Poulan Pro PB301 Riding Lawnmower Review

Poulan Pro PB301 Riding Lawnmower Review


Joey Porto says:

You could proably learn to drive pretty good on one of these.

peterpete says:

Thanks for the great review. I ordered one yesterday. Here in Sweden they sell it under the Mcculloch brand. Thanks to your video I have a clearer picture of what I am getting.

John Smith says:

I used to own this but before they replaced it with the gear transmission. I had the slip disk model. and it would not move on ANY incline. sold it for 70$

Michael Monroe says:

I picked up one of these in March
mowing grass is a breeze again!!

juan marin says:

My mower I have the exact same one but mine doesn’t want to go forward or back ward do you know how to fix??

classicplastic101 says:

Right nice little mower, drop it off at my house. Thanks buddy!

Garfield Smith says:

Nice review. Just one thing. You maybe should mention to check the oil before starting. Even if the manufacturer says it is factory filled. Bought a gas push mower once and that said it was factory filled, but good thing I check first, because it was not.I enjoy all your reviews, especially the hobby kits.

Glen Wilson says:

How well does it mow around flower beds and trees?

12345 67 says:

it’s the same like the mowcart 77

John R says:

Great video. Nice job with all the explanation of the controls and were all the important parts are. I will buy this Poulan over the tro-built, seems to be a lot better to handle and maintain. Thanks again for the video.

LetThatBassDr0p says:

Question. I have a pretty small lot. Maybe
.25 acres, probably smaller. Anyway, I got injured recently and can’t really walk the greatest anymore so a standard mower is out of the question. Do you think this riding mower would work for that small if a lot? Thank you!

stripervince1 says:

really? i would think those would be something like 2 0r 3 inch tires…ok thanks…ill get mine later today or tomorrow……say, by any chance would you know the measurement of the box? i have a kia soul and wondering if it would fit, my last mower did it was a poulan self propelled…..only need width and height. cant find it on the website

Connie Lindell-Bron says:

I need to get a battery for MY Poulan Pro PB30.  I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE.  Help please!!!

Sub Par says:

Damn it, Jerry!

2gtsvette says:

Hows the mower holding up after couple months with it?


In Soviet Russia, lawn cuts you.

cortez simmons says:

Can you leave in on the mowing  in reverse all the time. or should you on put it in that mode when you are mowing in reverse. thanks for the great review!

David Malinovsky says:

This seems to be the only way to buy a Husqvarna produced RER. I always thought Poulan Pro was MTD but it looks like they are part of Husqvarna

SmartyPants Dogs says:

I’m interested in comparing this to the Cub Cadet rear engine 30″. Looks about the same but nobody around me sells it. Your lawn looks a little sad, dude! But then, it’s March.
🙂 I love that the seat has holes in it. Smart! I’m always having to wipe the collected dew/water off the seat of my tractor. Why doesn’t everyone do this for mower seats?

Robert Edwards says:

Thanks hpiguy! I just ordered one today and should get it delivered to the house in about a week to 10 days. Can’t wait! I bought it online, sight-unseen with only the feedback from buyer comments to go on. Your video review made me feel MUCH better about my purchase! I live in Florida, moved here from Ohio, and my original plan of push mowing our 1/2 acre lot didn’t pan out because of how hard it is to “push” a mower through the Florida grass (VERY different than Ohio grass ) 🙂 Thanks again! I REALLY appreciate your review! If you were here in Florida, I’d buy you a nice steak dinner for your efforts! 🙂

SSG Viper says:

Excellent review

bongoboyj says:

We have annoying black birds too…

Mr. Ed Rz says:

By chance, can you provide the belt model number. My belt broke on my
PB301 and trying to find it at any of the Big Box stores is futile at
best. Even going to Poulan’s web site is of no help without the part
number. I’ve checked my belt and there is no number printed on the belt.
Thank you in advance.

Mucky Pops says:

Excellent review video hpiguy. You went over the mower thoroughly and I found it very helpful. Thanks for taking the time to do it up right.

I have one question: Can you shift on the fly with this thing? By that I mean can you start out in 1st gear and shift up and down without stopping? I can’t seem to find the information elsewhere.

stripervince1 says:

did you say 13 and 16 inch tires? my cobra mustang has 16 inch wheels? splain please. a mis speak? i just bought this at badcock furniture for $1200. if i get 3 seasons out of it im happy. i have a big but east yard (no hills, rocks gravel, brush or gardens) , good review. ps. you look like youre having too much fun on it

aleon1018 says:

I used to drive one of these styles years ago and preferred it over the lawn tractors because I could see where I was going and mowing easier. Now if they made a slightly larger one with a wider deck and larger motor, ( for us rider potato guys) that would be nice too. Unfortunately, the bigger they are, the pricier they are and people are buying the zero turn mowers instead.

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