NEW Dual Battery EGO 21″ Mower Review | 56-Volt Self Propelled Mower w/ TWO 5.0Ah Batteries LM2142SP

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New Dual Battery Mower – This NEW Dual Battery EGO 21″ Self-Propelled mower provides longer run time not only because it has multiple batteries!  This the EGO’s first BRUSHLESS lawn mower.  You will not see the word brushless on this lawnmower but rest assured it is.   This lawn mower operated very similar to the dual battery snow blower with what EGO calls PeakPower technology.  Basically, the PeakPower technology can determine what battery or batteries (It can run off a single battery) you have in the lawn mower and the software determines the most efficient power draw.  This allows users to use multiple batteries for long runtimes and more torque or the ability to run one battery while the other charges.  While this new model looks and feels almost exactly like the single battery 21″ lawn mower, the difference lies in the motor and the torque it can provide.  With two 5.0Ah batteries, one can see upwards of 40% more torque from this unit.  that allows you to run some of the upgrades we list below with little effect on runtime!

This is an expensive unit, due mostly to the cost of the two batteries if you buy the kit.  But if you are wanting a nice, powerful and quiet lawn mower to tackle larger lawns, look no further, this is it.

What is PeakPower Technology?
This new mower is the second tool from EGO that will run on a single battery or also capable of running off two batteries.  EGO calls this technology PeakPower and it is software that is capable of detecting the size of the batteries in the tool.  Obviously, the larger the battery, or batteries, the better it will perform.  The software will look at the number of cells (battery pack size) that is can pull power from and adjust the amps drawn from the battery, or batteries for optimal performance.  This gives the user options if a battery was forgotten to be charged or if one were to possibly go bad.  We found that there is little difference between running the unit with a 7.5Ah single battery or two 5.0Ah batteries, but all of our testing was done with the two 5.0Ah batteries that came in the kit.

LM2142SP Features
21 self-propelled mower
Features PeakPower technology for more Torque
Bare tool or with (2) 5.0Ah batteries and charger
Variable speed control for Self-Propulsion
Single lever 6-position deck height adjustment
Compatible with any EGO 56-Volt battery
Folds easily for compact storage
LED headlights
5-year limited warranty
Why Go Battery Powered?
The largest benefits of a battery operated lawn mower are the lack of pull starting, lack of buying gas, lack of changing oil and a significant decrease in noise.  While testing out battery operated lawn mowers, Jeff and I are able to have conversations without yelling.  Try that with any gas-powered lawn mower and you will be screaming at each other and most of the time not understanding all that is said.  The largest downside to a battery-powered unit is, or was runtime.  Prior to this model, the average runtime we would see with the single battery EGO was around 45-minutes.  With this new unit, one will easily see 75-minutes while mowing a normal lawn.  Many people start to look at a small tractor at the point where they are mowing a lawn for over an hour and a half.

This small battery operated unit opens the door for commercial contractors to use this unit for trimming.  The runtime will easily allow for its use on and off while trimming for a normal workday.

We have found that is very thin stranded grass that is cut at more than 3″ that there can be strands of grass left uncut.  This is because the blades on most battery-powered lawn mowers are designed for runtime, not lift.  There is a high lift blade available from EGO that will lift the grass and cut better, but it will slightly reduce the runtime of the machine.  This new machine will have this blade much better and still give a long runtime.  We highly suggest you try this blade with the new mower!  EGO Power+ AB2101 21″ Lawn Mower High Lift Blade for POWER+ 56V Lawn Mower Models LM2100/LM2100SP/LM2101/LM2102SP


LTDan GamingDen says:

Brian, Thank You for another great review and hope you and the family have a wonderful 4th of July. Also, Thank You to all the great men and women serving in the military, law enforcement & first responders.

Love the design and the power seems great on batteries. Was impressed with the height of grass you plowed through. Also being able to use one or two batteries and of different capacities is nice. The downside like others has stated is not being waterproof for easy cleanups. Is there an easy way to waterproof the electronics to be able to hose it? But overall, I’m impressed. I’m excited to see what the future brings in battery technology.

The Kobalt 80v Max looks impressive and cheaper but not sure if the two is comparable power wise. From what reviews I have seen on the Kobalt vs EGO, the Kobalt appeared to have less clippings on the ground also. Have you had a chance to compare the two? #WorkShopAddict

Bill W says:

For all that are interested, Home Depot has a one day special sale (today 8-16-18) on several of the EGO lawn mowers, including the two battery unit reviewed here and the steel deck unit. It also includes the multi-head tool in this sale.

PRO Gaming Roblox & more! says:

Workshopaddict. I need to know about if I should pick Ego or ryobi for my lawn tools. I need price to be good and I need it to be easy less carry. (Less batteries to carry around but still able to do up to 10 lawns. The weed eater would be nice to have a edge trimmer. If possible one type of battery for each tool. Thanks!

Robert Frangie says:

i would like to see the new light from dewalt (dewalt dwht81422) could you make a video about it? please

DirtForce 08 says:

what a wicked machine… I’ve got on board with ego products, just got the power head + system, weed trimmer end. And 56v chainsaw and LOVE them. I need to get a larger battery tho, still on 2ah, just not enough. I also recently bought a Sur-ron dirt bike and that thing is basically science fiction. I’m so sold on electric, I would dare say, electric/battery power has arrived for 2018, meaning, truly competitive with gas powered stuff. All because of better BMS’s and better more efficient brushless motors. Lithium Battery chemistry hasn’t changed much but the other stuff has and it made the difference. Electric is just under 1/2 run time as gas now per weight BUT less hassle, less maintenance, easier operation and way less noise. Like I said, LOVE all my electric toys, never going back!

Pro1er says:

I like the way you guys think, you’re able to accept a new technology if it works well. There are still too many people stuck in the “If it ain’t gas, it ain’t no good” mind set. Years ago I replaced every piece of yard machine I was able to with electric, (I still need a gas powered riding mower). Now I have replaced all the corded tools with battery operated tools and I couldn’t be happier.

Bill W says:

You state that this is the only EGO mower with a brushless motor. I guess I had come to assume they were all brushless so I just checked on the EGO website and the only mower they claim comes with a “Hi-Efficiency Brushless Motor” is the unit with a steel deck, model LM2022SP. Most all of the cordless tool manufacturers are producing brushless motor powered tools for bump in power and run time as well as reduced maintenance. With the much touted quality and success of the EGO OPE line of tools and my love of my EGO carbon fiber string trimmer, with a brushless motor, I guess I was assuming a little to much. You know what they say about assuming.

Max Nguyen says:

Do you find it mulches better than the 21 single battery with self propel? More even cut without leaving stragglers?

HifiVega says:

I really wanna get into the Ego platform… I believe I’ll try and start with the string trimmer/blower combo. Great video as always!

Marc DeLong says:

Will this run on a single battery or only dual battery

The Happy Whisk says:

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my EGO. I have LM2102SP with the single 7.5 battery and that thing doesn’t die. Plus, the recharge is fast on the charger they gave me with it. I’m allergic to gas, so this new toy, gave me the freedom to mow and I LOVE THAT! I didn’t go with the 750.00 because that price point was too high, I didn’t want the steel deck but I LOVED the brushless. But for 500 the 2102 is good for me. I don’t use the bagger or the side shoot. I do use the headlights. And the quiet. OH my gosh. The quiet.

We replaced our trimmer with theirs as well. 2.5 battery but on bigger days, I chuck my 7.5 in the trimmer. Runs better, feels like anyway. And the trimmer charger is slower compared to the mower charger that I got.

So excited to get the snow blower this year (fingers crossed). Being allergic to gas and now having this line, it’s heaven I tell you. Heaven.

Denise Johnson says:

So I am convinced now on this mower BUT the one with the two batteries at $750 on the Home Depot site DOES NOT say its brushless? the one they show at the same price is a 20 inch AND it has only one battery..what is the difference? hopefully you’ll be able to answer soon because I NEED to purchase ASAP!

Craig Cundiff says:

Nice!…. Eventually this will be the norm….

Bryan Medley says:

Would love to see a ego brushless riding mower. I bet it would be over 3 grand.

JronmanBuilds says:

This is Ego’s first brushless mower??? I thought Ego had brushless mowers already.

Thomas Statham says:

Have u guys tried putting 2 blades on the new ego mower like the honda self propelled mower? Would love to see that.


I just picked up a single battery one and it keeps triggering a yellow light

awtobot says:

You mentioned that you main string trimmer is battery powered, I also use a battery powered trimmer now – the Milwaukee M18 trimmer. I’m definitely looking into one of these battery powered mowers as a secondary mower for use around beds and ditches.

Plasmo20 says:

Fair review, thanks.
I just bought the AEG 58V 4AH bundle, Mower AUD$799 with 16″ Chainsaw skin included, then added the Blower Skin for a further AUD$60. I chose it over the EGO 19″ because I received more for the $$ spend. Also the AEG has 2 x 58V batteries on board so you can hot swap and be charging the 2nd while still mowing. Also reportedly runs up to 60min, so should cut my 300m2 (3230sqft).

I did buy the Dewalt 2 x 18V 6AH mower and blower bundle for AUD$799 BUT.. the mower only cut 225m2 (2421.88 sq Ft) and then stopped. Great build but the batteries are a POS and most disappointed. Fortunately I used the 30day money back and took a refund.

I like the reviews I see for the EGO but they are that bit more expensive and I read a few issues with the handles not locking and the plastic desk, hopefully I am not eating my words in 6months. cheers

ExaltedDuck says:

With a gas mower it’s important to factor in the cost of maintenance and fuel. The ego mowers seem have a relatively high cost up front but the electricity to charge the batteries is way less than the gasoline to fuel a traditional mower and maintenance on the ego is just a matter of a few drops of oil in the wheel and drive axle bearing from time to time. No spark plugs, no oil changes, no air filters, no fussy carbs to tune up, no breakdowns from alcohol in the fuel supply, etc. So that extra cost for batteries can be offset within a few years by a significantly reduced cost operation.

EnochLight says:

Great review as always, fellas! EGO makes the best electric mowers (battery or otherwise) on the market, and I’m glad they’re refreshing their product lineups. Really wish the dual-battery was a brushless mower, but honestly – I cut residential and the current motor is fine. If I cut commercial, I might lean towards the steel deck. Anyway, keep up the good work on the channel! Cheers

Ken Waller says:

Great review! Hey on the LM2102SP, when using the rear wheel drive system, when you release the drive lever you actually have to push the mower a little forward in order to pull the mower back so the wheels don’t lock, The wheel lock feature is a safety feature I guess (I hate that it does that). So my question is does this new models wheels still lock like on the LM2102SP when you want to pull the mower back and do you still have to push the mower a little forward in order to pull the mower back? Thanks!

EOSJOE says:

This thing is light years ahead of the recently reviewed DeWalt battery powered mower – and the DeWalt isn’t even self propelled. Yes, it is expensive but when you factor in the cost of the batteries you have to buy to make the DeWalt usable you’re pretty much in the same price range.

Danny H. says:

Nice mower but I don’t have a big enough lawn to justify the expense of a cordless lawnmower!

They Live says:

Next year the price will be $650 you watch.  The price always goes down.

Jacob Filla says:

great vid keep up the great content

Phoenix Jackson says:

Excuse but can anyone tell me the difference between brushless and non-brushless. What make the lawnmower brushless? Can someone please enlighten me?

ImaITman says:

What I hate about Ego is they lose money on the units themselves, but then charge ridiculous prices on their batteries. Guess what fails first, lawnmower or battery? So over the years you’re gonna pay mega bucks for replacing those batteries.

James Talley says:

I love mine! When and if mine dies I’m going to check the brushless out! Keep up the good work I enjoy your videos.

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