One Month Husqvarna Automower 430X Review

This is my One Month Husqvarna Automower 430X Review
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Myhhyn Ally says:

Is it waterproof

TheVicdub says:

what a gorgeous lawn!

acoustic61 says:

You won’t a get a nice striped cutting pattern if that’s what you like. I know I do. And if for some reason your grass gets tall, you’d probably have to use a regular mower. I’m also curious if it will cut southern turf grasses such as Centipede and St. Augustine.

Gerren Mayne says:

Hi it’s 3200 m2. If your lawn is bigger Husqvarna do the larger 450X model that will cut up to 5000m2

psychomat64 says:

What is your mowing hight? I just bought the Same 430X.

Arturas Montvilas says:

how big is your garden,i am loking to husqvarna 430x ,my garden 2500sqm,would it handle it

beayn says:

I live across from a park with lots of foot traffic. I think this would last a week tops before it’s stolen… Gone in 3 days most likely. I would need a “Find my Automower” option with GPS.

Vino S says:

I will differently think about this one when a get my home. I love the peace of mind aspect of it.

Tina Clark says:

Do you let it just bump the trees? It looks like trying to outline them all would be too crazy and leave too many tufted spots.

Kelli Cornwell says:

What type of grass do you have, fescue,bluegrass or? I live in Missouri USA and I mow my grass about three inches high. I would love to see how this would perform on my sloping yard. Thank you for your videos

andrewdr350 says:

Hey that’s a nice yard right there

David Fox says:

Does this thing just cut in random patterns? Curious. Thanks!

Aaron Carter says:

It is a great concept but I have 4 acres to mow weekly and this thing is not going to keep up. I hope within the next ten years or so they come up with something a little more industrial…

Martin Olson says:

Thank you for your review, I really would like to buy one. seems like a very benificial product for your lawn.

Joe 4 Hire Lawn Care says:

Oh Great, I guess that I am going to be replaced by a robot

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