Lawn Mower Review — ExMark Walk Behind or Toro Grandstand?

Which Mower is your Next Choice? A Toro Grandstand or An ExMark Walk behind in this lawn mower review. Live Action showing the differences in Versatility, Operator comfort and More! A Walk Behind or Grandstand? and

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laplantski says:

Stand ons and walk behinds both have their benifits and down falls. kinda sill comparing them..

Charles Faulk says:

A stander is the same as a zero turn rider and if given the option I would rather sit down. A hydro walk behind is unparalleled in getting in and out of places, steep slopes, ditches, comfort working near drop offs, and so on. A stander may save you room on the trailer compared to a rider but a good walk behind should be on everyone’s truck. that said a hydro Lexmark with the up turned grips is the best and most comfortable I’ve ever used as a taller person. And btw if you can’t back up a velke/sulke like a trailer then I don’t really know what to say about that….

Max White says:

Grandstand John Deere or Toro God bless you too

aos aos says:


Shane Weiss says:

Toro suck

Gray Cassidy says:

Bad boy and stand on

G G says:

My son was 10 last year and fully able to run my exmark metro with sulky. With the blades on.

boost lord says:

walk behind with the lesco velky. can’t beat it.

Joe Blow says:

I don’t own a grandstand but I do have walk behind and ZTRs, a few of the guys I talk to about them just fold the foot well into the up position and walk behind theirs on slopes. Have no idea how that compares to walk behinds but I know I’m never buying a stander. Seems like it does what walkers and zero turns do but not as good as either.


first mowing a hill always back down it and now from bottom to top makes for easier turns. walkbehinds is the way to go unless you are doing a lot of sq ft but on an average size lawn 10-15000 sq ft a walkbehind is hands down the machine to use

Six Strings A Week says:

Bullrider sulky on a Hustler WB , Best combo I have found yet. I will get a rider someday…maybe

Hussain Muammar says:

Great video, thanks for posting. I prefer the stand mower, I just purchased a new scag 36″ and I love it. I finished the day and wished I had more lawns to cut just so I can ride it more. LOL. I know this will pass with time but its mush easier and the lawn looks amazing. I wish the stand mowers were cheaper I dont want to give my guys a 8k piece of equipment, I rather buy a used one or a push mower till they have experience using it. I guess it depends if your guys are experience or not.

Marc Gagnon says:

Hi sir and thank you for your videos. I remember watching a video, I think it was an interview and you talked about a sulky for a walk behind, I looked it up and fell in love with it. Would you be so kind to refresh my memory? What brand was it? I want to order it. Many thanks

adam norwood vlogs says:

my opinion is if you are starting out and need of mower then I think walk behind is best bc its cheaper then a grandstand

Tommy lee Pate says:

use a velkes with your walk behind mower. it’s safer and faster

David Paulene says:

hey buddy personally i think having a mix of all three is a good thing each machine has there pro and cons all i have is a bad boy mz magnum 54 inch zero turn but im looking to get a stander or walk behind as of right now i only do residential different accounts have there personalty and you need a variety of options in your business but that comes with growth .oh yea can i have a hat god bless from Paulene lawn works .Tuscaloosa Alabama

Pristine Lawnscapes says:

Wright Stander for now….Scag is developing an entirely new stander I hear…walk behinds are insurance claims waiting to happen.

Jason Sparks says:

I’ll stick with my Stander.

Oasis says:

Does anyone know where I could buy those yellow ramps??

Anthony Doyle says:

hey Stanley? do you live in North Carolina? the go kart place looked like a place called the pit in North Carolina

DS Off Road says:

I personally like the walk behind with a sulkie, been on one since I was 13, but I had been on different mowers before that

Xavier Sepeda says:

Hey Stanley, right now I’m working with a 33″ Cub Cadet walk behind and a 30″ Toro Timemaster. So I would love to own a commercial 33″ or 32″ walk behind like Exmark but my dream is to one day own a Grandstand. Because of all the residential lawns and their small back gates it’ll have to be a 32″ – 34″ model. I don’t know if they even make them.

Sidehitcher Company says:

Sidehitcher blows away one of the best edger trenchers on the markiet!

Michael Amurgis says:

Sulkys will kill your knees. They shake your knee into every direction at the same time, all day long. Knee replacement isnt worth a sulky. I stand on or just walk.

Dennis Collier says:

Is he kidding ??Truck unloading is a joke ! No serious mower uses a truck…drop tail trailer !! The sulky is more stuff to deal with…look at all the monkeying around with it…

Shane Weiss says:

2004 scag 48 inch going strong with Velke! Get the older wright standers they are better!

JoLynn Trudeau says:

wright grandstand

Swooper S says:

Xmark walk behind works great. It’s definitely more of a workout than the other I have been using them so long I’m just more comfortable on hills if you have more home property then Comercial I would use the grand stand

Ryan Petzold says:

The grand”STAN”

Easton Blann says:

I was mowing with a push mower at 5 years old

Jimmy Thigpen says:

do not get a grand stand unless you’re mowing only flat yards. if you get on a hill, you’re screwed. grand stands cannot hold a slope. I’ve owned one (live in north GA) and sold it 6 months later to a guy that moved up here from florida. he was looking for a grand stand but had no idea how well they didn’t handle on the north GA slopes. seriously, unless you’re mowing flat yards only, you’re wasting your money. I ended up losing 3 grand on my mistake

Swooper S says:

Never heard of a sulky looks great much better than the velky

Eric Sherman says:

I have used Exmark 60 and 52-inch walk behind’s as well as Toro 44″ inch prolines for ten years. I just bought my first Toro Grandstand 52inch a few days ago, so still getting used to it. I have a few very hilly properties that I have decided will remain being done with my walk behinds. I liked using the Grandstand by the end of the day today, starting to get used to it.

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