Keep us posted on the cable . I was going to buy one . I just bought the new Electric mower from Costco I don’t see it on there site any more but the darn thing leaves blades of grass after you mow . So i thought I would go back to gas . I was thinking of just getting the Honda but after your review I may get this one. Not sure I like the feed back of the cable problem . Let us know what happens when you change the cable . Thanks

Steve Owens says:

I was waiting to add my comments about this mower until I’d used it a few times. I bought it so my wife who has RA could help me mow the lawn, but now I want to mow every time! The key start is what sold me and that’s a very cool feature, but it just runs so smoothly, it’s a great engine. The rear wheel self propelled was a big step up from my old push mower. Finally, that ability to move the blade up or down with a single lever is ideal for my lawn where I’ve got a section that I maintain to be short and The Back 40 which I let grow higher. I found ethanol-free gas at one of the co-ops here, so I’m trying to use good gas in it. It’s just a really nice and solid mower.

fallscity says:

My mower deck says: Made In China. The engine is made by Fuji Heavy Industries LTD aka Subaru. TTI puts the pieces together for Costco, ONLY. How will parts availability be for a mower with such a limited run? By the way TTI also builds the Ryobi mower in the video!!!

Lewis Brazil says:

Gravely has used a the same Subaru motor a fews years back with the similar one lever to adjust wheel height(http://www.mowersdirect.com/Gravely-911174-Lawn-Mower/p10504.html).  I also believe that Fuji makes this motor for Subaru as I have a generator with a 10hp power Fuji/Subaru stamped on it.  I think its a solid engine, probably not in the same class as Honda.  For some reason Gravely does not offer that mower anymore, my neighbor has one and it seems to do well especially the hill we have to mow.

Capt Cow says:

So many things wrong about the video and resulting comments:

While it may not be in stores it IS available online, currently with free shipping. Mine is scheduled to deliver July 8.

You can order this online without purchasing a Costco membership. You can also purchase pharmacy items and eye wear in store without a membership.

Who is stupid enough to operate a gas powered mower indoors? Better question: Why would you?

How do you presume to review a product without even using it once? Honestly Bob, how about favoring us with pizza reviews without tasting and room freshener without smelling next time.

NewShockerGuy says:

My Costco has this and I was JUST about to buy it, however the store said they are having nothing but issues… plus I found another site that states bad reviews. I believe Costco is taking this out of their stores. My store said they had 10 but were not selling them anymore…

NOTE that I am not bashing subaru..lol I own an STi and have their subaru pressure washer and love it…


Wher do you get the 21 inch blade fo this lawn mower

Dave Pinsent says:

Bought this the other week. now waiting for the damn snow to stop.   yes I posted this in april 🙁

Robert Moseley says:

I would like to update some of our findings using the lawn mower.
MY wife primarily uses it, which is why I got one with an electric start and self propelled wheels.

Her experience has been that after using it for a while in the extreme heat, it would not restart.
It did not stop running, she would stop it to empty the bag but then it would not re-start again.
I don’t know if it was over heated and had a thermal shut down or something much more simple, there had been a recall on the mowers due to the cable mechanism that allows it start.
You have to pull pack on the lever to get it to start as a safety precaution.
This cable is not adjustable.
My theory is that the cable and it’s plastic sheath are getting soft in the heat and compressing and not letting the lever engage fully cause it not to start.
When it cools, it starts again.
When she told me it was not starting and put it in the garage, she was embarrassed and confused when I walked up to it and started it normally.

So my suggestion is this, this is a great mower with a flaw of a cheap cable.
I plan to replace this cable with a better one with a METAL sheath, even if I have to have it custom made, one that is adjustable.
I am betting that this will cure this problem.
A more complicated fix would be to install an ON/OFF switch, but this can be dangerous as this allows the mower to continue operating ever when let go,
which is why they installed this feature in the first place!

I am also betting that all of these recalled and returned mowers will show up being sold “refurbished” either repaired or as-is so someone
out there will get a hell of a deal on it.

With the exception of this one design flaw, the mower works perfectly and is a huge bargain compared to the Honda.

The Angry German says:

This is not a Costco exclusive

Harper Bowersox says:

Good looking mower. I want to buy one, but I worry that parts would be hard to come by. Thanks for the review!

Ektor Colon says:

thanks man this video have been a blesing

utah-monks says:

Runs for about 10 minutes then dies. There is no choke or throttle; all automatic. Thinking about taking it back to Costco.

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