Murray High Wheel Push Mower Only at Walmart Honest Review

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RustedRaccoon here with our first Item review. Its real its raw and its honest! Please like , subscribe and comment! Let us know about your experiences here.
After getting a new one at Walmart opening it up and seeing wrong parts installed. Also the manuals opened and missing pieces. I decided to take it back and get another. Hoping the next one would work I decided to document the opening in case all of them where defected. Thanks.

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Murray High Wheel Push Mower Only at Walmart Honest Review


Ian Above says:

I wouldnt trust that motor oil that came in the box…..

Tristan Blair says:

I personally like the older Briggs and Stratton were all you had to do was push the primer 3 times and they would start up on a dime

Greg Howell says:

where can you get parts for it? I have the same exact one and luv it… better than the crasftman i had… !!!

Jennifer Arnott says:

Great review! I only wish you had shown how you got that little yellow oil cap/dipstick off! I unboxed mine this morning and can’t get the oil cap off.

JohnnyRebel says:

had mine for a year.. to this day spent 4 hours trying to get it start with my father the primer doesnt feed gas into the throttle body it shoots it out of some purge spout.. mower doesnt get gas..

mds s says:

It’s a giant hunk of shit

Jeremy Davis says:

These are good mowers (at least the AYP (Husqvarna made ones). Briggs engines will run many years if you maintain it. The smoke was normal. It was the new paint on the muffler guard getting heated for the 1st time. A few tips I,ve learned from working on small engines. Use 89 or 91 octane gas. It builds up less carbon than 87. I also treat my gas with Marvel Mystery Oil. This keeps the carb clean & gives the valves some lubrication. Change your oil every year, I use SAE30 with a little STP oil treatment. Clean the deck underside & spray paint it every fall before winter storage & dont leave it sit with old gas in the carb. Trust me, you will get your dollars worth. I have this push mower for 2 years, I also mow with a 83′ & a 93′ Craftsman GT that I restored, so I do know what I’m talking about.

mountainbikekayak says:

Hello RustedRaccoon great review and unboxing of that brand new Murray Lawn Mower.  Started real easy and those larger rear wheels make a big difference in how easy it is to push,  should last you a long time.

Xavier Holland says:

I bought one of these on 4th of july with the extended warranty. Mowed 2x with it, and then it made the loudest bang I’ve ever heard in my life and stopped. The very first product I’ve ever purchased and had to return that was a major appliance. Took it back, went to Home Depot and got an MTD OHV. Bought the side discharge model because I don’t need a self-propelled. Bought the side discharge bag online for 30 off ebay and it came the week after. Side catch bag collects just as much as a rear discharge. Great for adding to the compost tumbler. The new mower has more power but it stuttered a bit the first ten minutes and then it smoothed out and has been running ever since. I liked how light the Murray was though. Real shame. Just didn’t have time to wait for more of them to come in. The Murray uses less gas I hear.

Joseph Lama says:

My one is 125CC

A H.K. says:

I bought a brand new Murray mower today and it also needed to be exchanged. The issue was a missing handle bolt. I sort of considered just getting a refund because the box was factory sealed. To have to run it back down to the store was a little off-putting but I’m really glad that I didn’t because it cut my lawn like a champ. A great mower for the price. Mine is slightly different. All black. 21″ decking. I had always been curious about a Murray. Seen them at Wal-Mart for a while now and wondered if they were actually any good. The LawnBoy I’ve had for the last 8 – 9 years gave out on me yesterday so I thought I’d give a Murray a shot. Glad I did. .

MJ Sanchez says:

How much does the lawn mower weigh ?

Fearless says:

Guess who owns Murray now? Briggs and Stratton, now along with Snapper and Simplicity as well. Murray was in serious financial trouble in the early 2000’s because there products were junk and people stopped buying them. Murray was decent in the 80’s thru the mid 90’s and were compared to some Toro’s. Then Murray went to the bottom of the barrel and has stayed their, where they still are currently, its just really sad to see Snappers taken down with them, to the same low level quality. Snapper used to be really good company with top notch equipment based in Georgia. All of there product’s, now you can still go to the dealer and buy a decent pro model, but again Snapper will never be the same. Murray lawn mower’s are the bottom of the barrel lawn mower’s, also one of the reasons, you will find them at Walmart, but to see Snapper in there as well now is a very sad. But honestly in General all lawn and garden equipment is Chinese made junk now. Unless you go to the dealer and buy a commercial 21 inch walk behind Toro where the frame’s are still being built in Minnesota U.S.A. along with Kawasaki engine’s (a japanese company, however who builds there small engine’s for commercial lawn equipment here in the U.S.A.) for $1500+. Which are built with quality, built to last and perform top notch, anything you buy now is of poor quality and does not last long. Murray’s just happen to be even lower level end wear out even faster, however MTD sells even lower lever junk on a few brand’s so it’s all messed up. For another $100 bucks you would have been better off with a Toro at the Home Depot, those are halfway decent modern planned obsoletism lawnmower’s . They won’t last 22 years, I can tell ya that.
1994 Toro SuperPro Recycler:

Bonni Groninga says:

Bought this one last year, only used it a few times and now it won’t start. It sounds like this one before it is primed the second time, but just won’t start. I changed out the gas, put a new air filter in, checked the oil. Anyone have any ideas?

mark price says:

My first riding mower was a Murray and it’s ignition switch went out under warranty. Murray customer service was the worst. I swore I’d never buy Murray anything and have not. Too many other options. This video is good though,seeing things that raise a red flag,like Walmart just re-packaging a product that is missing parts or not working,and making sure all parts are there BEFORE you gas up or oil up the mower. Most places won’t let you return mowers until it is drained clean.

Michael Tavares says:

How in the hell did you open the yellow oil cap I swear mine is glued shut

Ka Vizeu Winkaler says:

*Kind of a challenge with the instructions for assembly but got it put together and running in about an hour.>>>****    Worked great on dead grass then just as good when I used it on green grass. Love it!!*

EagDesert says:

You’ve got to be careful when buying from a big-box store. People who don’t know what they’re doing will buy a new mower, take it home and run it without oil, kill it, and then return it claiming they just didn’t want it. Just happened to me when I bought a used mower from a big-box store, took it home and found the motor completely seized. “It was too heavy” they said. Yeah, too heavy for the paperweight they made out of it.

RustedRaccoon says:

Update. It is still working Great!

M Gomez says:

Looks like you got more weeds than grass like my yard.

Rhinestone Cowboy says:

Sure enough, I bought this mower at Walmart and I liked everything about it except for the height adjuster on the rear left wheel. Other than that, it ran great and did an excellent job mowing on rough terrain and fairly heavy grass. I just had to keep putting the one height adjuster back in place, repeatedly, every four minutes or so. After researching a similar 21 inch, high wheel mower at Lowes (made by MTD with the Bolens label) with I believe the same Briggs and Stratton engine but a different height adjuster, I’m considering buying the Bolens mower after I return the Murray for a refund. My only hesitation with Lowes is that I’m not sure they accept returns if there’s a problem. Walmart accepts returns for 90 days with a receipt. (If I were confident that the next Murray I might order has good height adjusters, I’d probably order another one and forget the MTD at Lowes.) What do you think?

lonely vessel says:

Rip headphone users

LLuE88 says:

has anyone here  tried  MURRAY.COM WEB PAGE DOESN’T WORK, for me,  NO MATTER THE NUMBER TYPED IN JUST FOR THE MODEL NUMBER,  to get a manual NOTHING WORKS,   TRY IT,   haven’t tried to run it yet,  been through a lot to document everything about this unit all of the numbers no matter where they are found,  even the B/S page didn’t work for the same purpose ??  regards

Victor y Jaime. Gucj says:

sámbady can let me know please if all that container Fit their

Victor y Jaime. Gucj says:

did you put all that container oil, or just a litte. please let me know

John Jarou says:

did it come with a regular discharge chute?    looks like you’ve got the mulcher chute on.

Noe says:

I love your accent.

DukeLaCrosse20 says:

I bought one of these a couple years ago and have put it through serious abuse since then. I use it to mow down small yaupon growth (the things that grow out of yaupon stumps after being cut). It works amazingly well. Keep your air-filter clean and use ethanol free gas if you can find it.

I was hoping this review would cover the exit chute and its proper configuration, but it appears you just keep it fully closed.

Update: I went and bought a second one of these (for my second home) and was pleased to find that they have improved the unit in a couple ways. Primarily, the side discharge is easy to configure by simply slipping a little chute under the spring-loaded door on the side.



kiddiescripterkiller says:

Don’t buy a Murray… just spent 2 weeks trying to get the handle bail… no one lists it or knows where to get the parts. Briggs and Stratton bought them out… it’s a huge cluster f…

Jonathan Smith says:

Really enjoyed it thanks!

Rlinda mcfarlane says:


Gavman's Workshop says:

I’m glad I watched this as if you went over to my channel you’ll find I’ve got the big Briggs DOV 700 on a Husqvarna LC19A lawnmower so I went all the way up but wondered about these OHV 140cc Briggs engines and if one of these engines would be able to stand up to some decent work. Seems just like the standard 148cc side valve block with the loss of the ports in the block itself and the addition of push rods and rockers in a cross flow configurated head made to fit instead of using a whole new sketch. I’d definitely say these would be a better engine on the job to the side valve engines.

Dandy Camp says:

I have one just like that new 2017. What a light weight pos. Motor revs up and down no adjustments on carb. Gas cap flys off wile mowing, throwing gas all over. One day it will catch fire, and I’ll walk away and let it finish itself off. Never again will I buy a Briggs jap motor. My early 90s snapper self propelled mower with a 6 hp Briggs American built motor is 100 times the mower hands down

Rhinestone Cowboy says:

As of yesterday, this model was no longer listed on Walmart’s website. I suspect that so many mowers were returned because of the problem with the left rear wheel height adjuster did it in. I hope they will re-engineer it because otherwise, it’s a great machine as long as you use ethanol free premium gas. I’ve returned mine but will try it again next year. Thank goodness for Walmart’s return policy.

Thomas Poafpybitty says:

Plastic mower don’t last

Cats Are Great, but Dogs are better says:

bought one of these in 2014, still running really good, it just depends on how you take care of the mower. enjoyed watching this video!

algerae1984 says:

Other than tha fact it’s not self propelled it’s a solid lawn mower

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