New Honda Mower HRX217 Review

I give an updated review of the Honda Lawn mower that I’ve had for about 3 months.


SPBurt1 says:

I just picked one of these up. It was $600.00 at the depot. I bought my first Honda mower in 2001 and I just retired it last weekend because the deck finally rusted out. Probably has nearly 1000 running hours in not more. Motor runs like a champ still. I expect the HRX217 to get even more hours because of the composite deck. I always have delusions of grandeur about the maintenance routine but I know after a year I will use and abuse this mower and probably not even rinse the thing off after use. It will last another 15 plus years easily. Worth every penny.

Joseph Hensley says:

my Honda hr215 mower is 23 years old and still runs great

Cody schrader says:

Haha gotta know that Honda reliability. Especially the engine. Never had an issue with Honda lawnmower’s, and I have had them for 25 years. I have owned three so far and no issue at all! Have make sure you use the high end fuel and change the fluids when needed. Not to mention winterize it as well. And she screwed up your lines!!!!

ChicagoSirens says:

I have the HRR model with the steel deck. I’ve gotten the engine a year ago and since putting in the Honda oil, I’ve put in Mobil 1 fully synthetic 10W-30. Reason being, people claim that they’ve run their Hondas for 25 years on full synthetic and the engines run like new! Interesting method of drive system, my Honda has a Select Drive where the more you push down, the faster it goes. Hope this mower last a long time!

Jacob Ditmer says:

is the Honda hrx 217hya

Superior Lawn Care says:

i have the honda hrr216vka. i want to switch to the honda hrx model. how is the transmission lever working for you? is it like push and it goes or do you have to push a little? i know honda makes 3 different hrx models. I’ve never used this model with these controls. please respond. thanks

the eabster says:

burn up the clutch, if you push the acceleration lever half way ?

David Schlueter says:

I have an 1987 Honda 21 inch all aluminum deck still starts first pull every time

Mow Better Lawn Service says:

looks great can you do a bagging demonstration please ? I’d really appreciate it

Carlos Spicey Weiner says:

“That’s when she’s 18…”

beri232 says:

Nice yard bud. How does this mower work if you were to have maybe 2-3 weeks worth of growth on your lawn and a bit of morning dew? My lawn is thick and lush but I like to mow every 2 weeks to help with the root system. My current $250 8 year old Lawnboy bogs out if the grass is too wet and I’m looking to replace with this model of Honda.


if you want it to last never use ethanol fuel and never store it with any gas in the tank.

David Post says:

I don’t know how you like this piece of crap. I bought one just like it with the Hydro Drive system and I hated it. I actually have the older version of it and i loved it but the newer one I bought was constantly clogging up underneath the mower and the engine regularly was hard to start. The drive system made weird noises and the Mulch setting thing is rediculous. I bought it for $750 and after 1 month and trying to return it I wound up selling it for $600. I don’t believe you like it because it sucks.

beingsneaky says:

ah heck any mower can last 15 years. seen briggs on youtube 45 years. and i know ppl rag on tecumseh but seen then last quite awhile too IF looked after.

Nicholas Lucas says:

I have a baseline HRR VKA. I think you have a slightly larger engine than I do on this mower. That said I am in my second year going into my third with my Honda…mowing weekly spring through fall and usually biweekly in winter (I’m in Florida) and have no issues with my mower. I went through a wave of rough running and even backfiring at the end of the first year….went to ethanol free fuel (local WAWA sells it) and all of those issues resolved. Always starts on the first pull even before going ethanol free. I clean the air filter in the fall, replace it in spring. Change oil 3 times a year with Honda oil, and have yet to change the spark plug (I know I should do it though).

My only complaint is that if there is the slightest bit of moisture on the grass and I do mean slightest….mulching doesn’t mulch. It clumps. Also….the twin cut blades need to be sharpened frequently..I ended up buying a second set and rotate between them every month. Compared to my now gone Toro mower…I’ll deal with the blades to have a mower that actually works!

I absolutely say that if you can acquire ethanol free gas then do it. My Stihl trimmer, edger and blower all run so much better along with the Honda. Ethanol is a disaster on small engines.

Pittwater Mowing Australia says:

Looks like a great mower

raymond palermo says:

I have a 22 year old murry and I always change the oil and treat the gas with fuel stabilizer every fall and my mower starts in one to two pulls all the time.

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