Lawn Mower review?!? Tested, Beat and Broke Wrights Dual Wheel Concept mower

We beat this mower, sunk it, tried to tip it over, Broke it and fell in love with it. Its Wright Mowers latest concept and it NEEDS to be Built for the entire lawn care community.
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soheil soltani says:

It left lot’s of long flag on middle and fold others on side !

Josh Welliver says:

This mower is amazing specially getting threw tall grass and paths even the hill cut was sweet. One of my issues is the drive levers i can never learn how to drive with the levers i love the zero turn steering wheel style mowers but this would be awesome machine to have

Transfer Vlogger says:

John Deere 455 is good

tony the tigerman says:

nice review but please move camera back damn can see fricking nose hairs nasty

Marty Berghorn says:

You definitely can’t go wrong with buying a Wright stander. They’re a little on the pricy side but well worth it.

john dowe says:

8n with a 6ft mower. goes over all that with zero trouble

Ethan Whyte says:

Personally, I LOVE, the John Deere 636M Stand On Mower because it’s compact, and it in my area, is GREAT for wet Grass

JimsEquipmentShed says:

These days, its incredibly rare to find a company that is this responsive. (To anyone, not just famous youtubers.) Its great to see.

Raymond J says:

you should always be using bolth sticks when turning one rolls forward one rolls backward so u never tear up any lawns !

Tristan Cramer says:

did you buy your tampon estrogen chevy yet ford hater?

Eric S. says:

Hands down for Push mowers is the Honda, for driving I like my Exmarks. I have cut really high grass with my Exmarks and it cut things really good as long as you do not have the mulch kit on it. Mulch kit is only good for light leaves or small yards that the grass isn’t too high. My 60 inch does not have the mulch kit, but will cut fast and easily. Out of all push mowers I have had the best luck with the Hondas with no real repairs, its fast, cuts through a lot of stuff, has double blade and folds up. I even like the Hondas push mower over my Commercial Exmark push mower. I have rode Toros with my friends companies, had Troy builts, Poulan and others and well nothing was as great as my Hondas and Exmarks. Some of our mowing is on our website

JoeZ32 says:

Sommer Ray driving ur mower???

jdrcf_fl crew says:

I’ve used All Brands right stand up sit down walk behind Husqvarna Toro Gravely Bobcat you name it I’ve used it Bar None the best mower I would say brand for the money is Gravely I’ve had a Gravely mower for about 4 years is about 9 1/2 thousand hours on it runs like a champ I’ve only had to weld the deck once replace a pullrys maybe three times never had an issue with the motor change the spark plug in it put oil in it and never complains my second would be a wright they had the power the durable steel but the motors are terrible they’re just junk if you going to buy a mower the Kawasaki Motors are the way to go bar none

Utters Adventures productions says:

Yea the machine can cut alot of grass bus what is the service ability like gravely has crap for grease inserts but husqavara has tons but it comes at an added price

Nathan Buchanan says:


Mike Dobronos says:

I had a Wright Stander for years..  Loved it.  If I ever get back into lawn maintenance, I will be buying another one.

Raymond J says:

ive had many mowers the 2 best i loved were a grass hopper but they are big money and so are parts n my newer bad boy its a tank n a life time mower its tough i havent had any problems in 7 years parts are reasonable and super easy to work on get one youll love it and run a gator type blade all the time they are thicker hold an edge longer to !

Zak Snowden says:

Great video. Nice to see wright get some good feedback and very cool to get an inside look at the company. That mower is definitely next on my list. The one thing I would like to see is the seat off the back. I have a wright sport x 52″ and one big sites that seat is a life saver. I’m tall so I wish my steering arms were high up like the stander but they are kinda low. Just add the rear seat to the 72″ dually. For anyone wondering, I have never seen another mower handle a hill like my wright.. really low center of gravity. 52″ seems to be the perfect size to get into small areas and still cut a large area. Zero problems, just maintenance. My only slight gripe is it can struggle on biweekly contracts in the spring when the grass is really long. Thanks for the video Stan

ryan guile says:

Looks like that mower belongs on a Large Tractor with a three point hitch!

Ryan Mcdougall says:

No PPE? Safety glasses? Overall a GREAT review, but as a safety guy…. Get her some glasses!

Austin Seubert says:

I’m gonna say something and probs get lots of flak but I like simplicity they “made” good tractor mowers that where tough as nails and reliable with good cut quality

Harry Peeters says:

Hey Stan do you think you can reach out to husqvana and test one of their mowers

Lloyd Russell says:

not too good at cutting miss alot of grass check behind you grass is not cut just laying over

Andrew Evenson says:


Declan kot says:

i’ve always wanted to buy a wright stander but i havent seen enough guys around where I live using them to make me think they’re good mowers, I run bobcat and scag zero turns with no issues every day so Im hesistant to switch but just this one rig piques my interest

pyro 323 says:

i like the cub cadets with the shaft drive and kubota diesel tractors.

Ryan McKinney says:

Love scag. Ex-mark have given me the most problems.

Stephen Farynaz says:

+Stanley “Dirt Monkey” Genadek LONG STORY SHORT LOL i typically run 60″ toros on a large farm property. been great, but this would be better as i can cover a lot more at once, (a few acres to be exact). its mostly open, but the few obstacles i can get around better with a stander…..aside from that job, i worked for a lawn care company for a day: i had never run a wright, but it was a dream for me.i was asked if i could run a hydro mower because kid i was working with was more familiar with their old walk-behind ferris. i said yes to running the wright cause although id never run 1 b4, i was extremely confidant in my hydro abilities. the transition from running toro z masters to the wright was seemless for me. they company owners even told me later that they had driven by a site, & loved my stripes.(pretty impressive 4 a guy’s 1st time on that machine) hope u read this stan, lol

Nicholas Shiplett says:

Scag for thick heavily fertilized grass or John Deere

Randy Krueger says:

What do you like about this mower that your ventrac can’t do ? Or was this really just a sales pitch for wright?

CleanCutLawns NC says:

I like wright mowers but that thing is a beast! Keep on making great content!

Ethan Roberts says:

Now the John deer D130 is amazing if you want to mow brush there is a bigger model

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